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  1. Loubader

    looking for some guys to play with!

    PM Sent mate
  2. Loubader

    Highly active player looks for Clan

    Hi Captain. Why not visit us at TAW (The Art of Warfare). Our group of EU players is active and friendly. We have fleet and squad activities twice a week and between those times there is almost always someone to meet up with and play/chat. We have a mixed range of players (quite a few veterans!!) and also help out with training and getting to know your ship types better. It's all pretty relaxed as well. We play clan battles more sociably (games for everyone). Our clan base is fully researched so there are full clan benefits to be had. We speak English although there are a mix of nationalities around. Send me a message if you want to meet up and have a chat.
  3. Loubader

    Login takes ages through game center

    Several members in our clan reporting this as well. No fixes as yet.
  4. Loubader

    T6 noob looking for team play

    DM Sent
  5. Loubader

    Looking for clan

    DM Sent
  6. TAW CLAN MEMBER MOVEMENTS Anybody looking at TAW's clan stats on wows-numbers will notice that we have moved a lot of members around recently, so here's an explanation of what we're up to if you're interested: In CB season 12 the TAW Alpha team reached Typhoon League thanks to a dedicated group of Alpha players. These players have now been moved to our ingame clan called -TAW- Battlefleet (unrated now). They will form the core of our competitive group going forward. See here for the clan stats: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500158730,-TAW-The-Art-of-Warfare-Battle-Fleet/ . Anybody interested in joining this group should make contact with _Skull_head_ to ask about the requirements. The main clan (TAW) remains an open to all clan (no stat requirements) and welcomes active players of all sorts. The clan does play clan battles, but at a more casual level and as a training clan for prospective Battlefleet players. Clan stats: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500140530,TAW-The-Art-of-Warfare/ Anybody interested in joining TAW should contact me for more info or apply on our website at http://taw.net. You'd be most welcome! Members of both ingame clans are all part of the same community and we welcome diversity of all sorts. Hope this explains all those movements a bit. Loubader
  7. Loubader

    Looking for serious clan

    DM Sent MrCor
  8. Loubader

    LFC: Clan Battles (Storm League+), Discord

    DM Sent captain
  9. Loubader

    Looking for EU clan

    DM Sent
  10. Loubader

    Feisty feline looking for a clan!

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  11. Loubader

    anybody have use for me ?

    DM Sent Drac