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  1. Your favorite T7 ship?

    Colorado, love that old brick. Edit: but reading the way you phrase the question, I'm not sure I can recommend it... I also really like Algerie. Belfast is super strong, but hard to feel affectionate about as she's such an abject failure in game balancing.
  2. French Cruiser Line !!!

    They've felt pretty strong to me. I'm up to Martel. Tiers 3-4 felt borderline OP though I only had a few games in the Friant. Really good accurate range with the guns. They absolutely can't take a hit, but then with that range you should be able to make your team mates an easier target. Cowardly but effective (kind of a theme in this line; more on this below). GREAT torps. Look into those angles in them. You only need to wiggle your ship a little to launch 12x torps either back or front, 6 km range, good damage. The Gasoline felt OK, but I had a hard time accepting it after 400+ games in the Cleveland. I couldn't quite see a reason to play the Gasoline when my Cleveland with 19pt captain is there. Algerie and Martel are very similar. Very nice HE, accurate at long range. Torps are good as such, but with that play style you don't get to use them a lot. Overall it's been a really easy grind. But I find I don't play them a lot because long-range HE spam just gets old.
  3. Win rate is useful because it serves as a kind of a bottom line on whether you're helping your team. Individual games are affected by random MM issues -- your team might suck, or you might get a few real "tryhards" on your side who carry the game. But across a (very) large number of games, your team will suffer of these issues equally compared to your enemy -- and the remaining thing making a difference is ... you. So it kind of cuts through a lot of unnecessary analysis. Should you cap vs. fight, do you farm "unhelpful" damage with HE, all that. If you tend to win more, then whatever you do is probably helpful. Now there are still a lot of caveats: Do you play bad or good ships? A 55% win rate in a Myogi is impressive, however it's significantly below server average in a Nikolai. So someone who's spending a lot of his playing time in the "flavour of the month" ships will have an inflated win rate. Do you play alone or in a division? Playing in a division might either help or hurt you, depending on the quality of the division mates. In most cases it likely helps. What tier do you play in? This is at least looking at my stats a huge factor. Many people tend to grind out to high tiers, and then mainly play there. But some people have a preference for playing in low-to-mid tiers a lot, despite being experienced players. For example in some of my old Tier 3-4 favourites I have win rates of 70-80% after 100 games. At Tier 8-10 I'm only somewhat above average. So if I played in low-mid tiers exclusively, my win rate would skyrocket. I'm kind of a poster child here. My win rate is a relatively impressive 60%, but I play 2/3 of my games divisioned up with fairly good players. And we stick to mid tiers a lot.
  4. USN CV rebalancing incoming!

    Also wondering about this. I have 200+ games in the Bogue (though not since they removed manual attacks), and I'm not at all sure I'd want 1/1/1. Bogue has excellent fighters, excellent TB's -- and ultra-crap DB's. With 1/1/0 the plane reserves are just about right. I would NOT want to lower fighter/TB reserves to get DB's. If they improve the DB's, maybe.
  5. HMS Hood crap

    I've always enjoyed the playing the Hood. I think of her as a Warspite going about at 33.6 kt (IIRC that's the speed with Sierra Mike). That's a pretty fun package at Tier 7. You're pretty tanky when well angled, and maintaining distance is easy. You can response to situations, and you can delay enemy on a flank quite well, because they can't rush you and you're slow to take down. Though as noted above, despite some similarity the guns actually seem to pen worse than Warspite.
  6. Wallace Monument

    Might well be something a modeller worked on during his/her lunch breaks. And even if not, that's kind of cute. Little homages to the players' home countries.
  7. Perkele

    I was in Nagoya for work a couple years back. Interesting visit, my first time in Japan. Nagoya itself kinda felt like a "Lahti of Japan" (I'm also Finnish). Relatively boring (by Japanese standards) industrial city, not very touristy. Nature and countryside in the nearby Nagano region were breathtaking.
  8. Low Victory rate? Here's a reason

    I think what you're being criticized for is calculating a guy's mean hitrate as the mean of ship-specific hit rates. Let's say hypothetically, a guy has two ships: Ship 1, 100 games, fires 300 shells per game, hits 90 times per game --> 30000 shells fired, 9000 hits, 30% hit rate. Ship 2, 5 games, fired 100 shells per game, hits 20 times per game --> 500 shells fired,100 hits, 20% hit rate Hit rate across all shells fired is 9100/30500=29.8% Mean of ship-specific hit rates is 25%, so a big difference. Now, both are possibly relevant numbers. If one ship has vastly more games than others, the mean calculated from all shells fired would mainly represent that one much-played ship, and might not represent how well the person hits in general. So the mean of ship-specific means might well be interesting.
  9. Low Victory rate? Here's a reason

