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  1. talpadragos

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    Kidd. Not from santa crate but from a recruitment veteran container. Anyhow, its the third day of Chrystmas, so i'll "blame" santa.
  2. talpadragos

    LWM is back with her reviews. Finally!!

    Good for her. Good for us. I`m pleased she came back.
  3. talpadragos

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    I really dont get it. What do you mean? Its free, not complaining, not gonna play it ever but... i hopped for a cruiser or dd.
  4. talpadragos

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    8 mega (big) containers. First was Enterprise.. lol, i dont play cv`s. Next 7... camos and flags, of course.
  5. talpadragos

    Most Iconic Ship of WOWS

    Yamato, of course, from the old days when "this" was a beautiful game and not a casino. And the most important .. its a ship which did exist and was considered the absolute tier 11 in the world of battleships of WW2.
  6. talpadragos

    New Code

  7. talpadragos

    Armada: Brandenburg

    Posted January 1, 1970 ???? No money for licence key? Vodka? Misscommunication?
  8. talpadragos

    Napoli, Yoshino, Marceau: what to get for coal?

    Me: marceau, napoli, yoshino. In that order.
  9. talpadragos

    Birthday Gifts

    Good. good, good, thank you. What you guys dont seem to realise... the article, its about the coupon. Buy something, boys and girls. I guess lots of people decided not to give money anymore to WG. Sorry, that ship has sailed. For your birthday, a joke or two: How was the sailing business going on in the boat? The sails were going through the roof! Why could not the sailors play the game of cards? Because the captain was standing on the deck.
  10. talpadragos

    Distant Voyages Container - Camo Drop Rate.

    Bought the 3 available in armory. Received a camo for Bourgogne. Don`t have the ship. Don`t intend to. Don`t know if its luck or meme.. :)
  11. talpadragos

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    7 days 50 ocean soul 100 zulu hotel 15k coal 100 papa papa 15k coal 14 days 25 scylla 15k coal 15k coal 15k coal 50 hunter 100 juliet charlie 1k doubloons 7 days 100 zulu 15k coal 100 equal speed charlie london 100 november foxtrot 25 hydra 100 victor lima 50 gamescon blue 7 days 15k coal 100 zulu hotel 7 days 100 juliet charlie 15k coal 1k doubloons 50 halloween 50 new year 1k doubloons 50 gamescon black 7 days 1500 steel 100 equal speed charlie london So 0 ships, 0 free xp, 1.5k steel, 120k coal, 3k doubloons, camos and flags, 2x14 days, 5x7 days. I remember the times when a sc had 90 days premium, now its 7... lol.
  12. talpadragos

    I hate the Aircraft Bureau Rivalry

    I`m so sick of tokens.. I really dont care anymore about them. Just play the game when i`m in the mood and have time. If i get tokens or not, dont give a f*ck.
  13. Atlanta for money ( it was great, not anymore), Z-44 for coal and Slava..
  14. talpadragos

    Instagram bonus code

    Thnak you
  15. Good behaviour is a must ?! MIsscomunication happens...