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  1. jss78

    Charles Martell

    Huh, I've always regarded the Martel as monstrously good. It's my favourite T8 cruiser because it's one where I don't really care at all about getting a T10 game. The enemy BB decks get even bigger, and they still can't hit you very well. I tend to play a lot of the time at 15'ish km, where I can fairly reliably evade incoming shells by observing the enemy ship firing. This does go out of your control somewhat if there are multiple enemies firing. But if you do this well, it's near-impossible for an enemy BB to hit you. I've had them try for minutes and finally give up and pick another target. But if you outweigh the enemy it may be optimal to close in aggressively, also. It's not the easiest ship to play. You need to find those places where you can farm a ton of damage, have space to WASD-evade fire, and avoid cross fires. Often this means open water at the flanks of the enemy. You should mount the speed boost upgrade to get that monstrous 4:30 min action time for the consumable.
  2. jss78

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    From the premium ones I bought: Edinburgh, Vanguard. That was the total from about 28 premium containers. From the free ones earned in-game: zero, nada, zip. Edit: I've win exactly one ship (but a great one, Sims) from supercontainers across close to 8000 battles.
  3. jss78

    Your Favourite CV: tier for tier

    This is difficult, because I actually really like the CV rework. And I've felt WG's been pretty successful with making the different national lines distinct and interesting. T4: Hosho (old) -- I dislike the rework CV's at T4. The gameplay is so slow. T6: Ranger (new) -- but I like the Ryujo fine for TB-focused action, and the Furious with the changes currently under testing might become my favourite. T8: Lexington (new) -- but I also really like the Implacable, Saipan, Enteprise, and following the latest hotfix, also the Shokaku. T10: (only tried the Midway)
  4. jss78

    Yubari build?

    Agreed, it really does have good AA. The captain I bring down from higher tiers has AFT, but I don't think that's decisive. We've been occasionally running a shameless head division of 2xYubari and 1x T4 CV. Highly recommended.
  5. jss78

    Yubari build?

    Emphasis mine -- this is not how AFT works following 0.8.0! There is absolutely nothing anymore that changes AA range -- no skills, no upgrades. AFT now increases the damage associated with the flak burst clouds of medium and long-range AA auras. Yubari's long-range AA has a set range of 5.2 km, while she also has a fairly strong 1.9 km short range aura. Really the most potent thing you can do for the Yubari AA is to run SI for a third charge of the DefAA.
  6. jss78

    Japanese Carriers are fairly bad or just me?

    Shokaku received significant buffs in the latest hotfix, and doesn't seem weak at all right now. You get LOTS of TB's and they feel quite strong. (Maybe my division mate @asalonen can chime in here. He seems to be doing extremely well in the Shokaku currently. )
  7. jss78

    Yubari build?

    Your captain is very similar to the Furutaka/Atago/ARP Myoko guy I've run on my Yubari. It's so near optimal, I'd just run with that captain. You have what I'd consider essential skills, PT, DE, CE. You also have some nice-to-haves like SI (extra defAA) and LS (I also run this on Japanese cruisers). The main guns are 1 mm too large to benefit of BFT and AFT, which means there isn't much synergy in getting these to buff the AA. This is why I haven't bothered training a specialized BFT+AFT captain.
  8. jss78

    Exeter's Last Stand. Part 3

    I feel like the whole mission chain isn't even that hard, but it is quite boring. The missions are so specific, I find I'm just grinding coop and ignoring normal objectives to farm whatever it is I need. Like shooting HE with the Vanguard into juicy broadsides from short range, to farm fire damage. I was praying there's no-one who recognized me in the game.
  9. jss78

    Saipan refund - are we being serious?

    She's in a tricky spot for sure. I entered 8.0 with Enterprise, Saipan, and a permacamoed Lexington. Suddenly all at T8. Lexington's basically the gold standard of USN CV's. Enterprise with the AP bombs and perhaps also the historical mystique also feels worth keeping. The Saipan though... That "Mini Midway" shtick is hilarious going against T6's. Against T10's boy do you wish you had brought a Midway instead. I hear they're thinking of solutions to make the T8 CV experience more fun. Maybe i'd wait a bit.
  10. jss78

    What about a premium CV - let's say Ark Royal?

