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    hoi  oleum is a international clan. https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500154586,OLEUM-Oleum/  if you are interested, come and visit our discord https://discord.gg/ddTdQz2x 

  2. Afternoon, all, I've been playing WOWS on and off for about 5 years now, having been with my current clan for a couple of years. We've had some really good fun, but key members have lost interest for various reasons, meaning that we haven't participated in CW for a few seasons now. It's become too quiet, and I'd like to find an active group to play with. I used to be a super casual noob, so my stats aren't great weighted against the old games, but as of late I generally hit somewhere inbetween great to super unicum on most stats for on good days. I'm a BB main with an armoury-focused ship collection (rather than tech tree), and mostly play at TX, with my main ships being Shikishima and Bourgogne, alongside Stalingrad and Yoshino when a cruiser is needed. Also have a couple of DDs, but no CVs (never actually played one). Got a decent bank waiting for future steel ships. I'm not on all the time, but I can usually commit to a couple of evenings a week at least, dependent on workload. I'm interested in CW, but also random divisions. I'm looking for a UK-based clan (had some timezone issues with others in the past, would prefer to keep it local) which doesn't take it too seriously, but aims to do their best in competitive while having fun. IGN is my username. Please give me a shout if you think I'd be a good fit for your clan. Cheers!
  3. General_Daedalus

    Ranked Battles: the Eighteenth Season

    Also agree we should have the Jolly Roger back. Or something- anything, really. The tokens, I'm interested in for camos- but three ranked tokens for a camo, seriously? It's painful enough sitting through one season as it currently is. I sincerely doubt I'll be suffering through three of the things for a skin, but then I suppose that's the point. Same handful of ships which currently dominate the meta, if you luck into MM the side with the most meta ships wins the vast majority of the time. Say what you want about it, but Smolensk undeniably demonstrated this a couple of seasons back. Before that we had Stalingrad to a lesser degree, which is rounded out these days. There have been others to that end of the spectrum, as you can see just by looking at the team compositions. I'll take the Shiki out for a spin to see how she does in ranked, but let's be honest, I'm probably going to get to the single digits and then completely lose interest as usual, thanks to the same issues which WG could very easily address, yet for some reason completely ignore as though they don't exist.
  4. General_Daedalus

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Also absolutely loving her so far. Very glad I decided to ignore everyone telling me how useless she will be! Was just pipped at the last minute on the 6th kill with her this morning, but they've all been solid;
  5. General_Daedalus

    Bourgogne Or Shikishima ?

    Bourgogne is my favourite ship by far, and while I feel I should recommend you buy her immediately, Shikishima may be in as early as next week. It could be that we see interesting changes very soon (such as the fact that they suddenly took her from 6km secondary range to one of the highest in the game). I am planning on buying Shikishima regardless, but I think there will likely be additional buffs pre-launch to really justify the cost (although this is seemingly just being done to drain the steel economy). What's more is that the Yamato unique upgrade- which many people tout- has been designated as a candidate for nerfing perhaps as early as 0.9.6, so there may be a greater accuracy advantage given by the Shikishima over the Yamato. All the same, Bourgogne is incredibly fun to play, and I doubt Shikishima will match that with any changes they're likely to roll out. The dispersion can honestly be infuriating at times, but it's well-compensated for by the low reload time and reload booster. When you can skip around the enemy flank at almost 40kts under engine boost (and sometimes higher, depending on captain skills/arms race- I've hit 44kts in her before), you can pretty much set yourself up for sneaky broadsides and obliterate cruisers not paying enough attention.
  6. General_Daedalus

    ST - Changes to test ships

    Do we know yet if Shikishima is slated for release in 0.9.4? I don't generally follow upcoming ships so I have no idea if this is announced anywhere, though I can't find any info on it. Mostly just wondering if she's supposed to be coming out imminently, in which case I'd guess it's unlikely we'll see any major changes, or if there may be a few more weeks of testing.
  7. General_Daedalus

    Tired of game and not going to play anymore

    Definitely arguable that this is behind a lot of the meta issues as of late. The last season of ranked pretty much revolved around this issue. Whether you love her or hate her, smolensk was undoubtedly dominating ranked, and I think that this is the reason why. Given that the top XP earner on the losing team doesn't lose a star for their defeat, it seemed like a lot of players were going into every game to farm damage, because this is considered high-XP gameplay. Sensible DD play which is massively helpful for your team probably isn't going to put you at the top of the XP table. Sitting behind an island and launching a barbecue with your projectile flamethrower, however, is rewarded. It's still valid work against the enemy team, so I wouldn't suggest a nerf, rather sensible analysis for things like rewarding DDs XP multipliers for sustained spotting (for example, just spitballing), so they can reasonably compete XP-wise for playing their class well. Realistically, the greater overall problem is that, as you say, the way in which XP is rewarded is flawed, but at least as a short-term remedy, I'd hope to see the star-saving mechanic disappear in the next season. The team either wins, or loses, and thereby the only thing anyone should aiming for is a victory.
  8. General_Daedalus

