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  1. I bought a pack of 20 small crates. Neeeh, just kidding. Coocked a barbeque for six with my family. Same amount. They agreed with me, best pack ever from WG. Daughter painted here face, have one flag on the house and 2 rubber ducks in a small pond shooting each other with 15 inch guns. Really, people, you know from start that WG will ripp you off but it's your money, continue gambling and stop complaining. And now lets be serious. I wont buy crates ever. Best way to avoid all of these. And i did a bbq. But i dont have 2 rubber ducks with guns.. Merry christmas and happy holidays !!
  2. –80% to the cost of accelerated commander training in doubloons I can do that with doubloons? All i see is elite commander xp. Please someone explain to me how to do it with doubloons.
  3. HMS_Kilinowski, great job. I enjoyed your comment. Very well said.
  4. talpadragos

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Des Moines for sure if its a cruiser. Z52 if dd. Probably Republique as bb.
  5. talpadragos

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Thanks. Good luck all.
  6. talpadragos

    0.7.11 - General Feedback

  7. talpadragos

    0.7.11 - General Feedback

    Stop paying, wait and see.. The best way to change a business is to affect the cash flow. Perhaps not now, not in weeks, not even in months.. Loosing the customers will make them hear. First step, Battlefield 5 = 59.99 USD . I`m sure its better than Jean Bart. Or the future Musashi and Kronstadt in premium shop. As i said before, the game is awesome, the greedy managers and their politics, not so much. For me, personally, this ends here and now. No more premium time, containers gambling, no more overpriced ships, no more unresolved issues on my hard worked money. And this is a forum , i have the right to criticise, as you have the right to disagree. As WG has the right to ignore the players, continue this trend, milk more money or whatever it wants.. Best wishes.
  8. talpadragos

    0.7.11 - General Feedback

    WG, i think you are in deep crap.. and still sinking... willingly. The latest year has been a collection of bad decisions and "[edited]you players". Have you noticed even cc`s started to do videos about other games? That must say something. Decline. I dont know for who. I wonder.... I wont buy even a month of premium until something changes. As i said before, there are a lot of games, cheaper than a premium ship here. THIS crap MUST STOP !! OR we can.. "nerf" your game, because so many requests...lol, what a joke..
  9. talpadragos

    Game & Balance Improvements

    Same problem at login. Must type the password again. Container screen broken. I can hear sounds, no animation. Balance, i heard about it, none found. Same +-2 tiers, 4 dd's without waiting or 1 dd and 6 bb's. F3 does not always work, must type in chat "shoot that guy, please". Many times if there are 2 ships in the same line and i shoot the second, shells fall into water near the first ship which is closer. In coop, enemy bots shoot almost perfect, friendly bots are idiots, even better sometimes they will shoot or torp you. Internet connection just fine, no torrents or downloads, ping between 33 and 99. Screen freezes and after 5-10 seconds u are 1 km away with half of life at best and wondering wtf...
  10. I was thinking exactly to the same thing, pfcremus :) .. I guess somebody must pay for moving to Prague and Dasha english lessons...
  11. talpadragos

    PSA: Issue with Daily Shipments

    Quetak, you lucky bastard !! Only one camo from normal pumpkin, for z23. Gorgeous camo ( love it) but it`s worst than the other one, the anniversary camo ( no 50% free xp). I dont know about those premium pumpkins, but the nomal ones gave me 3 halloween camos every single time.
  12. talpadragos

    Daily Shipments

    same here. back to day 1 from day 13.
  13. talpadragos

    A. Ovechkin Commanders

    Mea culpa. In my defense, the mission descriptions are too long and confusing (?!) these days. Sometimes it hurts to read everything :) .
  14. talpadragos

    A. Ovechkin Commanders

    We can win only 5 containers? Is something else coming or if we dont pay we cant complete the collection of the toothless captain ?