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  1. jss78

    New USA Battleships announced!

    At 23 knots, these are basically to high tiers what the standard types are to mid-tiers. I understand these from a game design perspective, as they bring something genuinely new. (Though not something I'd personally opt to play.) I am curious about the historical origins. Are these indeed Tillmans?
  2. I'd invest all my money in the popcorn industry, and then announce TWO parallel lines of Soviet CV's.
  3. Fair point -- although that'd mess with my OCD.
  4. This really doesn't address the biggest problem of all, which is that CV's shouldn't exist at all in T4. I'd like to see the removed CV's back (although WG's stated intent is to have them as a parallel trees of second sets of T6-T8-T10). I do however agree a good alternative would put the current T4's at T5's (with nothing at T4, and T3 ships guaranteed to not face CV's). You could then throw in something at T7 and T9 and complete the T5-->T10 trees. There's one nagging issue -- what's really nice about the four-CV trees is it allows you to put "minor nations" in. Like Germany -- anyone really want to come up with even more CV's for them? Also you could just about do a French CV tree of four ships.
  5. jss78

    Looking to buy another premium ship

    I would also recommend Massachusetts. I would not run a full secondary build, because the (hidden-stat) secondary accuracy is so good you can manage without. I only run the secondary module to buff accuracy and range, and AFT to further buff range. Otherwise I put in Fire prevention, Concealment Expert and Superintendent. So a hybrid secondaries-tank-concealment build. The fact that you get lots of secondary hits without sacrificing concealment and tankiness is why Massachusetts is such a perfect BB.
  6. jss78

    when will we see ijn ise bb

    Tone and Ise are really quite different beasts as far as gameplay implications are concerned. I know people have these enthusiastic expectations, but the Tones only carried half a dozen scout planes. This is nothing new -- about same aviation capabilities as the Yamatos. Reasonably she'd be a heavy cruiser mostly distinguished by the turret layout, perhaps with a buffed spotter plane (or able to equip fighter and spotter at the same time?). The Ises were actually meant to operate a bomber squadron.
  7. jss78

    Newport MM

    We've had good luck running a division with 2x Dunkerque and a CV. The Dunkerques deploy on the perimeter and bring the muscle, while having the speed to shift sides rapidly. A decent CV pounds in a solid 150-200k damage which is always helpful. I see little merit in venturing outside the perimeter. Maybe a torp boat DD who really knows what she's doing. Usually it's a Graf Spee who's probably read about the historical counterpart's raiding exploits, and proceeds to die quickly. Even a full random team tends to win Newport easily on two simple conditions: - They form a well positioned defensive perimeter - They seem aware that the map has heal zones.
  8. jss78

    WoWs, WH40k and Khorne.

    As a glass-half-full kinda guy -- hey, at least it's not anime. I also wonder why it always has to be Khorne. I guess Nurgle is just too disgusting, Tzeentch too weird, and anything connected to Slaanesh while definitely alluring would mess with the game's age group rating.
  9. jss78

    ASW helicopters in game

    It's a bit more than Soviets that get into the 1950s ... notably not the original USN and IJN trees but all the rest to varying degrees. French BB's T8+ are in essence what they did or might've had in service in the 50s. Colbert even later. Pan-Euro DD's same. UK Audacious has her Suez crisis era planes. And T10 Goliath looks 50s to me, complete with a helipad. The "this is a WW2 game" really ended when they started to shoehorn in other countries to compete with the USN and IJN top tier stuff. And each new tree is likely to continue the trend.
  10. jss78

    ASW helicopters in game

    This is true -- and I keep telling that the Königsberg's sister Köln, with that helicopter, would make a really cool mid-tier premium. But the game doesn't really end with the 1940s does it -- especially T10 has one foot firmly in the 1950s, and a number of the ships have modelled helipads (and others could reasonably have them added, similar to how some mid-tier BB's received their catapults in a later patch). The real, consistent end of WoWS's temporal arc is at the introduction of guided missiles.
  11. Main battery dispersion is one of those things like concealment -- it's so universally useful that you generally always take it, even if the percentage is small. It's a case of nice-to-haves vs. core-level game changers. Putting those heavy shells into citadel vs. not hitting -- the success rate expected when doing the most basic and most important thing in the game, shooting at the enemy. Compared to something situational or something you can potentially play around. On the Pensacola, I run the John Doe captain with the buffed expert marksman skill and the Aiming Systems Mod 1.
  12. jss78

    Premium ships and Special Ships !!

    I also think the above is correct. I believe there underlying purpose here is, the T10 "special" ships were only ever exchanged for resources, not sold for money. Therefore they're not exempt from nerfs if they're needed. Note that that this is very important for WG, because T10 is the flagship competitive environment for this game, hence it needs to be free for balancing. So it's a compromise which retains T10 as a viable competitive environment, while giving us attractive T10 ships to grind for, which come with all the premium ship benefits relevant for the average player. While many T9's like Alaska, Musashi, Jean Bart etc. are/were exchanged for resources, they were also sold for money. Hence they're "premiums" and will be removed from sales rather than tuned for balance.
  13. Great suggestions, with a rich background in history. I'd expect these in the game sometime between the second Soviet CV line and the sun going nova.
  14. jss78

    Can you recommend me a T8 premium ship?

    Le Terrible is good fun in coop. Incredible speed, and you can play ultra-aggressive against the bots while not worrying about your entire team reporting you. Massachusetts is an incredibly fun brawler BB. Also good and fun to play in Randoms.
  15. I think overall you just shouldn't worry about karma. That said, if you're perma-stuck at zero karma, I'm convinced you're doing something wrong. I have a strong positive karma and that's DESPITE playing CV's and occasionally getting salty in chat. If the overarching picture was one of petty reports, this wouldn't be possible.