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  1. pali_tz1f0s

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    Please reconsider your choice to change the behavior of the bullets fired against various ship anglings. It will dump game down. It will make the game uninteresting and boring potato fiesta. Follow the link to watch this and see for yourselves. IT WILL BE TERRIBLE. Watch this part of video of flamu's twitch. It shows just what a DISASTEROUS CHANGE THIS WILL BE (watch after 1hours:42minutes:00seconds)
  2. As the title says , i checked on my combat missions and there i have 3 quests to get Gerfalcon , Killer Whale and Zipper The thing is i got already Gerfalcon and Zipper without doing anything. Just logged in game today they were there i even played the mission and got 5 stars. Killer Whale i don't have. But Gerfalcon and Zipper i already have. I even got Sealowe. So what are those combat missions about then? Are they going to give me those submarines with 19point captains permanently? I just don't understand.
  3. pali_tz1f0s

    How to disable space camos in port? Where is that option?

    Lol, all this time in game i hadn't notice that little gear over there. Shame on me! PS thanks a lot for the reply :)
  4. Hi, how to disable space camos in port? Some people have bought space camos and use them for random battles. And they have an unfair advantage as you can't understand what speed they are traveling because the space camo smoke is static and always on at a certain way so those players are very hard to hit .I have read somewhere that you can disable them in port. But i can't find where. Is it under graphics? Under controls tab? Where is that option to see those ships without the space effects on?
  5. pali_tz1f0s

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    This was my best game yesterday (2.100.000 potential)
  6. My torp is nominal doing 20967 damage.Tashkent got only 11k. Why?
  7. pali_tz1f0s

    Charles Martel is OP ! Dont quit the grind !

    I made a small change to the ship and now it is finally working as intended. Game on! :)
  8. pali_tz1f0s

    Charles Martel is OP ! Dont quit the grind !

    Charles Martel is terrible. Even with rudder upgrade feels too heavy in turns aa is crap, range is nothing special actually is worse than Alferie but most terrible feature is the guns. The guns are TERRIBLE gun arcs feel somewhat slow but also have strange trajectory and tend to spray enemies without hiting them as if dispression is over 250, and somehow when they hit they do crap damage like 500 or 1000 at most as if something is buggy with the 203mm cause they feel more like 180mm. That was my 2 cent about it. Never seen such disappointing ship. Totally sucks
  9. pali_tz1f0s

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Yamato (3.191.000 potential damage)
  10. pali_tz1f0s

    a ship is about to be banned from sale

    No you made it clear. It is shown by the general attitude of you tester people towards people that buy premiums. You frown upon them cause you consider that PayToWin and their victories on those ships do not count for you because the ships are OP. Ok then i am willing to trash all my premiums so that i am not under that category and i want my money back. Simple as that. Here is what happened (as Mr Monk would say) . People probably was not buying certain ships despite the company having the contributors advertising them by filming perfect plays with them. So then some new skills came. IFHE. So the ships started to sell like crazy then . But then WG realised that perhaps those ships had become stronger than what they wished. So they wanted to nerf them some way. Not directly though. With the removal of IFHE the ships would become crap again yet the company could not be accused they nerfed the ships themselves. But you know what? This is a halfwitted move. In the end of the day we realise the real deal with all those premiums. They make it initially strong to sell and then after some time they apply nerfs direct and indirect. Well, that's a froad then. You tricked me nicely WG guys. GJ as they say. But i have now learnt from my mistake and i will act accordingly in future to come. PS you will get no other replies by me, I want nothing to do with you and your set up "forums" . I hoped to exchange views with real people. Not WG's paid trolls. Keep it up. You will soon witness the results of your policy sooner or later in the only way of opinion expression you dim worthy. In your bank accounts.
  11. pali_tz1f0s

    a ship is about to be banned from sale

    I just want my money back. I got Belfast with IFHE. Without IFHE i would never bother with it. Now that i am thinking it was a mistake to get anything since it is in fact frowned upon the majority of testers , so we that buy premium ships are PayToWin... You have made it clear. OK THEN I NO LONGER WISH TO BE UNDER THAT CATEGORY. I WANT MY MONEY BACK and you can have your premium ships.
  12. pali_tz1f0s

    a ship is about to be banned from sale

    1) I return you that about the nonsense 2) Most people avoid the forums as they know they are usually hijacked by cliques that bully and harass in various ways people that don't agree with their views. That about your prompt that:"you are allowed to make one division yourself" reminds me of the excuse very wealthy (mafia in truth) men say to the poor : "Hey you can do it too just grab some people and make a mafia-gang like mine then set up a business as cover and you ll be rich as well! (yeah right) How about remove the mafia all together instead? 3) I like Belfast as it is, it is you that call it constantly OP and want it to be nerfed and you are happy with IFHE nerf etc which will make it crap. So it's you that sabotage the sales by the attitude you have versus buyers of this ship. That their victories are not deserved and its because the ship is too OP and this needs fixing. So the person who got the ship realises that the testers frown upon their ship and them. Seriously if i knew that so many shared that mentality i would never buy anything from WG. In fact I want my money back and i will gladly trash Belfast and Arizona.
  13. pali_tz1f0s

    a ship is about to be banned from sale

    Divisions are being unfair to everyone Belfast and Kutuzof (especialy Kutuzof) will be crap without IFHE anyone with half a brain can get why. The constant frown upon people buying some premiums ships by the testers is discouraging more people from doing so. Perhaps WG should see your case more closely as I don't think it's their aim to lose cash.
  14. pali_tz1f0s

    a ship is about to be banned from sale

    AP shells of Belfast are not like AP shells of Leander Fiji or even Neptune. They do crap against ships with even slight angling. And ofc i was not using a single salvo of AP on that match since they were all nosing or 3/4 towards me or tailing. Now i don't remember all the match but even if a ship turns you side briefly it's usually a dps loss if you try to switch to AP because by the time you will be ready to shoot he will have likely moved or angled. So yeah in Belfast its more beneficial to stick with HE (unless perfect broadside and close distance). I remember especialy a case me in Belfast against an Omaha, i did it first salvo of 5k in HE but as that match had gone well for me (not this in the screenshot) i decided to play it pro and try for his citadel but i kept geting overpens and glances for about 3 salvos and then thankfully someone else got him cause he kept geting me lower and lower with HE... I could have finished him easily with HE but nooo! I wanted to do it in style. Well lesson learnt. And no that doesn't mean i never use AP against broadsides. In fact i still remember citadeling constantly a Kongo using AP on my Emile Bertin as he was showing broadside at me probably feeling safe because he was in a BB. :)
  15. pali_tz1f0s

    a ship is about to be banned from sale

    And is the reason i am not going to buy Kutuzof also because on high tiers people shoot in smoke or throw torps all the time so it isn't actually safe in there anyway. I think that without IFHE Kutuzof will be even more hurt since it plays with ships of even higher tiers so it goes against even stronger armor ships so even more shatters than Belfast will get. It will do crap unless it gets really lucky with fires which damage is repairable in fulll by BBs if it sticks ofc and doesn't get repaired immediately... The devs should go on the open and say to us. when these changes will happen... cause as it is i am not buying anything and i bet others too as long as all this fog remains also because from what i see there is hate and prejudice from cliques of some people against people who actually pay money for this game by buying premium ships. Does WG know about the attitude also of some beta testers like you towards the players? Do you understand that what you achieving with this attitude is to discourage people of buying anything therefore hurting WG financialy in the long run? What will assume someone that is seeing that kind of attitude? He will assume that there are premium ships for sale but they are either crap or being looked in disgrace by most. Well then noone will buy anything any more.