    Tired of game and not going to play anymore

    Couldn't agree more (as a BB arse with Stalingrad, Bourgogne, and about 40k steel sitting in the bank). It's been obvious for a while now that they're purely trying to cater to the supposed low-skill whales who must be funding WOWS through premiums, but I'm wondering more and more how this is viable. I don't understand why WG seem to be going out of their way to ignore their CCs and veterans; surely it's more viable in the long run to have a recurring playerbase which may spot spend less on average, but loves the game and studio, as opposed to pissing off all of your real fans to cater to people who breeze through and perhaps spend a little cash to grab a premium, are still terrible, and then stop playing. My guess is that I must be underestimating how much the potatoes are actually spending. I'm still going to play, ultimately, but I'm seriously done with the recent trends; I only stay because I enjoy the gameplay. As far as everything surrounding that goes- WG completely ignoring and seemingly actively going against what their recurring players, "testers", and top streamers are telling them; the multiple shitshows over the past couple of years; the obvious biases, and the general issues with meta in the past few months- I'm no longer interested. Also massively agree with this; I enjoyed arms race for the variety (and again, the core gameplay is what keeps me here), but at the end of the day we are still playing two game modes, really, across a handful of prefab maps. There is a myriad of game modes/scenarios which (for reference, speaking as a network transport and graphics engineer in the gaming industry) should realistically take a matter of hours at most to implement, if the core is remotely sane, and would provide a huge breath of fresh air for next to no work. It seems as with most projects it's purely down to management, they could very cheaply invest in some simple gamemode additions and engaging maps rather than these enormous expansions such as the CV rework and subs, which it seems next to nobody is either interested in or pleased about. The last ranked season was an absolute joke in my opinion, and rank 5 was the limit of my patience. Unless there is some balance (not баланс) restored in future, or at least some sort of reasonable reward (I won't be suffering to rank out across 3 seasons for enough tokens to buy a camo), I won't be touching that again either. Apologies as it's a bit of a tangent from the OP, it's just reassuring to see the general consensus from people on the forums so wanted to throw my 2 cents in. Pretty much going to buy Yashima (still calling her that) for the big bang laughs and see what happens over the next couple of years, but I'm not going to be playing as often (which *tinfoil hat* could perhaps be part of the goal, so that they can reduce server overhead and operating costs while churning out potatoes for cash, who ultimately don't spend as much time playing). Either way, the downhill incline seems to be increasing rapidly.
  9. As far as reload time goes, with the module it should now be 23.76 seconds as standard. With AR at 50% health, that would be 21.38 seconds. At low health, we're talking sub 20 seconds.
  10. General_Daedalus

    server interruptions, 19h

    Obviously this is being worked on, but just to add to the reports- battle queues are showing fixed values for the numbers of ships in the queue (same every time), and then I'm removed after <= 2 mins w/ an exception saying I was removed from the queue due to technical issues on the server.
  11. General_Daedalus

    Game freezing since 0.8.8 patch

    Noted the above, just replying to publicly add to the list of people experiencing this issue. 8700k @ 5.2GHz, 1080 Ti SLI, 32GB DDR4, 720mm rad space, 12*EK-Furious Vardars and 4 draw fans capping @ ~48c CPU cap, GPUs @ sub 40c while gaming, usually sit at about 35c (since everywhere else I've seen this brought up, people have been noting VRAM shortages and overheating). Looking at the forums, this has seemingly been reported intermittently since 2015, and remains unsolved. I'm going to try and get a crash dump with procdump or debugdiag since there are no logs generated, but I'm not having much luck because of the way d3d11 locks up. Game is now basically unplayable for me as I'm rarely able to make it through a single match before I have to force kill everything. Edit: I usually play triple monitor, decided to try it on a single and I've made it through 2 games so far. Running on a single card, WOWS is showing a 4095MB VRAM limit even on the x64 bin (22528MB available total, should be 11264MB for one card, not that it would actually be able to use the full load but still), and it does actually allocate ~32% VRAM on one of the cards, which is just below 4095MB. It shouldn't usually matter, but it seems odd.