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  1. pali_tz1f0s

    Supertest - Changes to Test Ships

    I am very eager to get Leone when it comes out. It seems as a very OP ship despite the resent nerf. Before the nerfs was absurdly OP. Now it is just OP. Good job there. I only hope that OPness won't cost more than 100euros ! Suggestion for Azuma. The ship needs a nerf to it's AA. Also needs a nerf to its caliber. Give it 139mm guns to be able to benefit more from expert marksman and since that change will make it more OP consider droping also it's speed to 25knots.
  2. pali_tz1f0s

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    I don't like that suggested dark black cover over the planes consumables on CV that shows the remaining time... I want it to be TRANSPARENT, make it a colour like greenish but more transparent.
  3. pali_tz1f0s

    In need of a new Mouse

    Well, it depends on the size of your hand and the way you grab the mouse. I personally use Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex which I find very comfortable for my type of grip (tiger claw) and relatively small to medium hands Unfortunately, now it is discontinued But, check out this review. The guy has more reviews as well. Check them out to see what you like best. "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_0UiUFwrXc"
  4. pali_tz1f0s

    CV play - New Player Perspective (learn from EvE Online)

    You are right. In fact i don't want to take this any further. I just felt I needed to clear things out a bit. I have nothing more to add.
  5. pali_tz1f0s

    CV play - New Player Perspective (learn from EvE Online)

    1) Well i was insulted FIRST (i never started it ) by him (Azalgor) and just replied to him. And in fact his post was removed as offensive because such it was ! So in your judgment against me you were wrong. He started with the claims of this game (world of warships) being "simplistic" in order to offend ME. That i play simplistic games therefore ---> i am a simpleton 2) So i replied to him aka "Azalgor" 3) And then YOU wrote immediately after actually accepting his(Azalgor's) offensive argument,the one that has been removed as such, (go up the thread and check for yourself) and then you went ahead saying other things...(undermining this game that has glitches etc) Or so it seemed. So it was seeming as if siding with him so your post seemed to me (and i think that anyone can see it) as an indirect insult. Well on my part i never experienced any visual bugs or such things in my computer could be a hardware problem yours? Can't be sure. (now that second part of your reply was irrelevant with my turbulation with Azalgor), but it seemed too negative to come out from a beta-tester which in my notion was (the beta tester) something different from what it is actually in this game, but then i was explained what a beta-tester for World of Warships really is and that in fact the title is awarded even in not current beta testers as long as they once were beta testers. So in this whole matter you are in the "grey zone" yourself , don't think that you fooled anyone and don't point fingers on me about bullying etc. I never start bulling,it is not my type of person, on the contrary i am quite lovish. But i always react when thrown the glove and if i am to blame for something could be that "when someone throws me the glove i always pick it up" (it's a greek expression that , i don't know if it makes sense in English but it means "when provoked i always will reply and might also get it to the extreem but i never start with these things, it's always a re-action never an action") So me being wrong about what a beta tester is in this game and how one obtains or preserves the title of betatester in these forums , on these i may have been mistaken but don't think that you can fool anyone. So to recapitalize Algazor started this , he offended me FIRST, his post was removed, you wrote afterwards backing him up indirectly and then i reported you for unsuitable negativity for your role as beta tester (in which part- but only on THAT part i was wrong since you may not even be a beta tester any more but you preserve the forum tittle because you once were, let alone that i was explained that the beta tester in general is not close to the team anyway so in THIS i was wrong so my report against you for that can not stand) But your interference there after Algazor's post (i think it is obvious to everyone) was a way to indirectly take sides with my offender Algazor. And that is why i took a negative stance against you. Cause you sided with my offender or i felt that you did since you repeated one of his claims about this game aka being simplistic, so it was as if "nodding" on his other claims against me as well. I hope i made things more clear now to everyone.
  6. pali_tz1f0s

    the "carry harder!" thread

    With Montana i got very bad luck
  7. pali_tz1f0s

    CV play - New Player Perspective (learn from EvE Online)

    Beta tester is someone who is supposed to love this game and is under WG supervisory with the task to test new ships or seek bugs and propose ways to balance or fix anything not in order. Beta tester is not someone who should undermine the game he is supposed to be beta-testing cause this breaks the no1 rule which is that is supposed to love the game he is beta-testing and that is why he would do this work. So it's one thing if an enraged player talks bad of the game and uses terms as "simplistic" and other negative terms like this compairing it with some other supposingly "deeper" game on his point of view and to have the nerve to do this on the very official forums of the game, because such an action when it comes from someone like this counts more. Beta tester is more part of the family compaired to an outsider. It's one thing if an outsider says something not in order and its completely worse if this comes out of a beta tester that is exactly a person with direct contact to developer's team that supposedly is caring for the game and that is why he is having this "tester" role. So if that person things so low about World of Warships he shouldn't be doing this "job" he should go do something else
  8. pali_tz1f0s Hotfix is here

    LOL I like it there that you keep saying "breaking breaking breaking... breaking breaking" :)
  9. pali_tz1f0s

    CV play - New Player Perspective (learn from EvE Online)

