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  1. jss78

    ISE in da shop

    I'd agree she's a ship that's not the easiest to play well. You need the basic CV skills (and it's ultimately not THAT trivial), but also combine that with a useful positioning and use of the hull, and the target prioritization considerations get quite complex. I think she's a super interesting ship to play, with all the options you get. That said, I've spent the last couple evenings playing with a CV super-unicum from one of the big EU clans, and I think the potential power of a well-coordinated division with 2 Ises (+ CV/DD perhaps) on voice comms could be a real problem. And that said, I don't think we'll see many of these divisions. Just like CV's -- she's a potentially powerful ship, yet most people fail to untap that potential. As far as hitting DD's, we lost a ton of karma in this game. It's like RTS CV days come back.
  2. jss78

    Community Contributor NoZoupForYou

    I don't see this as a good example of "cancel culture". Guy is free to talk all he wants. But while I'm not a SJW in the slightest, would *I* want to associate my company with this guy, while the world's fighting a pandemic? F*ck no.
  3. I was hoping this thread had some actual news about the ship finally coming out. Instead of the old news about being in testing.
  4. jss78

    Whos idea was this

    It's not bad wording. That the sum needs to be 12 is the only way to read that. Otherwise it'd be "12 incapacitations or 12 kills". Overall it seems perfectly fair -- it's hard but possible, and it doesn't need to be done anyway: it's merely a way to sidestep the longer grind of 40 incapacitations or kills over ANY number of games.
  5. Base defence in a Katori:
  6. jss78

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    Good-average. It's a given there was a hidden agenda of moving the "grind horizon" for players further. This might be a super-unpopular opinion, but I think the game kinda needed this. For a long-term player I don't have a huge number of matches played, and I had almost 30 captains -- all I played anyway -- at max skills (19). That feeling that there's nothing left to do is not great for player retention. The total XP cost of 21 points is good IMO .-- hard work, but achievable (unlike e.g. in Tanks/Warplanes). I think overall the skill set and their assigned point costs are considerably better than before. More interesting build options, fewer "must take this" and "never take this" skills. As a long-term player I love that I can use a captain for premium ships of different classes. For example I'm loaded with Japanese premiums, and can now use Yamamoto on 20+ premium ships, without needing e.g. a dedicated Japanese DD captain for a Shinomone which I got from a campaign.
  7. jss78

    Why play in the weekend?

    I've had all my longest win streaks on weekends. If the team quality goes down on weekend -- I'm not sure it does but let's accept for the sake of argument -- logic dictates that it's easier for the competent player to carry.
  8. jss78

    Is It Too Late For Strasbourg for me?

    This is precisely what I did for the Stage 4 to unlock the final task. Set up a few fun DD's in port. Then just spam coop -- the games go very fast, play effective in caps and you're near-always in Top 5, and damage and spotting damage comes at a healthy pace. Carefree and aggressive play with DD's is even pretty fun, as far as coop goes.
  9. jss78


    She's a premium ship, so I presume near-everyone will be running her with a captain trained for another ship. I'm personally running her with a generic 19-pointer cruiser captain trained for T10 A. Nevsky.
  10. jss78


    I haven't looked into how the captain rework factors into a ship like this. But overall it's a case where she's a one-trick pony, but that trick is REALLY good. The guns are godlike for T6. IMO she's for more experienced cruiser players who can capitalize on the guns while having sufficient tactical acumen to not get dev-struck early (or not too often anyway).
  11. Incidentally, I'm also a long-time MWO player, and was thinking of that game specifically. There was a similar situation with World of Warplanes back when they released the version 2.0. Huge sales for about a year, planes continuously at -50, -70 or even -90% -- it's incredible the hangar of premium planes I acquired for next to no money. (Now Warplanes is at this weird stage where the sales ended, no-one still plays it, but the game goes on year after year. I'd love to hear an economist's view on THAT game. My running hypothesis is WG has given up hope, but refuses to shut down the servers as a matter of principle.) Meanwhile, Warships seems to me like a Rolex shop. No sales. Occasionally they sell a very special, gold model for an $200. People are outraged -- and surprisingly many buy them.
  12. The best I figure, high pricing indicates the total opposite. Game's doing strong (economically speaking) and no aggressive sales are necessary. I've seen some games which are desperate to retain players, and it tends to mean very aggressive, continuous sales. If I had to guess, WoWS is somewhere around the peak of its life cycle right now, or very slightly past it. I bet we can play the game 3 years from now, and likely 5 years from now.
  13. jss78

    New Tech Tree Lines

    Elephant in the room are the parallel USN and IJN CV lines. The models are there and as well as the stated intent two years ago to bring them back. If not those, I anticipate French CV's at some point. Edit: if they bring in Russian CV's before all of the previous, I'll be legitimately pissed... Apart from CV's, the real low-hanging fruit are German and British BB line splits, bringing in their famous battlecruisers.
  14. jss78

    So, i have the coal

    Yoshino seems ... divisive. I really like her, and so do many others. I think if you like the Zao you're safe buying her.
  15. jss78

    Prussia Commemorative Flag

    (Belgian countryside, 1916) "Ach Hans und Rudi, hast anyone seen mein helmet? Ach there it is sehr gu...SCHEIIIIIISSS"