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  1. Venatos


    Visibility of all ships from the air is reduced by 20%. so back to having half your squadron wiped by a light cruiser before you even see him.... you might want to be a little more carefull with changes like that to underperforming ship classes.
  2. Venatos

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    i get the feeling we need an MM update to prioritize +/-1 Tier Matchmaking a lot more. my tier 8 planes get just shredded by lone t10 battleships or AA-cruisers either before i get the drop off, or dont make it out alive the other side. even t10 dds only 2 of 4 attacks can be made before loosing the squad. the difference between tiers is just to much to have a decent game with a 2 tier difference. the balance within the same tier feels good, but the percentage increases in AA damage and planehealth between tiers is too much to make 2tier matchmaking viable. i would suggest having planehealth and AA damage increase about half as much per tier or as mentioned, having the MM only do 2tier differences if it waited for some time and realy cant finde any other matchups.
  3. Venatos

    [ALL] ModStation

    "Modifications strips of HP: Advanced HP Indicator" stays active even after deselecting and apparently uninstalling it over the modstation interface. any idea how to get rid of it? i tried reinstalling the mod and deinstalling it again without success. also tried repairing the wows client over the gamecenter. how do i get rid of this thing? edit: ended up reinstalling the wows-client.... edit2: aparently one of the other mods(captain skills in shipinfo in battle) also changed the healthpool display.... real pitty, i switch ships so often, it would have been nice to be able to take a look at the captainskills....
  4. Venatos

    Bug Reports

    i think i ran into a bug today. when deploying smoke in my neptune while going forwards at 12kts i am covered by my smoke. when i deploy it going backwards at 11kts it deploys nowhere near my ship. about a shiplength away i would guess. might be about the distance it would be when going fullspeed forwards? idk.
  5. Venatos

    Royal Navy Event & Collection

    i thought there where supposed to be containers or something to get guineas for the cossack? i dont find any.... as far as i remember the idea was that we play for guineas and then buy the rest we need for the cossack in the shop. edit: nvm, i somehow missed them like 3 times looking through the shop....
  6. Venatos

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    okidoki, a few hours in and i usually do around 100k damage in my CV. i do like it a lot tbh. as CV: the dodging of flakclouds is realy engaging and the carnage when you slip up is glorious! ;) lining up a torpdrop is awesome, very starwars esque! i am nowhere near as omnipresent as in the Live-CV-system, but i do feel usefull dropping some fightercover over my buddys on my way to the enemy. as surfaceship: manouvering against a directly controlled plane-squad feels a lot different, it is totaly personal, cursing at him and trying to outmanouver his approach. im not sure about the AA-sectors though, an enemy squadron usualy flys over you on the first attack and then attacks from the other side, the sector switching is no where near fast enough to keep up with that, so i ended up leaving all sides at 100%. to be usefull i think it would need 5 seconds or less, maybe 3? idk. suggestions: i realy like the flakclouds, but i was circling a montana with worcester support in my t8 stock planes and got all my drops off(i think, might have lost 1-2 planes).... it just feels odd... i would suggest keeping the flakclouds etc. as is, but have some guaranteed damage in the longrange aura too. not much mind you, just like a little guaranteed hit here and there. to make it a little more consistent. while every planetype having a different attackapproach threw me for a loop in the beginning, i realy appreciate the diversity now, so i would vote to keep it that way. technical: other than the allready mentioned smaller bugs/glitches/lag in this thread i did not run into any issues. summary: all in all a very successfull test in my oppinion. CVs are nowhere near as godlike as in live. there is now a direct confrontation between the player controlling the planes and the player in the ship.(as mentioned above, faster sector switching and a little guaranteed damage would give the player in the ship more of a feeling to "fight back" instead of just beeing on the defence aka "evading" and "dodging") seeing as most ships where helmed by bots and you need a pretty good game to do 100k damage in a t8 carrier, i think carriers might be a little underpowered atm, but i might just not play optimaly yet, so dont take that as fakt. as far as i cant tell the new CV system does everything it set out to do and is fun. cant wait for it to go live. kudos. ;)
  7. Venatos

