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  1. talpadragos

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    2 sc, one yesterday with 100 victor lima, one today with molotov (my first ship in a regular SC).
  2. talpadragos

    WoWs v0.9.3 - Changes in the Armory (No more "Smolensk")!

    My only question: will we get some kind of refund for black or flint?
  3. talpadragos

    Weekly Combat Missions: Lunar New Year

    Siliwangi in the 5th container.
  4. talpadragos

    Lunar New Year: Last Chance!

    For my eternal amazement, got Siliwangi in the fifth free container.. A mediocre ship but there is a long time since i got a ship from a free container so, yeah... yuppy.
  5. talpadragos

    Isoroku yamamoto

    On Yamato, of course, man.
  6. talpadragos

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    Hawkins coming in the next bundle. I think its the 7th bundle. Saw 3 Abermale in one game, some are luckier it seems. Anyhow, a free ship is better than nothing, isnt it?
  7. talpadragos

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    0 ships from 5 bundles, of course, how else...
  8. 1 .Goals: Gorizia and some tokens. Did that. Gorizia is bad, not worth it. The new year camos are welcomed. 2. Yes, collected all the snowflakes but with a bad taste in my mouth knowing how is was last year. 3. Yes i did gring Gorizia, earned it by playing. Bad ship. I doubt i`ll play that ship ever again. 4. PR subject... oh, boy.. After all those lies, no desire to grind PR. 5. The collection was easy to complete, i didnt even notice when i finished it. 6. After grinding the first 4 stages, reached 30 of 36 in dockyard and i got a bunch of flags and other stuff. The most important rewards for me were 4 permanent new year camos. 7. Yes Good poll. After these events, i play less and less and i decided not to buy again premium time or any other ship. For a long time i have the feeling that this awesome game is going in a very wrong direction.
  9. talpadragos

    Narai Op. come in 2020 bugged

    Or maybe there is no reason to farm freexp like that in ops when you can convert with doubloons. More money, more happiness...
  10. talpadragos

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year !! La multi ani !!
  11. talpadragos

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    118. Great idea, thanks. I would like to participate. Kii would be nice.
  12. talpadragos

    I am a new player

    good luck, man
  13. Without buying Gorizia, only grinding through the first 3 stages and 3 free bosters, no gold boosters, im at 27 of 36. I believe this is the limit, perhaps one ore two more steps when i unlock the fourth free boster.
  14. talpadragos

    What to do with the Mighty Jingles commander (poll)

    Now is on Icarus, a ship a never play.. And he will remain there until he learns the ships.
  15. Make some changes in the game, and i mean some good changes after you listen the players, then maybe... make that discount in july and we`ll talk. Now? Nope. Should i tell where to shove your discounts?