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  1. Tellann

    AFK players (result of "stuck in loading" bug)

    I had this problem too a few times lately. If I notice that the loading time is too long Its best to restart the client quickly. You lose around 45 sec on that but still can join the battle at the start.
  2. Tellann

    Server down?

    Same :-(
  3. Tellann

    Nagato's role

    I dont agree with you. Its defenetivly not a glass canon and it exels as a browler. I dont have time to write now, but can aswer later.
  4. Tellann

    Nagato's role

    Nagato is a beast so dont you dare giving up on her just becouse people play other BBs!
  5. Tellann

    Server problem?

    Lagging too, but still can play just have to be careful. Very diifcult to play with CV as you miss with planes. Im from Norway, good internet connection.
  6. Tellann

    About Winrate

    Ok, you got me there, but the guy is only playing 1 ship so its not representative to say that he is a good solo player. :-)
  7. Tellann

    About Winrate

    I dont belive there is a single player with WR over 70% (over 1000 battles) in random battles and solo play.
  8. Tellann

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    You have some good points. I belive it comes down to a lot of practice with ships you like to the point that you feel very confident playing them and can quickly react to situations and controll the battle. With DDs you can easly put pressure on enemy team, spot, cap and move quicky. Its not about doing lots of dmg, but reading the game and doing what is best for the team. With CV is the same. On the other hand I love playing BBs and are good with them but even if I do a lot of dmg I cant cotrol the game the same way as with CVs and DDs. I need someone to spot for me, Im slow so cant react to treats on the oposite side of the map even if Im very avare of my positioning, It doesnt help if Im agressive and pushing up if the cruisers and Dds on my team are hiding behind me and so on. I can play the class the way it shoud be played but if the team doesnt do the same I wil fail. What Im trying to say is that for me its easiest to do well with ship/classes where Im self-sufficient. In solo games where you are just 1 of 12 ships in the team its very important. Anyway, Im going to pick up playing more BBs and cruisers now and see if I can keep winning. :-)
  9. Tellann

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    Attacked by an island , hehehe... so you are one of those. :-) Well, I rage quit the game 7-8 weeks ago after a terrble session of 15 losses 5 wins, but started to play again yesterday just for fun. in the first 7 games I won 4 lost 3 then I went on a winning streak of 9 games until I got tired and went to sleap. Today was a mixed bag but didnt drop in preformance. Still trying to pass that magic number of 60% WR but its very hard when you play only solo (no divisions).
  10. Tellann

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    I just had a terrible run of 8 losses and 1 win while playing tier 6-8 ships. I played my usual game, but most people where playing just terrible. Not 1-2 players but 7-8. Its not that they do mistakes, that can happen to everyone. It was more like they just didnt know how to play. Terible positining, BBs hiding way back behind the CV, 5 BB all go alone on 1 side cruiser and DD on the other. Than the BBs just go behind some mountains and cluster there not seeing anything and not having a target. I even saw a Amagi sniping from 22km distance by using HE the entire game! I mean who does that? on Amagi??? Another game a Tirpitz where put in a match with 2 tier X ships on both sides (cruisers and DDs) and was complaining that he was allways put into games where he had to fight tier X ships. Therefore he denided to play and just sailed into a corner and stayed their for the entire game. People where telling him that all the BBs where tier 8 and that he coud have a big impact on the game, but he just denied to play becouse of Zao and Gearing on the enemy team. It didnt help that we had a Shimakaze and Hindenburg on our team.
  11. Tellann

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    There are many sugestions on the forum how to improve your gamplay so I wont go through them but when its come to aiming this is how I got better: -When you get a citadel hit on a full broadside ship write down the distance and where you aimed on a crosshair. Exempel: 16km 7 points away on crosshair, 14km 5.5 points away and so on. Do that for a BB and cruiser and you have some numbers to work from. Than you wil need to adjust those numbers becouse some ships of the same type and same tier still have different values. Like german BBs are faster than US BBs, even on same tiers. You got a good hit on Pensacola? write it down and compare it to other numbers on other cruisers. It sounds lik a lot of work, but it isnt. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each ship on the tiers you play, take some notes underway and your gameplay wil improve a lot. Thats why buying a high tier ship is not recommended to new players. You lack the experiance to play the ship effectively.
  12. Tellann

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    By reading all this I feel proud my WR is 59.82% at the moment in solo games. On the other side I was around 62% a few weeks ago so I droped a lot lately. People with much higher stats play a lot in good divisions so you cant compare that to solo players. There are some people saying that their is a secret formula in MM where both teams are matched equally based on the player stats. PS: looking at stats can be very toxic so try to stay positive. You wil improve and stats wil rise after some time.
  13. Tellann

    Effective use of smoke?

    I actually got much better to use smoke after learning to play with US DDs. I first played a lot IJN DDs and used smoke just for escaping. Now I actually use it much more for firing with main guns, even on my Minekaze. You can actually do some decent dmg on enemy cruisers and even BBs by putting them on fire. US DDs from tire 4 and up exel with main guns so this is a way to fight with them. I can get around 40-50K dmg with Faragut without using torpedoes.
  14. Tellann

    every game lost, think of giving up already

    Well I have uninstalled this game 22 times, but after a few days or week later I reinstal lthe game becouse I love it so much. I just get too angry when people play very bad game after game. This happens almost always during weekend so I try not to play so much then. Im not a newbie but want to share my experiace here becouse its same for everyone. We all get those bad streaks of losses. I actually never played in a division, only solo games.
  15. Tellann

    Deep Disapointment

    You make it sound like you need to play in the division to be able to win and thats not true. If you play well you wil win more than you lose nomether what tier you play at. Yes, you might need to carry from time to time, but you wil also get into good groups. I did have frustrting times where I had like 3-4 wins at 10 losses, but also times where I had 25 wins and 5 losses and all that is from none division play (actually I never played in a division). So its possible, but hard and very frustrating at times.