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    took a few matches, but i think i got the hang of it. as long as you vary speed and heading and steer around the black clouds of death, you loose hardly any planes even against t10 AA cruisers and BBs. i realy like it now that i got two 80k damage matches in a CV, sadly i too ran out of my "allowance" and apparently have no way to "earn" more CV matches. ill see if they fixed that tomorow. im gonna need a little more playtime, but it seems pretty balanced as far as i can see. its pretty hard work to dodge all that AA fire and i can see a good CV player get over 100k matches pretty regularly(as opposed to the 200k+ they do in the current system) just like good players in ships. my first thought was that CVs seemed weak now, but then i saw that the upgrades to the planes give good speed boosts and an extra attack squad, with that in mind i would say we are pretty close to balanced, maybe a little on the weak side, but a lot more data from PvP engagements is needed. btw: i love that the HE-pen is finaly in the UI!!!!!!!! this has been realy missing for a long time! now i only need to get the maximum shelldiameter my armor can bounce displayed in the armorviewer and im happy! ;) (or what armorthickness my shell can overmatch, one or both, im just sick of doing maths, math is hard)
  8. Venatos

    [][EN] Gun calibers in inches

    im looking for a mod that displays the HE-pen and AP-overmatch values on the shells. im realy freakin tired of doing math all the time. does it allready exist? is this doable? is it legal? could you add that to your mod?
  9. Venatos

    More Info in the Armorviewer?

    Could we get "Overpenetrated by" values in the Armorviewer? im getting pretty tired of doing the math all the time and there is plenty of room in the little overlay that shows the armorvalue when you mouseover a section. since im already here some other UI-requests: 1.the HE pen value would be nice to squezze somewhere into the "HEshell characteristics" since its different for different nations etc. now. 2.you do a cool thing in some videos where you show the penetration value of a shell for 3 different distances. i think people would get a kick out of a little table in the "APshell characteristics" with that info. most people have no idea that small caliber AP can go through pretty thick armor at close range.... get rid of the shell velocity if you need the room, i cant change it, or use it and its not helping me play. after the first or second salvo i fire in a ship i figured out the lead i need to give. knowing that the shell leaves the barrel at 925kph isnt helping the first 2 salvos either. also shells have different drag, so beyond 5km this becomes even more useless and on top of that i have a "time to target" right next to my crosshair that tells me all i need to know in that regard. i know there are a lot of important values and the basic UI has to be kept simple. how about making a detailed PortUI and accessing the "extended"-PortUI with the "advanced Info" key that shows all the details in battle? i think i speak for all longterm players when i say, that it would be realy appreciated to have a convenient way to access the juicy bits without scouering third party websites and videos...
  10. Venatos

    BugReport: New Smokemechanic

    Found a bug with the new smokemechanic: when you approach an enemy that is inside his smoke you can shoot, without getting detected by him. but put down your own smoke within your ~6km smokefiredetection radius and shoot, you get detected by him.(while he is inside his own smoke and shouldnt be able to spot for himself) hope this helps. off to more testing. ;)
  11. Venatos

    RN better Radar instead of Smoke

    RN cruisers have the smallest detection ranges, so to get detected by another cruiser you have to either fire your guns or sail into range, if you dont want to be seen, there is nothing stopping you from going invisible....literaly. lol RN Cruisers are like Klingon warships, go invisible, get on their flank, uncloak and shoot their weakspots. ;p and anything that could spot you without getting spotted itself you can flush out with radar. whatelse could you possibly want? yeah its no "active cloak" like smoke, but since thats just broken, i think this is the next best thing to keep the fightingstyle and make it mobile, active and aggressive.
  12. Venatos

    RN better Radar instead of Smoke

    not sure what your talking about tbh. 1. i get spotted by enemy DD 2. i activate Radar and kill the DD in 2-3 salvos 3. go back into stealth what are you going on about? the RN Cruisers are all Atlantaesque DDnightmares from what i´ve seen/heard.
  13. Venatos

    RN better Radar instead of Smoke

    do i detect a hint of sarcasm? well maybe if there is a line that exels at radar, we could tone down radar in general? im pretty sure the recent radar-uberbuff will go away again.
  14. Venatos

    RN better Radar instead of Smoke

    thats kinda the point, if you can see whats spotting you, you and your team can delete it.
  15. Venatos

    RN better Radar instead of Smoke

    since Radar was like their thing in WW2 i would suggest just giving the RN Cruisers better and or earlier Radar, like with the Germans Hydro. leave rest as is and your good. no? no need to redo all the shells and the shipspeeds etc.