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  1. I signed up because of various reasons, I own the premium carriers Enterprise and Kaga mainly due to their historical value, I always found carriers interesting, even with their RTS gameplay but I always found the skillgap too large, not to forget the imbalance between the seperate carriers, however I believe I have enough expertise with the game mechanics to contribute to a test. Since however, it is a complete rework, I do not think the amount of matches a carrier player has played really matters when it comes to the new gameplay, it would only factor in how much the old carrier mains like the new gameplay in my opinion. anyway, I am excited. I also hope for a carrier line from the Royal Navy because Britannia Rules the Waves! ohwell, that is a different topic...
  2. Vayle

    game economy rework

    I always angle to prevent myself from exposing too much broadside but there is only that much you can do if half your team is just hiding in a corner...
  3. Vayle

    game economy rework

    lately I have noticed something that really annoys me. we have these matches where I as part of my team do my best to support the team, push the objectives etc. and a part of my team doesn't, which in turn causes my ship to be destroyed, and I get stuck with a repair bill that is a lot higher than the amount of money I gain. at the same time, the people who are just camping at the edge of the map or are just fishing at places where no enemies are present are rewarded better than I am because they do not take as much damage, so they won't get the big repair bill. due to this, it is a lot more attractive for me to just camp at the edge of the map avoid all dangers and not push to any objectives because it will just reduce the amount of money I lose in the game if I lose any that way at all, regardless of if my team wins or loses. shouldn't the reward for map edge camping and not supporting your team at all be lower than someone who does push objectives and supports the team the best they can? when I play my Fuso I don't want to get that 45K repair bill for the 20K credits I made because I died, getting focussed by 4 enemy ships simply because the new york and two konigsbergs in my team decide to sit in a corner sipping tea while waiting for the match to be over, even though one good push would've allowed us to capture the enemy base and win the game instead of losing it, but instead they decide to just sit there, watch a fuso (only tier 6 battleship in the game on our team) omaha and gnevny die to enemy fire, and as I said, technically seen they are being rewarded for that, because they will have lower repair bills because by the time they are under fire, we had already lost the game.
  4. Vayle

    Co-op Battle Missions

    the matchmaking especially when there are too few players needs some serious work. I had the following match earlier: how can a match like this be won if: 1. the destroyer AI on friendlies is more suicidal than a kamikaze pilot 2. a carrier is as useless against DD's as trying to row a Yamato class battleship. 3. friendly AI DD's tend to fire torps into eachother... this match was lost from the moment it loaded, which shouldn't happen because it annoys me and it's not enjoyable, it makes me decide "oh well, since there aren't players online and coop with friendly bots automatically makes me lose, I might as well play another game" it is something that does need some serious overhaul.
  5. Vayle

    Public Test Update 22/07

    me and my friend got the "The data obtained from the update service is incorrect." error as well.
  6. I am having a problem with the teamkill system at the moment... last week I had a lagspike while playing which accidentally caused 2 shells to launch into a friendly ship, followed by my ship ramming into it, just a moment before the ship took 2 citadel hits but it exploded due to my accidental ram caused by the lagspike. since then I've been trying to get rid of my teamkill status except that when I play with my BB (which is my main ship class) people tend to forget that there is a massive 200+ meters long thing moving in a single direct that might have trouble to stop or turn because someone else wants to go the other way, causing them to ram me, which again, deals extra damage to me and makes me keep my teamkill status, and to make it even worse, today, someone in a cruiser killed a battleship I just sent torps on, and turned straight into my torps. people really need to learn to better watch their environement, I've had plenty of situations where I managed to "dodge" friendly torpedoes that came from an angle that I did not expect. I think one of the things that should be taken into calculation for teamkill status is the percentage of damage dealt by allies compared to enemies...
  7. Vayle


    I have had 2 different bugs: this happened to me in a coop match where the visibility bugged out, detection range didn't work, spotter planes didn't work, we couldn't spot enemies or allies, spotter planes would drag behind the ship as in the screenshot and enemies wouldn't pop up untill we were in 3KM range. other than that in the new coop assault and defense mode, it is said to be from tier IV to tier VIII but I have seen tier IX and X ships in that gamemode.
  8. Vayle

    Co-op Battle Missions

    I have a few points of feedback: the AI could use some improvements, one of the issues is that if you happen to get bots on your team, they will torp at max range regardless of where the enemy is. on the map Faultline, the way you spawn (in a circle around the island) makes playing a CV nearly impossible since enemy DD's and other ships tend to come from litterally everywhere. perhaps it would be an idea to randomize the spawnpoint of the enemy bots a bit more. I know for a fact that the carrier when playing mine, will be on the top right corner of the map so I always snipe it first. other than that I think both defense and assault mode are fun and not too difficult depending on if your team consists of only players or players and bots on your side.
  9. this depends, if you have say, a double barreled turret, both barrels in the battleship will have the same elevation, thus the shells will be fired at the same angle and land about the same place, however most modern battleships during WW2 had a turret with 2 barrels that can individually be angled in different degrees, causing them to possibly have more dispersion or more accuracy when firing on a target, besides that, you have to take several other things into account; the weather will (slightly) affect how accurate the guns of a battleship really are... think currents, waves, wind speeds as well as the speed of the ship itself. remember, we are talking mostly world war 1 ships here, with a few world war 2 ships. the japanese were "famous" for not being the most accurate at firing their battleships, as we can see in the game by the mechanics of the japanese ships overall having a bigger dispersion, whereas the americans are overall more accurate. besides, in the higher tiers the battleships overall do become more accurate when you get to the higher tier ships.
  10. Vayle

    some issues with matchmaking in 0.5.8

    we usually play as 2 t3 cruisers and a t3 BB or 3 t3 cruisers. even though a division might be strong, any t3 cruiser can (and will) get killed by something like a Kongo in a t5 match. we actually had one match where we were 3 t3 ships in a t5 match where the opposing team had no t3 ships at all, only t4 and t5. I think this does indicate something with the matchmaking is a bit wrong because even if you'd take a high tier match, three ships that are at least 1 tier lower than any ship on the opposing team just isn't going to cut it in such a match, regardless of wether they are 3 t3's in a t5 match with no t3's on the opposing team, or 3 t5's in a t7 match with no t5 on the opposing team.
  11. hello, recently I have got a friend to join me in world of warships, so me and another friend that already played for a short while are helping him get up in the tiers. we have been playing in pretty much the same tier (sometimes 1 tier difference) however we noticed that there is something with the matchup system that gives a major disadvantage to our team... often we get put into a tier 4 or 5 battle with our tier 3 ships, which should not be an issue, except we are usually 2 or 3 tier 3 ships while we are up against 1 or no tier 3 ships, giving our opposing team a tier 5 player in return instead. since I think obviously the matchmaking should be as fair as possible I'd create a threat on the forums about this...