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  1. Bug Reports

    I've had this 3 times in 2 days, happens when I first start the game. Enter battle and crashes to desktop
  2. 2 Days, 2x Supercontainer, 2x Motor-Boost Mods???

    I have 7 of them now, I'm a DD main so worked out well for me
  3. Radar

    Time to dust off the BB's As to the op, get to know the maps, radar cruisers generally go to the same few positions. As has already been said, take a mental note at the start as to what radar is available to them (and to you). When they are spotted be aware of your range and position to them and be ready to gtfo. Make your mini map as big as it will go and be aware of ship positions/last known position. When you die, try try again. When you manage to torp and kill the radar, sit back and laugh
  4. the "carry harder!" thread

    I feel your pain
  5. Matchmaking Mechanics

    Had some games in ranked today and in two of the games the matchmaking had done it so one side had two Fiji's and the other had two Belfast's. One game was a win one was a loss, both games I was on the side with the two Fiji, so I'm not crying about Belfast's. I've noticed similar MM line ups in random battles to, the sort of thing where its a domination game and one side has a couple of stealthy destroyers and the other has a couple of Russian destroyers What I was wondering was, would it be possible for the dev's to adjust the MM filters to look at the actual ships instead of just the type of ship. So instead of it looking at the ships in the queue and seeing 8 cruisers at XXX Tier and randomly putting four on each side, it would instead check to see what each type of ship was and if there was 2 or more of the same type it would divide them between both sides making for a more balanced line up. I'm not a programmer so don't know if this would even be possible and if it was how difficult it would be.
  6. Once a potato, always a potato

    Firstly I'd just like to say welcome back. As the others have said try T3/4 to improve your skills, co-op isn't really helpful as the bots don't behave as players do, not the better players anyway. Watch the youtube vids to see how to aim, angle etc, but most of all have fun. My main reason for posting though is to say well done to the other posters. I came in to this expecting to see you get roasted alive but was shocked to see helpful friendly comments. So once again well done to the others.
  7. Whats the deal with Steven Seagal as commander?

    I hope he is more use as a commander than an actor, with his acting skills being so wooden does this mean they are bringing in sailing ships, maybe a Napoleonic era event.
  8. Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    First super container in 23 attempts,
  9. Again about Germans OP BBs AA defence

    I pretty much only play destroyers and haven't found the KM BB line to be any more op than other BB's, like all the ships in the game it all comes down to the player that's in control. You have to learn what the strengths and weakness of the ships are, you will sometimes find that the unexpected happens thanks to RNG. I imagine you have sent your planes at other Bayerns before and since and you've not had the same results. Its always the abnormal results that stands out.
  10. I got the "King of the party" achievement when I completed "Manners Maketh Man" I got it without having "Run, Admiral, Run"