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  1. US cruisers in co-op. Can work with Cleveland or with the heavy cruisers. Use that armour of yours (especially Cleveland + Baltimore) to ruthlessly get up close, and then get to work on their sides.
  2. With the NC you just need to get close. Full concealment build, and play right around there. Basically ignore about half of your max range. It's a very strong ship.
  3. From a role-play POV I think this is cool. It'd be nice to have something unique about those guys I've spent so much time with. But I'm a little concerned about any mechanic that gives further advantage to people who've played for a long time. 19-point commanders are already a powerful thing. We'd be helping the players who don't need the help.
  4. This is one of those things ... as far as I'm concerned, if you love the game and can behave like a reasonable adult I'm cool with you, period. These forums -- and that's in any game -- have a nasty tendency of turning into elitist boys' clubs, where the most dedicated fraction of the player base rubs each others' backs. Throw in anonymity and it gets a bit silly, some people are just WAY too happy to be good in a video game. In very specific instances I do care about stats. If I want to know how to play a ship well, I WILL care more about the advice coming from Mr. 65% vs. Mr. 45%. The former simply knows more about the matter. This is how it works in all walks of life, if you have an illness you try to go to the BEST doctor if possible, etc.
  5. I think they're mostly fine, and I mostly play the US line which doesn't have the hide-in-smoke to fall back on. What you live with in cruisers is that you can get insta-killed or near-dead in one salvo. As noted above, you can do a lot to avoid this, but sometimes even the best of us fail, and that can be demoralizing. So the skill floor will always be higher, and I'm not sure how much can be done about this. But still in terms of mean numbers, I don't find them to do poorly. If I WASD well in a Cleveland or a Baltimore, I can make a BB look really impotent. They simply can't hit me, or at least not hit me hard enough, while their HP whittles away. One simple thing I might look at is the concealment rating gap between BB and CL/CA -- is it big enough? You could simply play with the bonuses granted by the concealment expert skill.
  6. To me these always depend a lot on what captain you're bringing. I find Marblehead to be much stronk with a DE+IFHE Cleveland captain. Oleg+Aurora would probably be nice with a Russian DE (+IFHE) captain. Plus these low tier premiums are so cheap you can just get them for historical flavour. Belfast is a great choice no matter what, at tier 7 it brings a unique tool-set, and of course is generally OP.
  7. It's probably the most noob-friendly ship there is, it's incredibly forgiving. However it has its own challenges. Your main gun range is 12 km but their accuracy is horrible. Optimally you'll get BFT+AFT and play quite close, since you have fantastic secondaries. So it has that usual pitfall of brawler BB's, that many people play them far too cautiously. For optimal damage you need to get deceptively close, and then be mindful of torpedoes.
  8. I realise I'm going to hell for this -- but a division of three König Alberts is pretty good fun. Just group up, pick a direction, and go. And demolish everything coming your way. A guy above asked what it offers vs. Nassau -- I find the bigger gun calibre makes it quite a bit more flexible ship. And of course frees up your captain to higher tier German silver ships.
  9. CV games often suck because you're the brunt of much of the whining. People basically expect you to be everywhere. Five seconds later the melodrama starts. Spot that, delete this, fighters there. Please be in 6 different places at the same time -- with 3 squadrons. Can't do that? fu cv noob plz uninstall. Also a lot of guys are passive-aggressive towards their CV from the first minute of the game. It'd be GREAT for the game if the in-game chat was only activated after you've done 100 games in EACH ship class. Would really cut down on ridiculously dumb whining. I agree, but the problem with Lexington is the "balanced" loadout is awful. 1/1/1 is great at ... tier 6. At tier 8, Lexington is pretty much the poster child of what's gone wrong with USN CV's. Ranger and Lexington are so unattractive that I simply stopped at Independence, which gets a reasonable, well-performing balanced loadout. Got Saipan and Enterprise to throw that captain in when I feel like it.
  10. That's also very specifically the difference where, when escorting BB's, the enemy starts to see you first instead of your fat buddies -- the guys who could actually take hits. And that's where playing a CA goes from "challenging" to "incredibly miserable". Case in point, Pensacola before the concealment buff.
  11. I haven't come across a single ship -- in any class -- where I specifically would NOT take CE. I think I have a low/mid tier BB captain somewhere that doesn't have it. It enables you to fight closer, while retaining that all-important ability fade into stealth and disengage, when necessary for survival. And being able to fight closer equals more damage, better ability to contest objectives. With a CV you can stay closer to your team, which gives you protection against planes and DD's, and gives a staight DPS boost as you rotate your attack squadrons quicker. It's just an overarching good thing, the closer you can safely get, the bigger influence you'll have.
  12. This is a fair point. Personally I have zero interest in this line, but it probably took relatively few man hours to put together, and it should sell well in the Asian market. I can see why they did it. I understand the criticism too though. WG kind of attracts it by releasing all of these weird ships while the bulk of Royal Navy is missing from the game. My hypothesis has long been that they're intentionally holding on to some high-profile releases, so they can maintain an interest in the game for longer. If they had long since released the major European/American/Japanese ships, and were now only announcing these Indonesian etc. ships, I think lots of people would be moving on.
  13. Know that feeling when doing an operation -- when you realize you're going to have to do all of it yourself?
  14. I don't mind the FreeXP ships as a concept. To my mind, they're a win-win: It's clear why they make sense for WG. They incentivize players to either (i) play a LOT or (ii) pay €. Either way works out for WG as they get either money or server population. From a player angle, I don't see a problem. You can always pay if you don't want to do the grind. Plus for some people, who absolutely don't have the money for high-tier premium ships, but do have the time to grind, they grant access to a nice ship they otherwise would never get.
  15. Karl von Müller of the Emden.