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  1. As a light-hearted one: Don't shoot, we're Republicans (survive x amount of friendly fire) Link
  2. Aigle Suks

    I find it works just fine on a mid-tier French CA captain. I happened to have a 13-pt guy on Algerie, with EM, LS (because of that dreadful French rudder), DE and CE. Aigle works beautifully as a trainer. I'm not quite sold on IFHE on Aigle, the thing is the AP is also nice, so I think I'll take AP + HE with max fire chance.
  3. Aigle Suks

    La Petite Baguette feels quite a lot like the Okhotnik. Stiff guns, but stronk broadside. Ludicrous torp broadside, but most of the time not practical due to short range. Kinda long and doesn't turn too well. But not as long as the Okhotnik, because in that there can be only one. As a cruiser main I think I'll learn to like it, just like the Okhotnik. Play like a low-concealment, really fast cruiser. For sure it's not as good at T6 as Okhotnik is at T5, but that's probably a good thing.
  4. I appreciate the communication from WG. As far as fixing the issue, no rush WG. Take your time! Also I have a feeling the team in question has been doing a great job, and might deserve a nice, long holiday in Tahiti.
  5. German premium ships candidates

    There's a plethora of potential, super cool low-mid-tier ships from the imperial era. I'd play the living hell out of those battlecruisers. I also liked the suggestion (spotted on reddit) of Bayern's sister ship in authentic WW1 spec. Like König Albert is to Kaiser.
  6. I don't think they should fix it. IMO BB's never needed those invulnerable citadels, they ALREADY had a sufficient tankiness advantage. But I believe WG when they said it wasn't intentional. And I fear they will fix it, because it goes squarely against the long-obvious design paradigm to make BB's the fit-for-novices class, while cruisers are acceptable collateral damage so long as BB's are REALLY EASY to play. Who knows, from a business angle they're probably right. The simple truth is the experienced/elite players don't keep the lights on at WG. Joe Average is probably most interested in BB's, and they need to be fun for him to play.
  7. I think some people mistakenly think he's calling for a full-blown revamp of the reward system, which would obviously be difficult to implement. The way I understand Flamu, his issue is with the achievement system, and how that only rewards damage. So you'd only have to add some things to the achievement system like spotting/capping/smoking allies/tanking. Also a greater granularity to the AA achievement system, instead of having the crazy Clear Skies. Everything that's currently in the game might stay, but some stuff gets added. The thing here is, while damage is of course important, typically the guy doing the damage isn't really doing it on his own. Is someone spotting for him? Is someone keeping planes off him? Is someone smoking and concealing him? People who can't see stuff don't do damage, neither do dead people. The current system rewards people like that Belfast sitting at 12-15 km, blind as a bat, but able to farm damage because others are out there spotting targets for him and taking enemy fire. And that's just plain wrong.
  8. I think Flamu's suggestion is great, without any reservations. There are undeniably useful non-damage-dealing actions in this game. Let the player know he's doing a good thing. Let his TEAMMATES also know that their "useless CV" just spotted the last three ships you killed, etc. No-one's being FORCED to do anything, so there's really no downside,but helpful actions get acknowledged better. Flamu doesn't mention it but he's maybe in part inspired by Warplanes' plane-type-specific role-play achievements. Basically each class has three things that are rewarded, with five tiers for each. It's a good system which Flamu was really enthusiastic about in his review of v2.0.
  9. the dreaded event

    For that destroy-modules thing, I have one word for you: Nelson. I've destroyed 20 AA guns with one salvo...
  10. new game mode: Allies vs. Axis

    WoWP tried this some time ago. It was a total dumpster fire. Basically the problem is, balancing becomes critical. If one side is favoured in the meta, more and more people will flock to that side. This will lead to massive imbalance in the queues. In WoWP the MM is allowed to fill the ranks with bots even in Random queue, and Allies ended up shooting all bots, because it the end no-one would agree to play Axis.
  11. "Retarded"

    Alas, it's a simple generational difference. Those who spent their formative years outside the Internet develop a simple instict: behave like a [edited], and you'll get a bloody nose. A lot of the younger people are "smart" enough to know that "hey it's the Internet". Nowdays if you try to suggest maybe we should treat others with respect, all you'll get back is a bunch of rationalization and alt-right buzzwords (already going on strong on this thread).
  12. Fair enough, many seals were clubbed to bring you this message. My personal failings aside, my point is I know the competition of the Orion like the back of my hand. When I first played the Orion I couldn't believe what WG had done. Kaiser was already sh*tting on Myogi and Wyoming left, right and centre. So what do you do -- bring in a ship that does the same to Kaiser.
  13. It's the most braindead ship I've come across in this game. 79% win rate and 7.2 K/D after 100+ games. Balans stronk, tovarish. Now of course it's going to be easy for an experienced player at Tier IV, but it just FEELS wrong. I spent 250+ games in the Kaiser, and it was always a very strong ship for that tier, but the Orion just disarms it with ease.
  14. Does the system keep *edited* previous offenses? I'm wondering because I do get a little salty once in a while, especially at people who whine or hurl insults at their team mates. And I do get reported, though my overall karma is positive. However I've NEVER across 5000+ games received a chat ban. So the system is not feeling very sensitive to me.
  15. Still unsure about captain skills.

    It's a nice skill. It's very straightforward, a DPS boost. For that first two-point pick it's Adrenaline Rush, Expert Marksman (unique captains with buffed EM, various ships with totally painful traverse), or Last Stand (DD's, French cruiser guy). I don't have room for AR on my 19-point Carrier guy. I especially love AR on my 19-point "zombie" battleship guys. They take Superintendent + High Alert + Jack of All Trades to be able to heal a lot. Tank in front lines for much of the game and those AR benefits keep racking up.