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  1. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Hearts of Oak recruitment thread [HOO]

    I know I'm not the forumite I used to be around here but I would really like to echo the above posts and place some emphasis on what these guys are saying. As one of the older clans in the game (I launched it a few patches into 0.6), Hearts of Oak remains the go-to for History-related conversation, Scenario play and historical memes. I dare anyone to challenge us on this. Furthermore, as Mr.Fingers already covered perfectly in the above, we do cater to a broad church. So long as you're not naughty or a landlubber, you will be able to join in with us. Please do feel free to message myself or one of the other admin linked in Mr.Finger's post for more info on anything!
  2. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Bug Reports

    I can confirm that at least 5 other players have experienced this bug with me in person, and I also notice that quite a few on here have encountered it too. 1. Description Massachusetts main guns 1st person sound effect heard on other ships but not the ship itself. Inconsistent but definitely there. 2. Reproduction steps Play as another ship in match with Massachusetts (not even on the same team...it happens with enemy Massachusetts too). The bug will occur a good 9 times out of 10. Also happens if in division with a Massachusetts, as our clan has already tested and confirmed. 3. Result No gun sound on Massachusetts for player, but full sound for other players in other ships. The 1st person sound effect is bugged. 4. Expected result 3rd person sound on other ships, 1st person sound on Massachusetts. Currently, the reverse is happening. 5. Technical details Professional workstation for game dev. - AMD Ryzen 1800X CPU - Geforce 1080ti ROG STRIX GPU - Asus 370PRO mainboard - Windows 10 Pro ADDENDUM: I also have reason to believe this bug affects Iowa (not Missouri), but have yet to prove this conclusively.
  3. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery! Explicitly so! Thanks guys!
  4. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Ishizuchi - Is she worth it?

    The meta has changed around her though, and targets accordingly have become stronger and harder to fight. But yes, I agree, she's still strong. However, her play-style has changed hugely from the days of her gun range not exceeding her own concealment, imho. She used to be forced into every fight in the form of a brawl; now she's more like a 'normal' BB or BC.
  5. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Just read this Hood vs Bismarck and got wondering about British HE

    NC knocked off her own radar? Why am I only learning that now?
  6. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Ishizuchi - Is she worth it?

    I ask a rhetorical question with all of my 'Disliked Ship Guides' ;) The 'wall of text' is a guide, not a question. I hoped that'd be made obvious by the intro sentence alone! Besides, I bought both in the end :D I'd like to say little has changed, but even at this tier it has :( Itchy isn't the ridiculously high skill floor nuke fest she once was. She was heavily buffed and received a lot more colleagues at her tier. Stronger colleagues, at that. Hopefully someone with time will be able to make an updated version of this!
  7. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Give all cruisers heal?

    - I don't see how extra speed or heal is going to make that a different engagement as heal only really helps with soft damage. Besides, if you're in a position where you *need* to 1v1 a Bismarck, chances are you're already in trouble.... - Then don't give chase, just act as deterrent and force *them* to overextend. Why are you acting like the only way to kill a DD in a cruiser is to 'hunt and gun'? - You should know where and when torps are coming before they get there, it's called prediction. So a cruiser's helm time is more than sufficient here. Don't also forget that torps tend to go a lot faster than any cruiser in the game....so again, I fail to see how more speed is going to help you here. If your issue is with helm and manoeuvrability, that's not something speed or heal can really help with as at most you'll only be healing around half torp alpha at this tier. Not enough of a difference to call for a global buff to cruisers imho. - Then make that one shift count. As for stealth, you won't always have an advantage here of course but the difference between you and Giulio is, again, the fact you're quite a bit faster so you can reacquire stealth easier than he can; he won't close that gap, dude. So why are you so insistent you need more than 32.5knots? I don't get it... - So let's take your point on board for a second here. If RNG really is the reason Cruisers are 'weak' and need heal and speed-boat speed, let's also give BBs less accuracy, DDs more armour, CVs more bombs per squad and everything in general a nerf which isn't a cruiser or victim of RNG. This would surely solve the issue...........no?
  8. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel


    Looks like nobody knows their fathoms from their inches. Pity.
  9. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Give all cruisers heal?

