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  1. Latouche_Treville

    Modest request and poll: operations

  2. Latouche_Treville

    Des Moines | Croiseur US TX (Guide/Présentation)

    "Augmente la vitesse de rechargement de la batterie principale (8%) après qu'un ennemi ait été détecté dans la portée de détectabilité standard."
  3. Latouche_Treville

    Commander Skills Update

    Don't waste your time and your energy, just blacklist him.
  4. Latouche_Treville

    Your Forum Avatar (picture) & where is it from?

    Louis René Madeleine de Latouche Tréville
  5. Latouche_Treville

    Stalingrad fire prevention

    But not on other cruisers of course, hu?
  6. Latouche_Treville

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    Alain's modpack : On screen Battle Display/Water splashes after shell impact/No water splashes
  7. Latouche_Treville

    button to reset all captains

    It's on purpose, the goal is to push players to make mistakes and spend dubloons, money etc...
  8. Latouche_Treville

    button to reset all captains

    Have you ever seen russians doing thing properly from the beginning to the end? It's out of their reach. So they compensate with bigger paper ships, which are better than their civilized counterpart
  9. Latouche_Treville

    Another Code

    800 coal, 500 free XP, 100 000 credits, 2 camos type 5, 7 papa papa, 4 india Xray. Always good to take. Thank you very much.
  10. Latouche_Treville


    He is talking about desync (which happens more and more often) and the inability to track moving targets locked at short distances
  11. Latouche_Treville

    Snowflake Tracking - aka Steelwhaling for 0.9.12

    Thank you for the commitment (it's not a sarcasm), but given the moderate number of ships on my account, i use the calculator and the notepad, and don't give acces to my datas to a third party.
  12. Latouche_Treville

    patch already?

    One side of the island they call it "Ouzo", on the other side they call it "Arak", and they don't use distilled potato juice
  13. Latouche_Treville

    Connection error

    In fact they're former Milka marmots. Russian bias, as usual!
  14. Latouche_Treville

    Can we have back the old "daily free bundle" interface?

    A choice is missing : I don't mind
  15. Latouche_Treville

    Worst Team I've ever Met in Narai

    For each scenario I have a .TXT file with instructions that i copy/paste in the chat as and when needed. Sometimes it works fine. I'm going to add one about asking if there are newcomers. Now i no longer bother to go after the CV, or the transports, staying with the convoy gives better chances to avoid a disaster.