    Looking at those poorly performing players in my own teams, I think the primary problem for many is dying early. The low damage and low win% then follow, as they don't get the chance to help their team. Lots of people just go to positions where you can immediately see they're going to be in trouble, and you helplessly watch them die early. To be fair, finding that sweet spot, where you can contribute but won't get focused too much, where you still have an escape plan, IS difficult. I know how to intuitively do it but it's hard to teach. I have no simple guidelines to give, because things are always fluid and the situations vary. I think some people may just struggle with information overload and can't effectively track all the relevant information that affect their chances of survival. I have problems with this myself in faster-paced games.
  10. Low Victory rate? Here's a reason

    After 45 games my Lion win rate is a grand 27%. And I'm not even playing THAT poorly in it, though I realise I sound like all those innocent people in prison. Slightly above average damage and probably significantly above now that the ship is fully upgraded. I'm a firm believer that ultimately your win rate is determined by what you (and possible div mates) do. But it can take a while to stabilize. For ships with 100+ and especially 200+ games played, my win rates are right around where I'd expect. About OP, I'm looking at his stats, and I'd really repeat the advice to play the lower tiers more. He's basically rushed to upper tiers at maximum pace, and while he's clearly struggling there, he has some low-tiers ships with about average stats. You're of course free to play whatever you like, and doing poorly in a video game is not a big deal. But perhaps I'd say that there's no SHAME in sticking to lower tiers. I still tend to gravitate towards mid tiers, though I'm pretty experienced. There are lots of people like me too. Forums like this can give a seriously skewed impression that we're all up there in T10 all day, every day.
  11. Belfast - To keep or to sell ?

    I agree with you there. Though for me that close-range means more playing right around the concealment/radar range, not getting within 5-6 km. A Belfast smoked up within 5.3 km of enemy -- and note, this is the only scenario where the new smoke mechanic makes a difference -- is exceedingly vulnerable, mainly because they have no torps or high-calibre guns for close-quarters alpha strike. I see them do this, and it always feels like Christmas come early, because all I need to do is close a couple km, auto detect them, and they're toast. They can be exceedingly difficult to kill, but this is where they give the initiative to the enemy. 5.3 km is on one hand too close to the auto-detect range, and too far from concealment once the smoke runs out. I tend to only close significantly within my 8.7 km concealment range when I'm confident I can delete the target. Thereby getting back to concealment within seconds.
  12. kaiser, a gentleman's agreement

    What's your problem playing with the Kaiser? I have 250 games in it, and always found it an incredibly comfortable ship to play. The trick is to ignore the upper 1/3 to 1/2 of the range you ostensibly have. It's as pure a brawler as any. It has some of the strongest secondaries tier-for-tier in the game, which just emphasizes what I said above. It also has very strong AA for T4, which is nice with all those CV's around in T4-5.. Very self-reliant ship. Highly recommend BFT+AFT to boost both the secondaries + AA.
  13. My division mate seems to do extremely impressive work in a secondary-build Nagato. It's probably a suboptimal way to play that ship, but in mid-tiers you get away with all sorts of stuff. There are really nice secondaries in BB's at tiers lower than 7, but at those tiers the manual secondary skill is so nerfed that it's not worth it. So a "secondary build" down there would be BFT+AFT and a secondary module (go low enough and even that's not available). E.g. Warspite, Nassau, König Albert, Kaiser.
  14. I ran into a bug when I had done the 1600+ base XP requirement, but later the client "forgot" this and showed the first stage as not finished. Restart of client fixed it.
  15. It's a unique and fun ship, in a way the best kind of premium. I'm not sure about the "don't buy unless you love DD's". I'm a cruiser main love the Okhotnik. With that clumsy handling and being ridiculously overgunned, it plays more like a light cruiser with <6 km concealment and smoke. That's actually a fun package to play. The biggest caveat IMO is the unusually big reliance on commander skills. For me the ship comes alive at 14 points (DE or BFT, CE, AFT).