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  1. jss78

    Shinano or Yashima

    I dunno. I can see the attraction of a purely historical game. But I still lean on the side that since we're reliving the WW1/WW2 era in endless iterations, it'd be a missed opportunity to not do a bit of "what if". If there's a halfway credible alternative-history scenario where a given ship would've come into service, I'm interested in exploring that. What if WW1 had gone on for a year longer and the Mackensens had been completed (--> Prinz Eitel Friedrich)? And so forth -- interesting stuff.
  2. jss78

    Shinano or Yashima

    This is a clear case where I'd like to have both. I have zero problem with paper ships in the game. With the possible exception of an entire tech tree line where the steel-to-paper ratio is dubiously low (looking at you Soviet BB's). But out of all paper ships, the Super Yamato's are arguably the most famous of all. Shinano's of course one of the most glaring omissions in the premium ship lineup at this point.
  3. I've long thought the "there'll never be bigger guns than Yamato's" was an odd promise to make. When this game gets to late life cycle stage, you'll want to leverage whatever interesting real-world or planned ships. Virtually all historically interesting ship lines are now in the game. And when you had to put Yamatos and such in the initial tech trees, the Super-Yamatos (which this isn't) or equivalently armed ships are literally one of the biggest assets you have remaining. Had I made that promise, I would've broken it too. And told that sorry, but we just changed the plan.
  4. jss78

    Why do CVs have only tier 4,6,8 and 10?

    I believe the original argumentation was to provide a sufficient feel of progression in the tree. Normally, when you go down the tree and get your new ship, you expect some new, exciting capability in the next tier's ship. The problem with the reworked CV's is, you're largely only playing that single plane squadron on your screen. So if we had seven carriers at T4-T10, all you'd get as a "reward" is some relatively minute change in plane characteristics. I'd be a bit of a letdown, say, if you do your hard work to get from T6 to T7, and you're still flying the exact same Kate TB in your new Hiryu. Now you actually get into late-war/prototype stuff in the Shokaku. In the RTS CV it was different, because you got major changes in the flight group setup etc. on top of the individual planes' characteristics, so each CV was quite distinctive. I understand the argument, but I hope they find a way to bring the old T5-T7-T9 back as that new T6-T8-T10 parallel tree, as they said they would.
  5. jss78

    Your favorite captain...

    I am a 40+ year old crotchety, heterosexual, meat-eating man. I officially despise all you weebs, all the stupid stuff you do, and the even stupider stuff you say. However, once in a while ... late at night ... when the wife and child are sound asleep ... and absolutely no-one can see me, I like to bring out my HOT PINK Myoko, together with that strange teddy bear captain that speaks Japanese. Because, so help me God, that sh*t is cute. (pic is old, the teddy bear has many more XP now)
  6. jss78

    Up and At Em, The Beast of T6

    I'm a bit of a fan of the standard types, but I don't enjoy slow ships in coop. For me, that's the place for fast ships and bold, high-risk high-reward maneuvers.
  7. jss78

    best ships at tier 5-6 for co-op?

    Coop is a great place to run some ships which are just a bit risky in Randoms -- those suboptimal but fun ones. Okhotnik is hilarious in coop. You can set up ambushes where you take down 2 BB's at once with your quad-launch torps. It's a nice ship to play in coop and try to shoot for totally ludicrous damage numbers and like 6 kills. I like Mutsu in coop. Because the bots are so over-agressive you can actually use those torps, and also the secondaries (which max out at 6 km but are actually fairly strong in volume). Also the Eitel Friedrich is really fun once you put in that manual-secondary BB captain you might have trained for the Bismarck or the Currywurst.
  8. jss78

