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  1. Peter_Snowmane

    Armada: HMS Duke of York

    When are you going to fix this ship ?? I paid for mine ! Slower reload than KGV (really - did the newer sister come with rusty gun barrels from the factory). Worse turning and 1 less heal (incompetent crew apparently). Duke of York should be like KGV except slightly better with respect to tech level. And she had RADAR, not SONAR.
  2. Peter_Snowmane


    Played some games today where there "should" have been CVs present but there weren't any. A sign of things to come ?
  3. Peter_Snowmane

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    This is over complicated and therefore annoying. Clan Wars is furthermore an unsexy format that glorifies camping tactics with synchronized radar. Being a happy go lucky clan that uses text and a mixed fleet is pretty much a no no. The whole clan thing needs to move in a different direction.
  4. Peter_Snowmane

    World of Weirdships - Ironclads - Discussion Thread

    "Ironclads" could be developed into a "tier" of its own. However - perhaps WoWs should get an "Age of Sail" branch instead. Many more historical ships to develop into gaming pieces. There would have to be boarding actions of course, fortress action, corvettes and frigates could hunt NPC merchant vessels. Difficult to develop yes. But where shall we go after submarines (and possibly early missile ships) when that day comes ?
  5. Peter_Snowmane

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.12 - Discussion Thread

    Last christmas I purchased the HMS Duke of York, the event ship of christmas past, to save time. The Duke of York is the worst kind of turkey imaginable. It has inferior reload, inferior agility and one less heal compared to the regular tech tree ship - her real life sister the HMS KIng George V. Here are my suggestions for fixing that ship: same reload as the KGV, same amount of heals, T7 duration radar instead of that ridiculously useless sonar (seriously WG - we are supposed to chase DDs with a truly clumsy BB that has a short range sonar - and don't tell me it's good for dodging torps because it just isn't in the lead sled of T7 BBs). The worse agility can be kept to compensate for the enhanced AA. I will probably buy the Friedrich but if someone tells me it's a turkey on par with the DoY I simply won't. I have the DoY, the KGV, the Hood and the Nelson. I can only bring myself to play Hood and Nelson as the quality discrepancy between KGV and DoY is too much to bear. It makes me dislike both ships. Real life DoY was an immensely powerful ship and not KGV's atrophied sibling with rusted asunder gun barrels and sailors less competent at repairing things. It's been one year since the Duke was launched in the game. High time to fix it, don't you think ?
  6. Witless wonders giving an angular German Eagle to a Polish ship.... My Bitchawitcha is sooo heppeeeh NOT ! Mark my words - If the Polish veterans of the Western front could have voted they would have voted on the 303 or something that had real Polish iconography.
  7. Arise riders of Theoden !


  8. If you have T10 ships... ...but happy amateur stats THEN we might be the clan for you ! English speaking ONLY, text ONLY. That is: you only need to speak English and only own a keyboard. Our ambition is to start playing clan wars once or twice a week sometime in the future. That means this is still a project in progress... BUT it also means that new active players will have a lot of say and influence. Naturally we have all the useful structures, the docks, research centres etc. Apply to ROHAN today ! * free virtual horse with membership *