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  1. Loubader

    Looking for serious clan

    DM Sent MrCor
  2. Loubader

    LFC: Clan Battles (Storm League+), Discord

    DM Sent captain
  3. Loubader

    Looking for EU clan

    DM Sent
  4. Loubader

    Feisty feline looking for a clan!

    Sent DM
  5. Loubader

    Looking for a clan doing CBs :-)

    DM Sent
  6. Loubader

    anybody have use for me ?

    DM Sent Drac
  7. Loubader

    EU, casual, looking for new clan

    DM Sent Luka
  8. Try as you might. Blackbaron in an attempted carry...
  9. Loubader

    LFC EU Semi competitive

    DM Sent Cronicks
  10. Loubader

    Looking for Clan

    DM Sent captain
  11. Loubader

    Looking for a clan [EU]

    Btw, this post should be in Looking for a Clan - World of Warships official forum :)
  12. Loubader

    Looking for a clan [EU]

    DM Sent captain
  13. Loubader


    Ok, but so far it's all about what you want and not about what you are offering a clan. You say that you are very good at dd's but you don't show us this. Seems odd. Good luck with your search though mate. PS: Not sure where the gardener/manager metaphor comes in to it...
  14. Loubader


    Probably best if you make your profile public mate