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  1. Very personal question as there're so many other coal sinks. How much do you want or value the expensive coal ships? This'd depend on your tier preferences and availability of other high tier ships. I prefer to have optimal upgrades on all my regularly played ships, which makes the special upgrades a multi-hundred-thousand coal sink... Some of the captains look legitimately good, but personally I don't anticipate using coal for them.
  2. jss78

    GKD to gulag? (Kots)

    The Chinese have a rather different take on playing fair. I work in an academic institution in a western European country. We've had significant problems with new Chinese exchange grad students immediately getting caught cheating in exams. It's unfathomable to them that (A) everyone doesn't do it, (B) they will get in trouble for it, and (C) when caught, they cannot bribe their way out of it. The concept of playing fair and relying only on the same tools used by everyone else is alien to them. Or rather, they do use the same tools, because in China everyone cheats, in all walks of life. It's just a nuisance when the rest of us have to deal with them.
  3. I would assume this is a line we'll actually get at some point, with so much actual "steel" to draw on. I especially like the idea of using the Ise herself in the original BB arrangement, and then use the Hyuga for the BB/CV hybrid.
  4. I do think they listen. Overall the game's in a fine shape as far as I'm concerned, so I don't see the issue in general. Of course they can't do anything with non-actionable requests like "please remove CV's". And in many cases you can clearly tell they've been right to be conservative about reacting to player base requests. There are a number of cases where the player base damned a ship or ship concept as completely unsalvageable -- look at e.g. the P.E. Friedrich or the concept of smokeless French DD's -- which are still doing fine despite the massive melodrama on the forums. So those are a couple points for the mythical spreadsheet guy, I guess. Now the PR disaster -- and especially WG's hilariously awful response AFTER the fact -- showed that especially the higher-ups in Russia really don't understand how you're supposed to treat a paying customer. The local EU community management folks here on the forums, then, are beyond reproach.
  5. Honestly the XP nerf needed to happen. It wasn't very sensible that if you wanted to maximize XP gains/hour, your only option was to play the same operation over and over. (I'll miss my 20k FreeXP games, but it was broken AF.) If the more balanced economy between game modes allows WG to improve or add new operations, that's all the better.
  6. jss78

    Holy s*** the Shchors is (a bit too) good!

    If WG makes me pronounce a name like this, the ship BETTER be good in return.
  7. jss78


    I think this is a ship class best used as AI assets in operations. Like the liberty ships and the Bogue. They don't really scale up the general PvP gameplay. They'd have to be in mid tiers or higher, to not be anachronistic. And then they'd be cannon fodder due to combination of low HP, slow speed, and negligible armour. You could of course throw one in the protected environment of T1.
  8. jss78

    Pan Euro DDs - Visby WTH?

    This is a good point. Leaving aside some Soviet releases -- and some of those are legitimately suspicious -- this game is full of ships which the forums/reddit went completely apesh*t about upon release. OMG WORST SHIP EVER!!?! which are currently doing ... just fine. Look up how the concept of smokeless French DD's was initially received. Or the Prinz Eitel Friedrich (still among the top T6 BB's statwise). "Mehbotes" are good for the game -- they keep the power creep in check. Fine tune them later if necessary. About the Soviet ships, I wonder what kind of dynamic there is between WG and their domestic player base. I doubt the developers WANT to break the game's balance. But I wonder what kind of pressure they might be under for the Soviet releases to be perceived as sufficiently strong.
  9. jss78

    Show off your set-up!

    You're all posting these bad*ss gaming rigs, so let ol' JSS present something completely different. I've been living overseas for the past 12 months due to a work assignment, and could only take a laptop with me. So I've been playing on a 2015 model ThinkPad E540. Which astonishingly enough, runs Warships perfectly well on "low" and at FullHD resolution.
  10. jss78

    Now bored of Tier 10

    I think the unspoken, huge draw of T10 is that you're always top tier. Let's face it, that's pretty damn nice. I can openly admit that's a reason I play T10 a fair deal though in terms of core gameplay I prefer T7'ish. It's so nice I'd argue it keeps the whole economy of the game going. Buy premium time, buy premium ships, buy everything to grind that T10 a little sooner. Then you can sh*t on the little guy all night long. Good times! There's probably also some mentality that people want to play T10 because 10 is the biggest number. So you enter that imagined, exclusive club on the Internet.
  11. I don't think this has actually changed so much. Ballsy positioning of your hull still equals better DPS. If you look at the guys doing truly monstrous damage in a CV, these are not guys parking in a map corner, but they play somewhere near the limits of their concealment or use island cover. IMO the autopilot + map is still acceptable for hull control (although of course I'd prefer possibility to jump to hull control.
  12. jss78

    Now bored of Tier 10

    I don't hate T10, but if I only had to play one tier, it wouldn't be T10. Probably something like T7 -- out of the kiddie pool and full range of gameplay mechanics in play (radar etc.), but the games are just a bit more dynamic. Also in tiers 5-9 the historical flavour is better, with the teams full of actual WW2 heavy lifters. To me that stuff matters.
  13. jss78

    CA captain skills?

    Fully agree with these ones (with the exception of some mid-tier CA which have fewer critical consumables so can skip superintendent).
  14. That the Russians wouldn't make a clear distinction between vodka and water explains a number of things.
  15. jss78

    UK Battleships

    Yeah, I missed the question about DE -- I agree, most definitely skip. So far as I understand the DE mathematics, because it's a straight percentage-point (not percentage) increase in fire chance, the usefulness directly depends on the number of HE hits you anticipate. The base fire chance actually doesn't seem to make a difference (although it's large on BB's). The number of HE hits equals the number of extra fires you can statistically expect. Each time you hit there's a 2% chance of getting a fire you otherwise wouldn't have got. In other words, take DE on ships where you expect a large a number of HE hits (prototypically a DD gunboat or a light cruiser).