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  1. Ultimate frontier ruined

    The problem with this operation is, it gives very little leeway if you don't know exactly where you need to go, and when. Today I had a couple guys head centre-south into the first DD's, and they of course die when the larger numbers of ships start to spawn there. We don't go there because we know this -- they don't know this, and they will die with near-certainty. I'm not even blaming the players -- in this operation you need to know a lot of stuff that's not obvious from the presentation. It's a good operation, but not at all suited for a random team.
  2. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    Almost pulled the trigger on Ashitaka, but a division mate of mine, more versed with IJN BB, quickly talked me out of it. Might get the Mutsu if they put her out at -50%.
  3. Junior Seaman 3rd Class Igor launches a carrier pigeon, with 12 km ship detection for 45 seconds.
  4. My 19-point build is does use CE also. No fire prevention, which of course is suboptimal. But it's strictly a "fun" boat for me, so I run BFT+AFT+ManSec for maximum derpitude. It's my only dedicated secondary build, so the secondary volume and range must be maximised. I appear to have a 67% win rate in that thing, so I don't feel too guilty.
  5. I'd pay 5 EUR for her as a Tier2 Premium. Give her a speed bost which makes all the sails go up. We all know she wouldn't be worse than Mikasa.
  6. Shower thought -- the effective cost of a secondary build is heavily affected by the CV meta. My "secondary build" on the Bismarck is Preventive Maintenance + BFT + AFT + Manual Secondaries, for a total of 12 captain points, plus Secondary Battery Modification 2. BFT + AFT also heavily buff the AA. If, with the coming CV rework, we enter a meta of CV's being common in T7-10, the effective cost of a secondary build goes down to 5 captain points and the secondary mod. And that's not too much at all.
  7. It's a bit of a conundrum with the Latin American ships. Apart from the Falklands, they don't really have ships that fought in an actual war. But with the way Latin America was until quite recently, there's a lot of unfortunate history within most countries. And if you offer the Boise as an alternative, with an actual WW2 service record, and able to be used as a US trainer -- I figure very few people will buy the Argentine ship. But I guess it costs WG next to nothing to offer the ship under another flag, so maybe it doesn't matter. If the game was set in the Ironclad Era, we'd be lining up to buy our Huáscars and Almirante Cochranes, and relive the War of the Pacific.
  8. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    I guess if you read those listings, it looks like many bad things. But the Warspite is stellar with some of the most important stuff. While it's slowish, it's not US standard-type slow, and it turns well. In practice the handling and mobility is really comfortable. The guns are supremely reliable. Good punch, good accuracy. It's an incredibly comfortable BB to play. If I could only have one BB in the entire game, I'd pick the Warspite.
  9. I've also grinded (ground?) every possible mission to get the crates, no luck. I'm mildly butthurt, the Monaghan looks like a fun ship.
  10. This is veering off-topic, but to me T5 is mid-tier already. I play all tiers 3-10 quite a bit, and there are two clear transitions in gameplay in this game. T2-4 has somewhat limited ship types, WW1 flavour with slow ships. T5 brings a huge change. You suddenly face T7 ships, including fully functional carriers, and the first big fleet carriers. You face radar. So this is where "mid tiers" start for me. T8 is the second big transition in terms of who you play with. This is obviously "high tier" because you largely play against T10's anyway.
  11. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    I got 24/26, missed a couple due to a work trip. I've been mildly surprised by the small number of Indianapolises in games right now. I'd curious to know how large a percentage of "regular" players got the ship. My hunch is it is surprisingly small.
  12. I don't see the greed factor. You simply get the option of playing the ship in two different nations. I really appreciate this: I have no use for a Pan-American ship, but could use a USN trainer. If a car is sold in two different colours, you're not expected to buy both.
  13. I might well buy this thing as the USS Boise. Leaving aside the history in Argentine service, the Boise fought in WW2, and that's really all there is to it. Also I really have no use for a premium without a silver tree to use it as a trainer for. A bit like the Perth -- I wonder when, if ever, we're getting an actual tree. I figure I'll be dead of old age before there's a pan American cruiser tree.
  14. Is that a joke!?

    I never played the Iron Duke, but at least the Orion spews a massive volume of secondary fire, but the range is very short. Your mistake was to be so close to him -- you have the speed to dictate the engagement distance, and even that secondary-caliber fire is dangerous to a cruiser. It's equivalent to standing 4 km from a couple light cruisers firing at you -- what do you expect The Indianapolis is a strong ship IMO. The US 200 mm are a massive asset in T7 -- in those T5-T7 games if you aim true, you'll kill lots and lots of CL/CA. On top of that you have 9.9 km radar.