    - Name one fast Battleship handed out for free that Cleveland cannot easily handle if used correctly. One. - 'Hunting DDs is exceedingly hard'? What server have you been playing on, again? The one where every single DD is super god tier and cruisers aren't allowed in smoke, island cover or caps? - You did not just blame lack of hydro on an inability to CHASE a Destroyer...in a Cruiser. Did you? What's wrong? Ate too many torps chasing DDs in the past? - Overmatch is a jerk, granted. But tier 6 Cruisers have this magical thing called seeking cover, better stealth than BBs, insane DOT potential and...oh. Friendly heavies? Helm is so a thing at every single tier and sorry, but your argument is lynched on the thought that a Cruiser is a solo hunter of Battleships and I won't allow that. If you're getting chunked by Battleships every match, you're doing something fundamentally wrong in your cruiser play. You're a bleedin ninja not a wall of steel. - And now you're blaming RNG for a (proven) inability to understand why Cruisers can counter BBs. Perhaps not tanking them alone in the first place is an idea? That way, 32 knots to their 20-30 doesn't feel underwhelming....
  10. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Give all cruisers heal?

    - Nothing at Cleveland's tier with BC guns can outrun it and given its stupendous HE potential, this isn't really a point. Besides, she's still equal to or faster than BCs. - Are you bent? Why should a ship mounting TWELVE 6-inch rifles be able to chase down ANY Destroyer? There's a small thing called tactics.... - Unironically using lack of radar on cruisers to argue that cruisers need a buff and Destroyers are OP. Should I even justify this with an answer? RADAR IS BUT ONE TOOL ON A PLATFORM DESIGNED TO HURT UNDER-AGED SHIPS. - Do you even know what the word 'meta' means? Cruisers remain more relevant now than ever; you have every countermeasure in the book against every class. AA for CVs, Helm speed for BBs (who knew?) and Hydro, Radar, Birds *and* firepower to counter DDs. Sure, some are less powerful thank others at this task, but it's hardly an argument for a buff. Cruisers are doing just fine. TLDR: Whatever you're smoking, I'll have a double ration cp'n!
  11. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel


    [TPG] The Press Gang TPG is an alternative clan whose sole purpose is uniting players with a strong interest in self-improvement and naval history above all else. That said, we do require a certain level of competency so those who don't know their Ibs from their Fathoms or their overmatch from autobounce need not apply. Those who do, however, will find an active, friendly and useful community of fellow players who are always willing to offer guidance, critique and assistance. We also plan on running history-inspired events and ongoing partnerships with clans who share our interest. Our server also has memes channels. What we can offer: - A strong, active community of like-minded players - The most honest, non-biased and factual game-play critiques you're going to find in this community - Opportunity of divisioning for Random Grinding or Operations - 1v1 Training for any level and class - Friendly discord server with a lot of varying content and contributors - Clan specific events based on history as well as future partnerships to foster this effort - Understanding and guidance on game-play in general What you need to offer: -A genuine, tangible interest in history and naval warfare. We will know if it's not. -The desire to improve is strongly considered. -Ownership of tier X ships is not mandatory, but still favourable. -18+ years of age -Strong English or German language skills -Discord and Voice capability -Minimum of 1,000 Random battles. -Ability to participate with clan mates in game or on discord at least once a week. -Thick skinned. You will be criticised for bad play or conscious and on-going failure to take advice on board. Please reply to this topic if this is of interest, and we look forward to drilling you for battle!
  12. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Give all cruisers heal?

    I'm sorry...I was on the floor laughing once I read 'Cleveland needs, at least 3 to 5 more knots of speed, it's very slow at 32.5 knots. 32.5 knots....Is this the affect spood beest on Cruisers is having on the community? I leave the forum for a year. A YEAR. And this is what I come back to? The cruisers needing heal argument again?
  13. Nothing quite like being in Neptune firing at a broadside Mino....only for a full HP Republic to suddenly appear and nuke you before your screen even updated. Fun and engraging.
  14. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    Disliked Guide #4: Atlanta

    Actually, since Pensacola received a huge buff several patches back, I do believe you're now correct
  15. Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel

    [HEART] Hearts Of Oak

    Recruitment post has been adjusted. Please check original post before applying.