    Well since you provoked me i answer that yeah it must need a big brain to use farming bots so that you can afford to "fly what yout bot can replace" This is a common practice in that game hidden carefully behind the glamorous intro traillers. Not to speak of bots manipulating the market and no matter how often you set your prices lower the bot automaticaly outcuts you. Fun and engaging must be... As for the battles themselves apart from the huge lag and the bad UI that work against you, they didn't bother to change anything in all these years... the main problem is that it's never a fair fight. It's usually an ambush were 5 people go against one. At least in world of warshps the odds are always starting even. Since both sides have equal number of ships and tiers. So in Eve yeah you have the option to fly what you can afford and die miserably in the rare situation it will be 1 vs 1, because your foe can afford more, or fly what you can't afford in hope of a better chance of survival but fall victim to ambushes like this. Gradually though sane people abandon that terrible game called Eve on line that could have been great but fails due to this and that. But it is good that it exists so that it keeps there the most terrible people. So that the other games can be free of them most of the time. Now i did not want to speak about all these grim stufff but since you provoking me here is the whole picture.
  10. pali_tz1f0s

    Brief review of ranked.

    The problem with last ranked was Julio Cesare. And my problem with that was that usually these ships was on the other team. The problem with the current ranked is the Misouri and the Black. And my problem with it is ,again, that for some reason the MM sents them to the opposite side that i am. Especialy when you reach 10 it's always that. You get a normal match you may win. Then you get one with the opposite team having Misouri + Black while and you get Fletchers and Alsaces. Oh i wish i had the Misouri but back when it was on his final days to get i was absolutely broke so i had no money to convert xp to free xp so yeah... :( But i don't blame the people who have those. I am just jealous.I am just saying what is the problem with it in my point of view. If i had the Misouri i would say that all is fine. :P As for why people play Ibuki's well they are stealthy and got torps and good caliber guns. The RoF is a bit low but you can't have everything... All in all i liked this time's ranked setting with the bonuses. They made it to make people play more openly. But quite often people don't get initiatives. They always wait for some other to do the dirty job and then you lose.
  11. pali_tz1f0s

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    I do in fact the opposite. When match is lost if i am alive i go forth (the only difference is that i don't go forth like an idiot as in the past) and i try to take a few goot shots and if enemy team is kind enough or eager to end it faster i may be rewarded with a ram too and take something more like this ;) I really don't understand what is the purpose of go to hide. You gain no xp no money no damage , yeaj the match takes a bit longer to conclude for the other side but so does for you, so in the end you punish yourself even harder. Also i never "hate" my foes. If i could help them get more XP from that (lost for my side anyway) match I would without just go out and die like an idiot with nothing in return ofc.
  12. pali_tz1f0s

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    Well good idea this one. I ll do that! I ll drop my first squad's torps in water and go with diminished planes this way :) Sometimes there just arn't good options. Ofc is best to wait and attack only lonely and battered targers that would likely have their AA efficiency diminished... But sometimes you need something to go down asap and these is no alternative especialy if you are behind in points and there is noone else in the vicinity to take it down. But i ll use yout tip if i ever switch to 2 torp setting, thanks. PS bah i just can't go with 2 torps in tier 10... It would feel like Shokaku... and i paid all that freeXP to bypass it . I will not play Hakuryu in it's state now anyway... But if i ever do it and go with 2 torps ll use your tip in that case. PS2 i don't know i think this 2 torp setting needs "something" more in order to not feel Shokaku... Maybe a faster speed? Maybe a bigger flooding chance. I don't know . Something. After all it's tier 10 and ships got a ton of health and how likely is to hit with only 2 torps travelling so slow?
  13. pali_tz1f0s

    CV play - New Player Perspective (learn from EvE Online)

    Hey :) I was playing EvE online about 10 years ago But eventually i quit it after 2 years and then i played again from time to time but in the end i left for good. I used to be in Northern Coalition back then in it's big war against the Band of Brothers. The thing is that although i was liking that game's vast universe and completely player driven economy etc ii just never managed to master the UI and especialy during fights due to the fact that i was shaking due to overexcitement and due to the hard to use UI + lag i was getting owned in battles all the time. Also i just couldn't bare the losses when you would lose a ship it needed lots of grinding to raise funds and get an equally capable one with T2 modules etc In the end became a chore. When several years after i happened to watch a video for World of Warships my immediate thought was "now i wish Eve online was like this" and now i am here playing this game for the past 3-4 years... Perhaps it would be nice if there could be a game called World of Warships Universe and be at some paraller space where ships would travel among the stars into the "astral seabed" so that space would be a special space where traveling would happen on a flat "astral seabed" with portals like in EvE online connecting the various sectors with Space Stations(markets) goods to buy and sell, player's driven economy but the battle would be like World of Warships at its core! So i just throw the idea here now myself perhaps someone with the computer expertise could create such a world sometime in the future. The idea ofc is free to use by anyone :) As for what you suggested i think it would create lag to have the server to calculate the motion of the planes compared to the relative motion of the AA on a moving target and calculate the likelihood of the formers (AA guns) be able to hit the latter (planes) also because in World of Warships the AA is acting more like a field around the ship and not like individual guns. And let's not forget that in actual warfare turning the AA guns to hit an actual aeroplane in the real world wasn't that hard since the aeroplane would fly up high and the relative trajectory speed would remain always small.
  14. pali_tz1f0s

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    Quite often in matches that the initial impression is that one team has overwhelmed the other the weaker side retaliates or some player does the match of his life and actually manages to win the match for his team. And that is how we have all these beautiful videos in circulation. If surrender was an option the potatos would quite often mistakanly vote for "surrender" actually ruining the match potential for a glorious victory instead.