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  1. C0ba1t_K1ller

    Premium Ships. Tier 6/7

    Good afternoon/evening. I am generally a free-to-play player, spending a couple quid here and there. The Mrs for our anniversary wants to buy me a premium ship, she's asked what I want and tbh I don't have a clue! I am predominantly USN ships in my port and have got upto tier8 (farragut, new Orleans, Cleveland and north carolina). I am not a huge fan of battleship play and tend to prefer to play either destroyers or cruisers. Generally I tend to have the Cleveland as my go-to ship for fun, while I have the tier6 Japanese dd for torpedo play I find this frustrating at times! I'm tempted by either the Scharnhorst, which seems to be interesting, but I don't have any German ships really and Atlanta which sounds fun and could use my Cleveland captain in. What would you guys recommend? Ideally I don't want to be spending much more than £20-25 and a premium that's almost a carbon copy of a silver ship doesn't interest me really as I won't have too many premiums so would like them to be different. Thanks, Cobalt.
  2. C0ba1t_K1ller

    New trend: DDs now camping behind the BBs

    Not a big issue for me tbh Currently playing the New Mexico with the strategy of plough headfirst into a cap "convincing" your team to follow (usually if you go forwards they tend to follow) tank lots of damage from angling well and score some half-decent hits with the reduced range to target / shotgun approach So if a DD is camping right behind me they'll be right up close in the fight helping
  3. C0ba1t_K1ller

    Manual drop and 0.6.3 – experienced CV player feedback

    The problem there is, the "newbie" players will get fed up as they are doing f-all damage. Skilled players won't bother as they can't do enough damage to constitute "seal clubbing" so carrier gameplay dies. I'm not saying WG solution is good (because it isn't!) the only way to make it better is to make the lower tiered CV play to be a bit easier by removing some components of it, manual drops are such an important part of CV play that it should be kept. I personally think fixing it so tier4 carriers don't get a MM spread (+/-0), then making it so tier4 doesn't have fighters and tier5+ does will aid people in learning the class as you allow players to focus on learning strike attacks, manual drops etc. before having to worry too much about where their planes are flying. I also think fighter strafing should be removed. TBH the best suggestion I've seen is from the OP - a training session or sessions which introduce the various controls and what-not that you can return to for practice would be ideal.
  4. C0ba1t_K1ller

    Manual drop and 0.6.3 – experienced CV player feedback

    Very good post (OP) As someone who has only played the Langley in terms of CV expereience it has a very steep learning curve, even doing "youtube research" it has taken a while to get to grips with it. The hard things I've found to get to grips with have been; 1) Keeping an eye on your CV and where it's going / where your fleet & enemy fleet are 2) Keeping all squadrons clear of enemy fighter patrols 3) Fighting against +1 tier carriers If I had to choose only one thing to change in the first tier (4) of carrier play it would be fighters. I can think of 3 solutions to this; 1) Remove the fighter strafe 2) Remove them completely 3) Remove them & replace them with either a "catapult fighter" style defence or give carrier defensive fire to enable defence from CV vs CV fighting. Then you can introduce fighters into tier 5 carriers. Obviously making it so a tier 4 carrier doesn't end up against a tier 5 carrier. This way tier 4 can be learning general carrier interface, manual dropping and managing your CV / Squadrons. Tier 5 can introduce fighters into the mix and then you get Tier 6 with learning to avoid AAA fire etc. etc. I think the biggest thing that puts people off playing more CV's is the extremely steep learning curve in tier 4/5 along with the difficulty being pitted against a skilled CV and being so critical to your teams success or failure.
  5. C0ba1t_K1ller


