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  1. talpadragos

    Ranked Battles: Eleventh Season - Discussion Thread

    I like this season of ranked so far. First, its pace is faster. 6 vs 6 forces players to team up and that happens often. And thats a good thing. Less yolo push, less "everyone for himself" like in randoms. Of course there are still bad players with no regards for this but hey, every game has its share.. About that arms race thing, it seems if i ignore it, buffs just accumulate without paying much attention, u just need to survive the first 3-5 minutes without doing potato mistakes. Ships.. few cruisers, many bb`s and dd`s. I dont have Missouri, but i think Musashi is the best, followed by JB. As a cruiser player, Ibuki, Neptune or Donskoi... just no, huge citadels. Buffalo or Seatle. Kron is just a big disappointment, unreliable guns. DD`s: Black (dont have it), Kitakaze debatable (u rely heavily on team, killed too many) but yes, Jutland yes, Panasia yes but only deep water torps, Fletcher yes, Yugumo almost yes, no way russian dd. For me, z46 worked best so far (hydro and smoke). Most important, use the ship that suits your playstyle. If i suck in kitakaze for example, someone may have the best games in it. Just my thoughts. Have a nice day and dont forget "its just a game".
  2. talpadragos

    Tier 10 ship to get

    Moskva, Hindy or Republique from your list, dependind of your play style. Moskva is boring , Hindy has strong armor and torps, Republique has very good guns. I`m in love with Des Moines at tier 10, very balanced, it has it all, armor, fast guns, hydro and radar, concealment.
  3. talpadragos

    Bug.. Bugs everywhere

    No more manual targeting. Just sector choice with O or ~
  4. talpadragos

    Game freezes

    Second time, even better. Now the game froze in coop 30 sec than my ship was spinning. Spinning !!! Even bots were amaized. They shot 10 torps at me but i was going around so fast ... the best dodge i ever pulled. This is the best patch ever !!!
  5. talpadragos

    Game freezes

    Game frozed like that in operation narai. I heard how i died, the others shooting so on, so on. Had to exit the op and back to port. Then got stuck into container screen. Nice. Had to close the game. I`m sure some WG "expert" will tell me its the computer but.. it`s not. Should i borrow you a hammer for a fast russian style game optimisation ?
  6. talpadragos

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    Warning for swearing. "Mother truckers" maybe implies a swear but it is not. Dear WG employes, beyond this nice CCCP censorship, i wish u could respond to complaints as fast as to ... this. But nooo, its not in the russian style. I`m not going to take that ... (oh , almost sweared) insignificant "compensation" and i dont get why so many boot lickers thank you for it.
  7. talpadragos

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    As expected. *edited*
  8. Too many idiots in operations lately. Tried narai 15 times, 14 fails and one with just 1 star. 2 ships chasing transports and failing, 3 chasing cv, fleet shred. Players with no idea how to play, suicidal, deaf and dumb. Chat is just to say "good luck", advices not needed, strategies about who goes where not existent. At least in raptor rescue 2 good players can carry the the team but here is not possible. Waste of time and flags with some potaoes.. very frustrating.
  9. talpadragos

    Servers Down?

    I do expect compensations. Special flags, a SC or 1k doubloons will do. Keep the "one premium day" for your programmers and PR employees.
  10. talpadragos

    Super Container

    2 days ago, from resources. 50 prison camos (blue and white stripes, gives you +100 exp and +20 credits). No ship ever.
  11. talpadragos

    Ship for around 6400 dublons?

    De Grasse is a good choice as cruiser. Nothing special but all around good ship, no extra specialisation required. And can be used as a trainer for french captains, a branch which is developed in tech tree. Can also try Leningrad or Sims.
  12. talpadragos

    Major fps problems...18 - 20 fps in brawls

    Same probem. PC has i5-7400, rx470 8GB, 16Gb ram 2400MHz, SSD Samsung EVO. Not having problems with other games. I am an it guy, i think the pc is quite ok, optimization was never a problem, temps are all just fine. The game eats a lot of resources even when sitting in port.
  13. talpadragos

    So long and thanks for all the fish !

    Unfortunately, Boucer has a point and more over, he is entitled to a opinion. A forum is a place where people can (and should) express their thoughts. Now, even in coop you can lose because of so many new (or not so new) players with no experience but with powerfull ships. They charge, they die, then start arguing and complaining and reporting. I also did take a break of 6 months from this game some time ago and it felt good. So, Bouncer, i feel you. All the best and good luck.
  14. Same here. Worked just fine. Thanks. Port slot and 950 dubloons. Why not ?