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  1. Grumpy_Shark

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    Well you are absolutely right. Some people here will try to drive you crazy but what i have seen in this game is that its like a dice with each player. Some people will tend to get the better teams and some others will usually get the worst. Some people talk big about their win rationgs too but if these people would be put in your matches and you in theirs you would brag about your stats and they would complain. I would advice to stop worry too much about the stats, this game is not an e-sport it can stll be fun even when you lose. Even improving won't matter much because since the game has decided you ll be getting the bad teams they will eventually lose all the same. The only difference if you play better is that you will feel even more disappointed for the bad results. I d say dont give so much importance to the game. It's a lovely arcade game. Take it for what it is.
  2. Grumpy_Shark

    Yet another shameless nerf to CVs

    Are you trolling or you are a total ignorant? CV got torp penetration (ignores torp damage reduction by 10% on targets) and got an extra "armor" skill for 15% reduced AA taken Enough said.
  3. At least THIS MATCH was counted. Got a star at last! :P
  4. I went and played again Lenin just now. Victory again. Only too crushing. So crushing that i didn't manage to do anything.... only 1500 damage. Dispression all over the place too. Maybe worst i ever had on a bb game ever. And some other guy was saying something about dispression got worse for his Roma. Anyway i won again with Lenin but only 405xp on a victory on random game type... Well THIS time the game counted the efford but no star of course. Since i needed 900 base xp.
  5. Yes i know... i had got around 3200 total xp from that game. 1040 base XP.
  6. Just had logged in half an hour ago. But naval tab was not present. Well, i thought... no problem, i had the naval battles enabled from before. But i also went into the web page link to double check it https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clan-wars/war So i checked it there too. It was set to on. I thought maybe it was some strange visual bug that i had no tab for naval battles within game. (i had chat and news and everything else fine) So i played a battle. Victory with Lenin. Didn't do great but had covered the 900xp for the star. So i get back on port. No star. The 900xp is still there. So i was robbed by a star. Thanks WG.
  7. Grumpy_Shark

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    Direct links for web-browser access: Armory: https://armory.worldofwarships.eu/ Naval Battles: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/clan-wars/war Clan-Portal: https://clans.worldofwarships.eu/profile
  8. Grumpy_Shark

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    I read your post on the other thread and i logged with THIS account in game (aka Grumpy_Shark) cause all this time i was checking with my alt account (its a relatively new account that other one that has the problem ) Well since that account wasn't working i didn't bother checking with this account too. But apparently this account works! It is very strange. On same computer same client everything. When i switch from the other account on this it woks fine. When i switch to the other nothing works! So i think it must be an error on WG's end. Not mine.
  9. Grumpy_Shark

    Client Update 0.9.12 BUG

    You are indeed correct. I just logged now with my main account Grumpy_Shark (the other account is a secret account i made to improve my stats) and everything works on this main account. I just logged on my alt account yesterday first so since there it wasn't working i didn't bother logging with this . But on the forums i posted with this account that actually has no problem. This is a very strange phenomenon.
  10. Grumpy_Shark

    Have you fixed anything yet?

    Same here. But i thankfully have Gears Tactics to keep me happy :) PS just checked with THIS account in game and it works! I just posted with this account cause the browser had this name pre-memorized and didn't bother to post with the account that actually has the problem. It seems that some account have the problem and others not. It is very strange. On same computer when i log in with this account everything works fine. When i log with the other nothing works. Could it be that the different accounts of mine are stored into "different account data servers" and the accounbt data server that contains my other account has some problem?
  11. After the recent "update" (my game shows as updated to ) Chat doesn't work. Got no chatting tabs present at all! Armory doesn't work. It keeps me on the loading screen for ever. Naval battle doesn't wok so i can't play that either. Did captain skills changed yet? Cause i can't enter into the captain's skill screen either I run a pretty standard computer i5 4590k 3.5ghz, 16gb ram, geforce 1060 6gb vram, windows 10 64bit (genuine) . internet connectin vdsl 30mbps Cosmote. I even went and uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled from scratch. Nothing, Tried it without modstation. Nothing. I also checked the windows firewall to see if the application is allowed to communicate and i manually set it on allow for both private and public networks (not sure which is better to have allowed but i allowed both in any case) path(on my computer) D:\Games\World_of_Warships\bin\3173843\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe and D:\Games\World_of_Warships\bin\3245976\bin64\WorldOfWarships64.exe (not sure which of the 2 is the current but i allowed them both anyway) So, am i missing something? ____________ EDITED The issue i describe on this post happens on my alt account. When i switch on THIS ACCOUNT (that i am posting) everything works fine! This is very strange... Could it be that the different accounts of mine are stored into "different account data servers" on WG network and the "account data server" that contains my other account has some problem? Maybe that is the root of all evil.
  12. Same thing has happened to me thankfully in coop but it was still extreemly irritating. He was in BB being chased by enemy bot BB although enemy bot bb had half health and he had full health. He kept kitting for some time doing minimal damage. As i wanted to be over with that game to get to the next one i decided to fire torps. He was full speed and was going towards north. I launcher torps so i was not behind but at the side) of both . As soon as i launched them he made an erratic 180degrees turn and practicaly sat where my torps would go. It seemed as he did it on purpose. So there are dorks like that out there. Be careful.
  13. Grumpy_Shark

    Need a refund Anchorage start booster in doubloons

    Well i am not going to suicide if the refund doesn't happen. Worst case scenario in the end i ll be getting a mediorce premium ship i wouldn't be playing much. I just was wondering IF it would be possible to get back those 3000 doublons to spend for other stuff. But if i dont get a refund i won't go bankrupt or commit suicide. I just gave it a thought and decided "why not give it a try?"
  14. Grumpy_Shark

    Need a refund Anchorage start booster in doubloons

    The thing is that i have not tasted the hamburger at all. I didn't even hold it on my hands.
  15. Grumpy_Shark

    Need a refund Anchorage start booster in doubloons

    Do i have to give an excuse? If it has been done before it can be done again. Ok here it is then. I didn't want to get so "low" but here is an excuse. The ship on advertisement seemed pretty strong but then by watching a review i realised it's pretty crap. The guns actually are not those 203mm of DesMoines/Baltimore's but those of New Orleans and are performing terribly. So it is another case of false advertisement. So i could say that.