    My theory was to give the same tool that warships have to carriers. Not saying you are given the exact point to drop to hit, but like other ships 'if the enemy stay on-course you'll hit them' so you can manipulate based on that trajectory. Although in theory it is easier to see the movement from a carriers perspective... My logic was that this is where the nature of a "cooldown" comes in. If you throw away your planes stupidly you'll have none and be waiting for a cooldown to get a handful at a time, so if you burn through them all in the first 5 minutes you'll get say one squadron every 2-3 minutes so will be very in-effective for the rest of the game, ineffective but not useless. tbh I can't really see an issue here, 1) Go full fighters and you have no anti-ship capability. 2) Go full torp bombers - could be an issue? however they are slower than the other planes (?) and will succumb to enemy fighters & AA more plus are ineffective against highly mobile ships. 3) Dive bombers? again issue vs enemy aircraft... I may be wrong though and if their was an issue they could fix it easily by limiting the number of one type of squadron...
  6. C0ba1t_K1ller


    What I would like to see happening to make CVs better; - Reduction / Overhaul in AAA power of ships where your AAA is only decent if you specifically spec modules & commander in AAA. Make it easier for carriers to attack +2 tier ships and make -2 tier ships 'better' at defending themselves. It should be possible to take down a lone warship (not counting defensive fire use) without loosing most of your aircraft to AAA fire. - Simplify attacks, whether you remove manual drops or have manual drops based on ship position rather than just on the water so frequent re-adjusting aim to react to enemy movements isn't required. This needs to be adjusted to lower the skill ceiling on CV gameplay - as it stands it is just too high! - implement a torpedo aim system as with ship torps where you get a projected trajectory (not sure how this would with without a fixed start point?) - Have a cooldown for planes as opposed to fixed limited supply so carriers aren't rendered useless through a couple bad attacks. - Make aircraft loadouts more customisable - give players choice as to what squadrons they take rather than fixed choices. A UI like the modules section would work there. There is a balance to this though, as you need to make sure carriers aren't too easy to play and too powerful. The key is to make them easier and more forgiving while reducing the high skill ceiling of them. I am probably one of the few who like the idea of removing manual drops from tier 4 & 5 and "improving" the auto-drops in those tiers.
  7. C0ba1t_K1ller

    Premium modules as Supercontainer reward

    As someone who has literally just got to tier 6, having my last 2 super containers with these rubbish modules is very frustrating! My first super container was 50k free exp which was amazing as it meant once I had grinded a few ships I could instantly upgrade them, but the only other 2 super containers I've had have been for the smoke and hydro mods which in comparison are rubbish. Could they not just give the mods a "rare drop chance" in the container you get when it's not a super one?
  8. I'm not saying it'd be perfect and wouldn't be too similar to co-op as the "AI cruisers" would follow their "Human" control ship, shooting what they shoot and if following should theoretically be angled similarly. If I saw a human & an AI cruiser in battle I'd focus the human player as they would potentially pose a bigger threat
  9. C0ba1t_K1ller

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    Kind-of my response really to the issue of "new players in ranked". Skilled / experienced players in theory should get rank 1, which would preclude them from battling the newbies in the initial ranked tiers. They could also tweak it so if you attained rank 5 you skip the first 5 tiers of ranked - again avoiding newbies... problem solved, newbies get a taste of ranked and skilled players don't need to deal with them and get a leg-up on the next season ;)
  10. C0ba1t_K1ller

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    I think it'd be nice if the lower levels of ranked were more accessible to "newer" players, by which I mean first 5 ranks or so being tier 5 then the remainder being at a fixed tier, 7-9 or whatever. I've just got to tier 6 now and given you "unlock" ranked battles at Acc level 12, it seems a shame you can't try it out until you get upto tier 7/8 or buy a ship with real money...
  11. I know I am a relatively new player but from reading this is seems to be the main issue is too many Battleship players and not enough Cruiser players. It may sound a bit mad, but what if they linked their AI from co-operative modes into random battles where when you load up in a cruiser you get a support cruiser which essentially follows you and supports you? Not exactly sure specifics wise as it may get messy, but you'd have more people playing them as they'd have that extra feature and you'd get loads more of them within battles buffing up the ship numbers...