    Indomitable in the shop

    Taking the general concept alone, and not the exact damage/fire chance etc. value (which can be tuned later), she seems like a potentially interesting CV. Planes are both very fast and very sturdy, promising some comfortable and action packed CV gameplay. I think she continues the general pattern of WG being quite successful in providing some interesting twists of the new CV gameplay with each premium (again considering the general concepts alone and not the exact parameterizations). There's a nagging practical problem -- she doesn't use all the skills of my 19pt British CV captains (i.e., torpedo acceleration). But admittedly that's only 2 points out of 19, so not REALLY a deal breaker. Had WG handled the PR disaster better, I'd consider getting her.
  9. jss78

    BB's That Shoot Only HE... Noobs or Clever Pyromancers

    ...and that's exactly the reason why you'd rather want to play at ~13-15 km'ish. Basic geometry guarantees you those nice juicy broadside views of cruisers, and you're still able to get in concealment. Even your HE salvos hit better and do more damage from 15 km.
  10. jss78

    Low Tier Ships - Whats your favourite ?

    My Hosho with a 19 pt captain. I used to enjoy Tier III and IV German, WW1 era BB's a lot. Very robust, strong secondaries for those tiers. I'm these days too scared to play them. Ahh the good old days. Here are my stats in the König Albert, likely never to be played again.
  11. jss78

    BB's That Shoot Only HE... Noobs or Clever Pyromancers

    People overdo it. Slinging HE from max range can be useful tool in your arsenal, especially if facing something like a harder-punching BB in a locally 1-vs-1 situation. However, if I think of a ship like my Conqueror, I have 3 assets I can give to my team. I'm able to take a hit (compared to most other ships on my team) AP which can reliably punch through thick armour (again, compared to most other ships on my team) Strong HE By sitting back at 20 km I'm denying my team 2 assets out of 3. So far as I understand tactics in this game, the optimal formation is usually a relatively tight one (barring capping considerations). Generally speaking, DD's closest, followed by low-concealment radar cruisers, then BB's, and finally radar-less fire support cruisers at the back. Everyone should, as a rule, be far enough to be able to get back in concealment if necessary, but not further back than that. The guy who should be sitting back slinging HE is that Charles Martel who, like you, does it very well, but unlike you, cannot endure many hits.
  12. jss78

    how many € you spent on mega santa gifts?

    Zero EUR, which also equals the amount of money I'll spend next year. Used to spend lots, but that's over with the PR event, and even more importantly, WG's very telling non-response to the player base's legitimate complaints. The PR event was a calculated, meticulous scam directed at you, their paying customer. That WG fails to even properly apologize should tell you all you need to know. I urge everyone to reconsider supporting them financially.
  13. jss78

    Question to DD drivers - friendly fire

    "Never fire from second line" is a good rule of thumb, but following that mechanically will result in missed opportunities and ultimately hurt your team. If a friendly ship is in front of you but heading out of your torps' way at a 90-degree angle at full steam, depending on the exact geometry of the situation you could be fine launching your torps. The friendly ship doesn't turn on a dime, and you shouldn't miss an opportunity to launch a spread into an unsuspecting BB's side. Sometimes it's "reasonably" obvious what the friendly ships are doing, again depending on the exact nature of the situation. If I guesstimate that it's about three-sigma safe, I WILL launch my torps from behind you. So... be careful but use your best judgement. Sometimes mistakes will happen, but try to make it so it's less (preferably much less) than 1 game in 100. And when necessary, apologize (goes a long way at least with me).
  14. That's really a righteous half-truth as far as I'm concerned. I AM happier than ever about most aspects of the game. The core game is GREAT. Art is wonderful. The EU community engagement people (Conway, Crysantos, etc.) are certainly some of the finest I've seen in any game. There's just that all-important "but" -- the way they treat their paying customers like total dogsh*t. The scammy, predatory and intentionally obfuscated communication towards the people ultimately paying their salaries. And even after called out on it, they respond with more and more spin and lies. This is second-rate, third-world bullsh*t, and I am sorry but unless something fundamentally changes with the way WG approaches their customers, I am done.
  15. jss78

    Ship for Doubloons

    I got the Krasny Krim because my two of my division mates already got her. So we can make a 3x Krasny Krym division. We got the drunk part under control.