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  1. How have you managed to mess up operations so badly? The AI has lost the ability to do basic path finding. Did Raptor Rescue today and most of the support ships got stuck on islands. Did Aegis recently and the bots went into reverse, even raised a ticket and was told that operations were suspended while they were being fixed, checked and it was still available. Either fix them or just get rid of them, as they currently stand they are pointless.
  2. IlljustcallhimDave

    Chat ban system needs fixing. Fast.

    I don't have much confidence in the system full stop, last couple of tickets I raised I might as well not bothered. I raised a ticket for someone being abusive in chat, got the usual reply plus a link to how to report someone in game. The link was broken, when I pointed that out they gave me a link to World of Tanks. Also raised a ticket about operation Aegis being broken and was told that the operation had been suspended while it was fixed, I checked and Aegis was still active. If they had made the least bit of effort they would of seen that it was a different operation. So much for player support, might as well talk to the wall next to me.
  3. IlljustcallhimDave

    Thinking of removing.

    They don't care, this thread will be locked for "adding nothing constructive"
  4. IlljustcallhimDave

    NPC ships sailing reverse in Narai

    Make that 3 3) People were making to much credits/XP
  5. Oh and lets not forget the dumbest idea, lets have a double T8 CV game. Obviously the player base doesn't hate CV's enough by putting 1 CV in a game, lets double down on it.
  6. They need to do something about the spotting mechanic of cv's and more importantly do something about the stupid rockets. Had a game in the gearing where an Audacious got 2 drops off with rockets. How is this balanced?
  7. IlljustcallhimDave

    0.9.1 - General Feedback

    They probably took it away because they somehow managed to break the bot AI. Just had a game of operation Aegis where the bots spent all game in reverse
  8. IlljustcallhimDave

    Chat Ban Word Search Criteria

    People report others just because they can. Because misbehaviour in chat is the only one that does anything people will use it for everything. So lets say you are in a division and are using colourful chat in the division chat ONLY. You get a dev strike on someone so they decide to report you because you blew up their pixel boat. They use misbehaviour in chat as its the only useful one. They check the chat logs and see that you used a banned word, even though it was only your div mates that could see it, does this mean a chat ban? Would be interesting to hear from a member of the wargaming staff for clarification.
  9. IlljustcallhimDave

    Chat Ban Word Search Criteria

    Do they know when it is said in all chat vs div chat? I know that swearing isn't tolerated in any chat but when it is between people that know each other in private (ie div chat) then surely if someone gets reported for misbehaviour in chat and the only people than can see are div mates then it shouldn't apply
  10. IlljustcallhimDave

    Balance changes, improvements & fixes

    Any chance you have fixed the bug where you can't fire main guns or is it just more money making loot boxes?
  11. IlljustcallhimDave

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    First super container in 23 attempts,