    You could still easily put her in T6, as she's a relatively early fleet carrier, and you can basically choose a plane loadout that's appropriate at T6. Similarly, I'd love to see the USS Saratoga CV-3 as a T6 premium, with an earlier loadout compared to the tech-tree T8 Lexington. Basically a big, mid-30s carrier with tons of biplanes.
  11. jss78

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I know how frustrating loss streaks can be, but there's nothing unusual in the numbers. You only need to go to your 21-day average, with a reasonable sum of 75 games, and things seem normal: PR of 1861 ("great" as per wows-numbers) and a win rate of 57.3% (also "great"). The best I can suggest is go do something else you enjoy, for a while. And no, contrary to forum legends, this will not "make your MM better". The next team you get might be great or horrible -- "probability has no memory" as they say. But doing something else might put you in a better mood. (I went through an epic loss streak of 10 games in one evening when I got my Lion, despite playing quite well in terms of personal stats. I have rarely been so angry. I hated WG, the player base, the Royal Navy, the world, and above else myself.)
  12. jss78

    HMS Furious and her planes

    The way Furious feels to me, it's basically a TB-focused CV -- you use these whenever possible. But the TB's are also backed by two sources of fire, unlike the Ryujo. I only use the "non-dive bombers" when I don't have TB's or rocket planes available. They feel OK in very limited circumstances. The 4x attacks with 1 plane is awkward, and the bomb reticle quite large. I feel I get an OK return against a large, sluggish target with weak enough AA that I can get a few attack runs in. My gut feeling is the Ryujo/Ranger/Furious aren't too far from balanced. I like how different they play. I don't know how the British did it, but at least the Japanese did sometimes paint the flight deck. Here's a famous shot of the Zuiho:
  13. jss78

    Is the WoWs grind too generous

    We should probably ask some new player grinding the first couple lines. Of course we old players stack those camos and signals we have hundreds (or thousands) of, and then get our 20,000 XP per game. I have no idea how difficult it is for the guy doing his first 1000 games. Anyway I don't believe in the whole thinking that players should "earn the right" to play high tiers. Really the grind can be "too easy" if it kills the incentive to buy premium content, that's the whole point of the grind. At least looking at my own, questionably large selection of premium ships and permacamos, WG's designers are doing something right.
  14. jss78

    Sims needs a buff - a big one

    What happened in that game, for a long time two caps out of three, and enemy only had the CV's alive. So Musashi went for the last cap, and I decided the best I can do is try and keep him alive (with enemy CV's still in play). Enemy CV's had nothing else to do really, so they kept coming at us, but our combined AA was barely enough ... and the number of plane kills was just silly. It was a weird outlier of a game -- but that said I find the Sims AA quite often useful.
  15. jss78

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    "You need to be an expert" is closer to the truth. If you look at the stats of top 5% players in T8 CV's, these guys are clearly not struggling. And I guarantee these numbers aren't solely made up of farming in T8 games. I've whined my own share about how miserable it is to play in T8 CV's -- but if I think back, it's really very rare that I end up at below 50k damage in a T10 game. What DOES happen the early games can be really hopeless. But if I play a bit careful, without exception those feasible targets start to emerge. OK you could say "but 50k is crap", but it's not really. It's perfectly fine if these are the games where I'm by definition among the weaker ships, while I might reliably get 100k when top tier (resulting in comfortably above average overall stats in a T8 ship). I think the CV's are doing fine, but it's more a matter of perception. It feels really stupid that so many of your planes just die, die, and die. Regardless of whether you end up with decent damage in the end. I did have a shower thought about maybe making it so that instead of having all the "dead" planes crash into the ocean, some of them would be shown limping back to the CV instead -- too damaged to fight on -- while being placed out of your control just like dead planes. It wouldn't actually give you any planes back, but it'd feel less daunting. You could think "well, that didn't work out, but at least Joe and Charlie there made it out", instead of "WTF LOL all dead again".