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  1. jss78

    Chat ban - seems pretty ridiculous

    I feel like the system really isn't too sensitive. There've been a few nights when I really could've used a chat ban. Would've been richly deserved. So far I've never got one. Edit: yeah, like @eliastion above notes, I think the system keeps a sh*tlist of some sort. I normally behave civil and do nothing worse than lots of dad jokes. So when I have that occasional really awful night, however much my Karma tanks, I never get a chat ban.
  2. jss78

    New life for Tier 2 to Tier 4 Premium ships

    I'm a little concerned about extending grinding of daily missions in Randoms below T5, due to the attractiveness of going to seal club in the protected MM environment. I think a WW1 themed operation for something like T3 or T4 would be fantastic.
  3. jss78

    should battlecruisers be added to the UK tree

    Yeah I figure they'd be a BB side tree, in terms of in-game classification, as this has been the case with all the battlecruisers already in the game. They absolutely should be added -- they're quite fun and distinct ship to play. A nagging issue might be WG's apparently aversion to partial side trees. Battlecruisers were largely a WW1 thing, so you'd most naturally return to the main tree after something like T7 or 8. Maybe we can find some napkin drawings.
  4. They recognize you for the scholar and gentleman that you are, for playing one of the most beautiful, perfect cruisers in the game. And then they prioritize killing you, just as they should.
  5. jss78

    Some personal thoughts

    I'll touch upon a few points in your long post. I feel like a lot of frustration in battleships comes down to situational awareness. If everyone is targetting you, can you get back in concealment if you cease firing? Why not? It's not always easy. You DO need to close to ~mid range to hit reliably with your guns. Yet you should always have a way out = movement vector to take you quickly within concealment, or island to brake LOS. With Musashi the magic zone is somewhere around 13-15 km (assuming full stealth build). You guns WILL feel accurate from this range, but you still have a way out. This optimal engagement envelope can be quite narrow, unless you decide it's time to go "all in" and not worry about being able to disengage. I've come to regard truly successful play in BB's as a fairly tricky thing. It's certainly harder than playing one of those cruisers that reliably hits with HE from 15+ km. Between being able to disengage, good angling in all situations, and being mathematical about hitting "R" (never at first fire, possibly not at second), you'll find your survival rate go up. You ask what Fire Prevention does if you still get 2-3 fires. Your question contains the answer -- it prevents the fourth fire. Luck though is one of those things "good" players always mysteriously have more of. Even the best player can't swing every game, but you persistently do smart things, 1-2 games in 10 you can make a difference in. And that's what separates the 60% and 40% guys. You say you had more fun in lower tiers. Why not play there? I feel like too many people play top tiers out of principle. About those ship characteristics/penetration mechanics etc. It's helpful to have an encyclopedic knowledge of this, but I'd argue it's not really needed. I do NOT know that stuff, and I have the stats of someone who'd be called "good" in this game. I do NOT remember what the magic overmatch multiplier is, or whose deck I can penetrate and whose I can't. I still work based on a sort of a gut feeling and guesstimation. Something like: qualitatively estimate based on experience how "tough" the opponent is from this angle --> can I go into his citadel, if yes then try, otherwise --> can I go into softer, upper parts with AP, if yes then try, otherwise --> use HE. It works quite well.
  6. jss78

    What to spend my 10th British Destroyer point on

    I'd take concealment expert -- in general I'd always, always take it unless it's an ultra-specialized long-range build. Even if you're largely a gunboat (I have no experience with high-tier RN DD's), you still have a concealment advantage over most of your team mates. As such you'll still be relied on for spotting and capping. And doing these, CE gives you much more freedom to operate.
  7. jss78

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Yeah, you really are a priority target the moment you leave that hard cover. The reason I really loved old T6 Cleveland is you could actually take it to open sea and do well. You could take just enough hit, in that MM, to go out there -- but you really had to work on angling. I learned all I know about WASD hax in that ship. You could also use island cover -- but it was more like an option, not all you did.
  8. jss78

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    I do not like the high-tier USN CL's. Not saying they're bad -- I think they're not -- but in terms of tactics and gameplay they're the most one-dimensional and uninteresting cruiser line in the game. Other cruiser lines gives you some variety in gameplay, be it torps, open-water gameplay or powerful AP. With USN CL you go behind an island, stuff a finger up your backside, and lean on LMB. This is boring to play, and boring to play against. Old T6 Cleveland is my most played ship ever. This new subline, meh. It did nothing to enrich the game.
  9. jss78

    Lonely BB player looking for fun, lets hook up?

    Yeah, takes me back to the 1990s on IRC. The first time I was asked that, I thought he/she's asking if I play Advanced Squad Leader. I enhusiastically said yes I do play. I was pretty oblivious.
  10. jss78

    How many selected you as target?

    I do have a picture. I got the Belfast relatively early in my WoWS career, and it was the first time I had radar. Back then I'd mostly be top tier, and radar ships weren't as common anyway, and actually really rarely faced enemy radar. So I was pretty oblivious about the dangers of getting radared myself. Then one game, I go into a cap, smoke up, feeling like a champion, capping that thing like a boss. Until an enemy Baltimore shows up: I felt pretty stupid afterwards, but a lesson was learned.
  11. Maybe too serious answer, but I'd pick some ship which offers maximal diversity in gameplay. Maybe one of the buffed IJN cruisers with those powerful 10 km torps, like Furutaka or Myoko (since Atago is off limits).
  12. jss78

    atago b. keep or sell?

    Keep it, if anything in case the MM changes. It's a WONDERFUL ship. One of the all-time most loved premium cruisers in the game. It's a hell of a thing to get for free. There's currently no operation it qualifies for.
  13. jss78


    Not bad enough. There're still 2 Bogatyr class and one Pallada class protected cruisers that could be added as premiums. Surely these are a higher priority.
  14. jss78

    Look into the mind of a team killer

    Sync-dropping (at least that's what we called it in Mechwarrior) I believe is explicitly allowed. I see it quite often, even three divisions from the same clan in a game. I have never observed them trying to throw the game. I believe usually the motivation is innocent -- a group of friends, larger than three, wants to play casually together. Personally, I think intentional sync-dropping is a liiiiiitle bit lame, because it is gaming the system, though as said usually no-one is really hurt. But then I do other, lame things myself.
  15. jss78

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    A couple games in the "worst DD in the game". WG plz buff. It helped that my division mate @asalonen was performing strongly in his new Cossack. We find Le Terrible to be absolutely brilliant when teamed with a low-concealment DD. (But we also find Le Terrible to be quite strong on her own merits.)