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  1. Testing this out and looking for a clan

    1. Loubader


      Hiya Kermit,

      Thanks for enquiring. Strangely, I only saw this message now...are you still interested?

      Let me know, ok?

    2. KermitLeFrog


      Hi Lou, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, I am interested. Where is the best place to tell you some more? Not even sure how this forum works. Seems different to others.


      Anyway, is this a form of pm or is it public?


      Kind regards


    3. Loubader


      Hi Kermit,

      This is actually straight off my profile page, so it's not a forum channel which is why I don't get notified of your posts. Perhaps it may be better to send an email to loubader@taw.net as I'll immediately receive notification of that.

      Here is some info regarding TAW, but we can also get together on our TeamSpeak server for a chat. I'm available most evenings from 20:00 CET (19:00 GMT). Send me an email with a time that suits you and I'll send you our TeamSpeak login details.


      We can offer you the following:

      v  English speaking clan – members from all over Europe and some even further afield

      v  Fully set up TS server with multiple fleet channels for squads and competitions etc.

      v  Ingame 50-member clan capacity with fully researched standard benefits (steel +5% and coal +7% - grinding hard)
      (clan stats: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500140530,TAW-The-Art-of-Warfare/)

      v  Bi-weekly fleet/squad activities for all members (Wednesdays and Fridays – 20:00 – 21:30 Central European Time – minimum 40% attendance required)

      v  Clan battles:

      o   competitive Alpha team for the clan’s top competitive players

      o   a more relaxed Bravo team accessible to all members

      v  Competition training and battle tactics

      v  King of the Sea tournament participation

      v  Internal tournaments

      v  Technical instructors for training

      v  Ship badges at different difficulty levels can be earned

      v  Navy style ranks and positions within the fleet

      v  Fun, comradery and divisions or scenarios throughout the week

      v  Membership of the TAW gaming community with more than 25 games and many years of experience (also a WoWs NA server fleet)

      We ask from you:

      v  16+ years old (average clan age is about 30)

      v  Have a working mic and speakers

      v  To be an active member and communicate with your fellow members

      v  To improve your gameplay as much as possible (no minimum stat requirements for membership)

      v  Respect our Code of Ethics and bring a positive attitude

      Check out our website at http://taw.net for more information and click "Join Now" if you like what you see. Alternatively, you can PM me in this forum and join us for a chat on TeamSpeak.