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  1. Venatos

    0.10.1 - General Feedback (Italian Battleships!)

    i think the italian secondarys should have SAP. the 90mm cant pen anything with HE and i think there are enough fires in wows as is. having to rely on fires for damage isnt fun on either side of the engagement.
  2. Venatos

    Connection issues

    thnx for the info, it logged in normaly now after the reinstall, but that doesnt have to say much. good luck hunting that annoying bug!
  3. Venatos

    Connection issues

    just fyi, yesterday was a fluke apparently, im stuck on the "logging in" wheel of torture again. did another repair, checked the firewall, etc. loginserver is pingable just fine, etc. now i uninstalled and am currently reinstalling. it all started since the client preloaded the new update. realy hope its not the new update thats broken.
  4. Venatos

    Connection issues

    i ran wg-checker and repaired the install. didnt seem to make a difference at first, but now i just got in.... so, idk. thnx for the help.
  5. Venatos

    Connection issues

    weird, im stuck at the login phase too, been watching that little wheel spin for a good 5 minutes now. that loginserver mentioned above is pingable without any issues as far as i can see. wg-center had just finished the installation of 10.1 for the thursday release, but that shouldnt have any effect on my ability to login now, right? edit: wait, it says im running 10.1?(see picture) but that wont be out till thursday, so it would make sense the loginserver shows me the cold shoulder. how do i fix that? reinstall?
  6. realy weird, yesterday wg-center predownloaded a new patch, and today wows performs like crap never using more than 50% gpu or half a cpucore. wtf happened? anyone else have a sudden drop in performance or is it just on my end? edit: nvm, has to be on my end, whole system runs slow af. what fresh hell is this? edit2: something was wrong with the windows powerplan, cpu was stuck at 0.5GHz, i changed the min. cpu power from 100% to 50%, now cpu boosts up to 4,8 again. i also fiddled around in ryzen master, to first change and then restore default values, but i think it was the windows powerplan that had screwed up in the background somewhere. unrelated but fyi: never ever buy a motherboard with a realtek ethernet chip, they are notoriously unstable beyond anything other than light gaming or browsing.
  7. Venatos

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    realy like the new Commander Skills so far, here are the things that stood out to me: BB-Tree: Super Heavy AP = 30% fireduration is to much, make it 15% so it synergizes with Basics of Survivability. (making it a 6point skill) Deadeye = 10% is to much, reduce to 5-7% and/or give it a Detectionrange nerf of 10% so it matches up with Concealment Expert. (making it a 8point skill) Cruiser-Tree: Heavy HE and SAP Shells = +15% Detection is to much, make it 10% so it matches up with Conceilment Expert. (a 3pointskill cant have a bigger malus than a full 4pointskill, thats just wrong) (making it a 7 point skill) DD-Tree: nothing stood out as to weak or strong just yet. Colbert: practically same range as Atlanta 3 Tiers lower > needs an extra km or two, maybe make it 15km, still realy short for T10, but not T7 levels of short.
  8. Venatos

    0.9.12 - Updates to Ranked Battles System

    well, so far so good i would say. i would like a few more brakes here and there so i can keep grinding my lower tier ships for researchpoints. also: needs a crapton more variety, its like week 3 and im getting bored of it already. T4 armsrace anyone? ranked should test skill on all levels.
  9. Venatos

    0.9.12 - New Year Campaigns

    is it just me, or is the grind for Strassbourg bigger than usual? my only focus was getting strassbourg since the update dropped and i played 1-2 hours every day, yet i would need about 2 to 3 more weeks of grind to get it, but the campaign ends in 1 week.... past campaigns worked out all right with my usual 1-2hour gametime per day, this one is pretty far off....
  10. well, german secondarys are comicly inaccurate even fully speced, they are gona need a bit of help. just give them american secondary accuracy..... for that matter, everything should have american secondary accuracy, there are secondarys on nearly every freakin ship and they are so close to useless atm they might as well not even be there.
  11. Venatos

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    sweeeet! gimme these new skills! cant wait to play around with them to find my new improved and optimiced setup. ;) also good timing, regrinding lines for the buro is getting a bit stale tbh. might be time to also throw in some subs to make it interresting again!
  12. Venatos

    9.11 just dropped?

    ok, never made it that far down into the "single client"article since im only playing in one region.
  13. Venatos

    9.11 just dropped?

    just a small update that took ages to install and changed version number to 9.11.something. maybe its just because i didnt have my morning coffee yet, but im realy confused. how is there a 9.11 version on a tuesday?
  14. Venatos

    9.11 just dropped?

    what the what? no patchnotes? no websitearticle? no youtubevideo? what just happened? its not even thursday yet! (im on the EU server)
  15. Venatos

    Display Overmatch Caliber

    still wish it was visible somewhere in the gameclient, i will probably forget that "little" list sooner or later. thnx anyway Astolfo.