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  1. Close_Quarters_Expert

    You want respect when you do stuff like this?

    I kind of meant it as one to highlight how ridiculous all the problems have been with this game over the years. None of it was actually fine lol
  2. Close_Quarters_Expert

    You want respect when you do stuff like this?

    Yup 100%. Smolensk was the proof for that, I suppose. To be honest I kind of do see the funny side, but yeah. It really is a straw. They got our money and our time.
  3. Close_Quarters_Expert

    You want respect when you do stuff like this?

    That's a cute spin on it, although incredibly top-level thinking. What was 'FINE' about those things, was the fact it was only the latest thing in the list. I was FINE with them because not as much had come before those as has now. WG have a portfolio of things I am definitely not 'FINE' with, but it's a game. I wasn't going to quit something I enjoy because of any one thing. You can virtue signal all you want, bro. Everyone has a price. For me it's their final bare-faced declaration of what we always feared was true with that URL; that they detest us and are hypocrites while doing it. I haven't been 'FINE' with this game since Stalingrad. But Stalingrad wasn't the last straw and Wargaming have never been so transparent about their various lies and deceit. Maybe I was too optimistic about them improving, but I don't think that's a thing to attack me over. Seriously. Read and engage with me before replying like that. I never voted with crap and I was always vocal about negative occurrences in this community. I was never 'FINE' with it. Jesus. My only regret is that they didn't show true colours sooner. I don't regret 'voting' with my wallet or whatever childish catchphrases you want to throw at me. Edit: I can give you a very long list of things I wasn't 'FINE' with. Because I am just as fatigued with this company and this game as anyone. The fact I've spent money means the 'whale' phrase is aimed at me though and my 'group' if you can even call it that. That's why I felt the need to announce it because it's ironic after their whole 'not isolating people and groups' thing, and now they're doing exactly that. Everybody in this community is sick; whales and new players alike.
  4. Close_Quarters_Expert

    You want respect when you do stuff like this?

    I am literally done with this company. I've probably spent around £15,000 on the game over the last 6 years. Why? Because I loved the game. I enjoyed the game. And I could afford to do what I wanted with the game. But being called a whale by the vendor? This s*** just feels like a fruit machine with an abusive casino attendant standing next to it with a bucket expecting hand-outs. I have no respect whatsoever. Reworks? Fine. Ignoring feedback? Fine. Breaking the law in increasingly obvious ways? Fine. Abusing our intelligence repeatedly in numerous different ways? Fine. Gambling mechanics? Fine. But for Christ's sake, stop treating your customers like this. I just don't get it; is there some kind of reverse-intuitive. self-abusive PR brand guideline you people are following? The more people we upset the better our revenue becomes? Because that's a finite pot, guys. I'm beyond the point of blaming Russian culture at this point. It's not. I know Russian culture, and this is even too extreme for it. This is just higher-ups who don't understand long-play consumerism. ------------------------------------ On a similar note, there's a certain NA staff member who should be fired for the amount of drama he causes and the abuse and contempt he treats everyone around him with. He isolates individuals constantly by behaving like a hypocrite at best and somebody with a superiority complex at worst. Please investigate this seriously @MrConway as you're losing a lot of money, respect and CCs to this 'individual' and his toxic bile.
  5. Close_Quarters_Expert

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.1

    WG confirmed Tier 3 isn't being added to anymore my friend :(
  6. Close_Quarters_Expert

    Tier 3 Italian BB where?

    Thank you for the decent reply, YabbaCoe. As others have already pointed out though, I'm not sure I understand the logic of your answer. Tier 3 is not very popular by design. It *used* to be; but then almost every mission and objective became V+; CVs at that tier became too lethal after the rework and we also lost AFT and BFT recently which were essential for making several of the ships 'fun'. All of this drained it of player enthusiasm, not a lack of willing to play the tier on part of the player. Plenty of us still play Tier 3 for fun; drop into a match at that tier on any night of the week (or day for that matter) and you'll find you're not in queue for very long. I realise the earning potential is lower, but to date I've probably spent about £1,000 on tier 2-4 Silver and Gold ships and I know I'm not alone. I probably have just about every Tier 3 ship in the game; I can't say that for most tiers. So while I appreciate your answer, I don't think I can agree with its merit. It makes it sound like Wargaming are surprised about players not playing a tier that WG actively suppressed with the above actions for the past 2-3 years. EDIT: I'm a 3D dev myself so I do appreciate the time that goes into it. But I also realise the money and time players would spend with it. If I were one of your artists, I'd be damn proud to model a Tier 3 Italian BB and they clearly make a financial return, which means this isn't a creative decision in my opinion but possibly one motivated by corporate data...which only ever tells half the story.
  7. Close_Quarters_Expert

    Tier 3 Italian BB where?

    Tier 4 CVs have nothing on 6s, 8s and 10s though; that's my point. A T4 can be mostly negated, even without AA. Their ordnance drops are too minor to make anything other than a concerted attack more than a nuisance. Double T4 CVs games are a problem for T3, I agree. But imo it's less so than most if not all other tiers. EDIT: I modified it to more correctly reflect my thoughts.
  8. Close_Quarters_Expert

    Tier 3 Italian BB where?

