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  1. What's your problem playing with the Kaiser? I have 250 games in it, and always found it an incredibly comfortable ship to play. The trick is to ignore the upper 1/3 to 1/2 of the range you ostensibly have. It's as pure a brawler as any. It has some of the strongest secondaries tier-for-tier in the game, which just emphasizes what I said above. It also has very strong AA for T4, which is nice with all those CV's around in T4-5.. Very self-reliant ship. Highly recommend BFT+AFT to boost both the secondaries + AA.
  2. My division mate seems to do extremely impressive work in a secondary-build Nagato. It's probably a suboptimal way to play that ship, but in mid-tiers you get away with all sorts of stuff. There are really nice secondaries in BB's at tiers lower than 7, but at those tiers the manual secondary skill is so nerfed that it's not worth it. So a "secondary build" down there would be BFT+AFT and a secondary module (go low enough and even that's not available). E.g. Warspite, Nassau, König Albert, Kaiser.
  3. I ran into a bug when I had done the 1600+ base XP requirement, but later the client "forgot" this and showed the first stage as not finished. Restart of client fixed it.
  4. It's a unique and fun ship, in a way the best kind of premium. I'm not sure about the "don't buy unless you love DD's". I'm a cruiser main love the Okhotnik. With that clumsy handling and being ridiculously overgunned, it plays more like a light cruiser with <6 km concealment and smoke. That's actually a fun package to play. The biggest caveat IMO is the unusually big reliance on commander skills. For me the ship comes alive at 14 points (DE or BFT, CE, AFT).
  5. The AI seems to have improved a lot during the 1½ years I've played this game. I've always toyed with the idea that we should replace AFK's with bots after 2-3 min. And I kind of also wonder if that would hurt or help the team. They shoot with mathematical precision, but you can still trick them to show worse angles than your own. In terms of tactics they're worse than the better humans for sure, but still better than those border-hugging humans you see.
  6. I see that you're living up to your username. I can only reiterate what I said in my previous post. I do smoke camp in Belfast, but I don't see it as the most important asset of the ship, because it's not what you use to ambush DD's. And that's how you win games: delete DD's --> take caps. And when I smoke camp, I try really hard to not do it within 5.3 km of enemy. In a CL I always try to have an escape plan, and being at <5.3 km of enemy when my smoke runs out doesn't qualify. Basically I sit in smoke that close to enemy as a last resort when things have already gone awry. It does happen, but I try to not make it happen very often. So if I don't smoke camp within 5.3 km, I'm not affected at all. Meanwhile, those BB's firing from smoke screens are now detected from up to 19 km, instead of 2 km. And yeah, the Belfast remains ridiculously OP.
  7. Having played a couple games with Belfast under the new patch, I think it's an insignificant nerf. The key thing here is that concealment range after firing your guns in smoke is 5.28 km. At least the way I play this ship, you don't want to smoke-camp quite that close to enemy anyway, because you'll be in deep doodoo when the smoke dissipates. If the nerf affects you, you've already messed up. Besides that, I always saw the smoke as only the fourth-most-important asset in the Belfast's toolbox -- after 8.7 km concealment, radar and hydro. These are what you use to kill those DD's in cap points. One might argue it's an indirect buff to Belfast because a lot of the competitions' smoke camping ability is nerfed MORE.
  8. On a general note -- with my div mates on Teamspeak last night, we were wondering how large a portion of the player base will actually get the ship through this event. It's of course easy if you're a good player in a high-tier ship -- any average evening you can expect to get a 1600+ game. But if you're an ~average, 50 win% player, and have only made it up to mid-tier ships -- it's probably actually really difficult. It's probably well optimized at WG's end. 1600 is low enough that almost anyone feels they have a shot, so they play a lot. But a large number of people will actually have to buy the ship.
  9. Base XP gains have felt normal to me. 1600 is kind of a nasty number in that it's not super high, so you feel you should get it easily. But it's high enough that it might actually take a while. Unlike all the Super-Unicum Overlords posting above, I don't have a single ship where I get 1600 all the time. But in Tier VIII+ I get it fairly often in wins. I finally got a 1750 game in Des Moines (~90k damage and 3 kills). Do you have higher tier ship to use? It definitely gets easier in high tiers. A division mate of mine did the 1600+ last night with Tier IV Izyaslav though (6 kill game), so it's possible in low tiers.
  10. The only reason I'm slightly considering selling is the ability to switch to another Tier 7 premium cruiser. I find her incredibly strong (looks like I've managed a 76% win rate in 71 games), but honestly I haven't played her in a long time. So I kind of wonder if something like Atlanta or Indianapolis might be more fun. Though since I won't be able to buy her back, I figure I'll err on the side of caution and keep her.
  11. I've never even understood the policy of categorically NEVER nerfing a premium ship. I see no reason why they should be exempt from normal, iterative balancing steps. So long as the possibility of rebalancing is declared in the terms of sale, and while the ships retain what'd I'd call their "core identity" (visual style, basic gameplay style) -- I see no problem whatsoever. I'm a Belfast owner myself, mind you. That ship is going to remain RIDICULOUSLY OP even after the smoke change.
  12. She'll still pack a pretty unique toolset (radar+smoke+hydro) at T7. And she'll still benefit of the immensely friendly MM at that tier. So she'll remain a fun and interesting ship to play. I did consider it, but definitely keeping mine. Honestly they could nerf her twice as much and she'd still remain OP.
  13. Well honestly, I'm sure the answer is that's what people want to play. Not all of us, but most of us. If you put out a vote for next FreeXP ship, I'm not sure the top-10 would include anything but BB's.
  14. Honest question though -- can't you just nerf the the HE ... a little bit? Keep it as a national flavour, but so that it's less optimal to shoot it all the time and encouraging to use the AP more? To me WG often feels like they decide on these national flavours -- which is fine -- but tend to overdo them so that they become gimmicks. As far as RN BB skill floor, that troubles me too. I don't think it's an accident though that they create these things so idiot proof. The risk was obvious after the German BB release, yet they proceeded to make another line that that's EVEN easier to play. This is not an accident, it's a pattern. To me it feels like they want to make the game more accessible to the average player -- or more importantly to those guys who dabble with the game for a couple evenings, but don't stick around. So they create a couple lines of famous ships, REALLY easy to play. There's the obvious issue that CL/CA and DD's are massively more difficult to play, but if they want to create an easy entry point to the game, I guess these BB lines work as a minimally viable solution.
  15. This is especially true with T3 ships. At T4 at least BB's start to get those fictional AA upgrades, though they're WW1 vintage ships. I've shot down 20 planes in a game with Kaiser, 18 with Orion. With T3 ships against two T4 CV's, it can get tricky. Though frankly I can't remember suffering too badly. Those slow, auto-drop torps tend to be really easy to dodge. One neat trick you can try these days is get two buddies with Katoris and set up a T3 division. We did this a couple times and the AA bubble is vicious for those T3-4 CV planes.