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  1. Latouche_Treville

    Questions to the youtubers

    thank you, you confirm my suspicions about your Grandma.
  2. Latouche_Treville

    Tired of Weimar spam in Narai (can it be banned from it?)

    Flint Fiji Helena Shchors Lazo Chumphon If the other players are not too good (worst than me) and not idiots : Yorck ARP Haguro New Orleans The two latter are sometimes surprisingly good.
  3. Latouche_Treville

    Questions to the youtubers

    Hi! I gonna start a youtube channel about Nazi secret giant superstructures, (I'm thinking of calling it EisenBlitz88). What kind of monetisation problems i might experience? No, i'm kidding i'm not gonna start any channel Sometimes despite supporting a youtuber, it happens that it don't like the topic of the day, so i mute the video, thumb up, post a positive comment (litterally!) let the reading go on, and watch another video on another window. Does it negatively affect the statistics of the channel? Another question : These days, i have no more access to smileys on youtube, what can i do to adress this?
  4. Latouche_Treville

    GPU Temps in Port

    You're welcome. I forgot to inform that under a certain rate (which is to be determined) the animations in ports, and container opening look a bit "sticky".
  5. Latouche_Treville

    GPU Temps in Port

    Hi! There is a thread on the NA forum, the guy explains that now you can set the framerate in port. If it can helps. I set the inport framerate to 25. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/255261-psa-framerate-in-port-can-now-be-configured-wg-game-center-client/
  6. Latouche_Treville

    Suggestions thread

    To entice players to go to the PTS, their winnings, or part of them, should be given to their respective clans (XP/FXP/credits/coal, etc...).
  7. Latouche_Treville

    WG please stop that kind of cheat

    There are no conjugation errors, no misspelling, the meaning is understandable, but the whole doesn't sounds french. It should be : "Ici, ce sont les bagarres, et on peut être jusqu'à 9 en division. Et les gens te l'ont expliqué/écrit. [edit]
  8. Latouche_Treville

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

  9. Latouche_Treville

    My feedback and improvement idea's on submarines

    If players' winnings on the PTS were donated to their respective clans (XP/FXP/credits/coal, etc...) could it be an incentive?
  10. Latouche_Treville

    Atlanta Narai commander spec

    Here are my suggestions for the Flint: You can try "blank specs" at Wows fitting tools :https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASC707&modules=11111&upgrades=143200&commander=PCW001&skills=6558768&consumables=111&pos=0
  11. Latouche_Treville

    Easter Egg Hunt Results Round TWO

    Despite 817 eggs, this time, i received just 2 small containers (4 signal flags and 750 FXP)
  12. Latouche_Treville

    New Devblog, nerfs to popular ships, buffs to PA DDs and...

    @Vasya_Nyasha Yes, but it's far from impossible, just long, and free. EDIT. Personnaly, i don't grind for Legendary Modules.
  13. Latouche_Treville

    New Devblog, nerfs to popular ships, buffs to PA DDs and...

    You can reset a line or two, and get enough research points to buy it in the armory :
  14. Latouche_Treville

    Public Test 0.11.4 - General feedback

    Klingon not gesprochen.