    Hi all, I'm really sorry if this has been discussed to death previously, but frankly I am going to post another thread on this as it's incredibly worrying. Tier 3 remains the only tier in the game which is: - Mostly balanced - Mostly free of overbearing CVs - Free of the meta problems facing higher tiers - Free of the crappy MM facing mid tiers Yet Wargaming have indicated they don't believe this tier deserves a Battleship representing Italy? Ignoring for a moment the fact this game is played by countless individuals who are into naval history, this tier offers plenty of financial opportunities if some basic imagination is applied to the equation. Perma camos, premiums, scenarios etc. This isn't a rant but a serious question I'm posing to the Community Staff here: Is this being done on purpose? And if so, what the heck is the reasoning for it? I look forward to your clear and to the point response
  9. Close_Quarters_Expert

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.1

    So Wargaming have officially killed off Tier 3? Like players didn't need more reason to stop playing, you've literally started trying to kill the one tier which is still mostly balanced and fun to play without worrying about the problems which plague other tiers? What?
  10. Words don't even. Problem is, WG's indirect nerfs are just that; indirect. I get the whole premium ship shizzle but ultimately we have many premiums in the game now which are extremely irrepresentitive of their sales blurb; be it down to powercreep or just outright WG lying. It won't take long for EU trading standards to start paying attention; especially with what WG must be raking in.
  11. Just got sent this from WG. The account dropped a handful of signals/camos and a tiny bit of coal from 20x crates (which I'd asked for the refund on). My girlfriend has barely used this account since and definitely not enough to accumulate this much alteration; she just doesn't play much. Hence, WG are asking for 17,000 dubs for absolutely nothing taken, used or removed. I doubt there was even 5,000 dubs worth of goods in those crates. @YabbaCoe I don't expect a resolution to this (in fact I'd rather not get one in light of what's happening so I'm not leaving the ID), but just to raise awareness of the scale of the problem I'm posting this here anyway in the hope it may help find what the overall system glitch is that you're clearly experiencing. Edit: in light of how many people in both my clan and on this forum who are experiencing the same kind of thing, I've cancelled my own tickets as well as the one above. I bought over 700 crates this year and really don't want stuff getting removed that shouldn't be. I'd advise others to do the same.
  12. Close_Quarters_Expert

    Serious Audacious & Sound Bugs

    Hi Devs, I'll preface by saying that, possibly in the minority, I'm loving the 'sneak' CV changes so far; the tighter crosshair but greatly strengthened AA on leaving the attack seems like a good compromise that sees good CV play rewarded but careless play brutally punished. It really works and I hope the changes stay (with the disclaimer that you tell the community it's happening ;) ) I'm sure you're aware of the numerous sound issues CVs are suffering from this patch, so I won't go into too much detail. Planes don't have cruising engine sound effects 8/10 of the time. If they do, it's the 3rd-person sound effect. I remember something like this affecting Warspite many patches ago, so I'm sure it's an easy fix. However, Audacious; a CV I've been playing and enjoying a lot recently; has a pretty major bug in this patch, which I can't find mention of on this forum and I detail below: - Level bombers, upon making a turn while doing an attack run, sometimes involuntarily break off and spin in very tight circles while completely immune to AA 8 or 9 times before crashing the game and kicking me out. At first, I thought it was me being kicked due to server issues but then it happened again...and again...and again, always immediately following the plane spin. I'm not sure if this is already known; I couldn't find it elsewhere. But it is definitely an engine bug which causes my teams to momentarily lose their CV support. I don't get this on any other CV or on any other planes from Audacious. It's just the level bombers and it seems to happen every other game. - I can provide any logs etc required, but I do hope it's possible to fix this bug as it hurts Audacious gameplay quite severely. I've also had my targets complain in chat and even report me for 'cheating' due to the AA immunity, which isn't fair on either party.
  13. Close_Quarters_Expert

    Clan Battles 0.9.6 - Clan Tag Bug

    Our clan experienced this a lot. First, with one member on the first cb session; he kept losing then regaining his affiliation, and couldn't ready up. It cleared after he played a battle half an hour later. The next day, the same happened but with everybody else. Again, it was eventually cleared by playing a co-op battles and waiting half an hour. But we lost a lot of CB time working this out, so it was a little frustrating. This affects any member; even Commanders, and there's no correlation between clan tags disappearing and clan allegiance disappearing. We had members without a tag but in the clan, and vice versa. It would happen completly randomly and frequently. For example, almost like a loose wire kept 'plugging' the member in and out. I would also be interested to know if any compensation might be possible? If not just for the time lost. Edit: Restarting the client or even the PC would not clear this, and playing co-op wasn't guaranteed to. However, it did seem to fix more frequently immediately following a co-op matc.
  14. Close_Quarters_Expert

    Co-Op points are point-less!

    I never said you don't get XP or post match bonuses, just that many games are over sooner than seems necessary. My suggestion was that points are a problem. The solution is what you've just offered. And I happen to agree; 7v7 was fine. Agree! Not sure why I phrased it as I did as of course this happens a lot more than maxing them out. But yes. One of my friends suggested more starting points could be a solution to that.
  15. Close_Quarters_Expert

    Co-Op points are point-less!

    Hi all, I've got a suggestion which may or may not be a popular one but I know I'm not alone in it. This is based upon my observations of the game right now; notably, Co-Op. I'm not a Co-Op main by any means. Of my more than 11k total games, less than 500 are PVE. However, I've noticed that since the addition of extra ship slots a few patches back, games just don't last long enough to be satisfying. I've found myself wanting to reach for co-op more and more recently, but every time I do it feels like the match ends too quickly due to points maxing out. I know this didn't used to be case and while I do recall some matches being ruined by premature points, it certainly wouldn't be every match as seems to be the case now. Just to clarify. I'm not moaning that matches end before I can do anything; I still do well enough despite this (though I do feel a little sorry for slow BBs who can't even get to the cap before it ends). it just seems a little redundant to use the points system as it is in Co-Op. The bots don't last long enough to justify the accumulation of points; at least not so many. :) Opinions? Edit: I should add that I'm especially eager to hear what PVE mains think.