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    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    The issue is not that the ship is unattainable for 99.1% of the player base. The issue is foremost the predatory psychological design of the marketing mechanisms around it in combination with continuing misinformation and misdirection in the communication by WG. Furthermore the requirements in the directive are often mathematically impossible to achieve in the available timeframes. This turns the whole claim that the ship could be reasonably achieved without significant monetary investment in nothing but whitewashing. The issue is reinforced by the fact that this all is happening during the Christmas season. WG is clearly not respecting that even the most hardcore of us players have a life and a family. This event is not about giving it is about disrespect, greed and taking. The argument that WoWs is F2P is invalid in the context of the design of this event. Persons who kept their premium running and invested considerable amounts of money in the game over the course of the last year are treated the same as persons that played without investing any money. I am rather certain that the average dedicated WOWS player invests more money than the cost of several AAA-titles per year in this hobby. WG is one of the economically most successful companies of the gaming sector. So please, do not treat us as idiots.