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  1. EijiroPaenices

    Super Containers

    @Ysterpyp I haven't got any SC since 3 months now , guess I used up all my luck.
  2. EijiroPaenices

    Now I see why premiums are expensive.......

    Hi MeTaLMoose, Thanks for posting this video. It really shows the work behind those models and I hope some players will now understand why those ships are this expensive. I work regularly with 3D modeling and I know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to draw such large and detailed models, especially when you don't have all data and measures. I work mostly with already modeled parts and I admire Wargaming for being able to reproduce those ships often just from photographs and blueprints. As a player that plays World of Warships not only for the gameplay but for the ships, I think Wargaming has done a great job so far. Incredible details, movement animations and historical accuracy as far as the gameplay allows, all of those make the ships in game not only a pleasure to play but also really beautiful to watch. You asked for the software that is used and how it is done. Well, I don't know the exact software, but in the video you can see that the ships are directly modeled from original blueprints and cutaway drawings. The redraw the blueprint as a 2D sketch and extrude it to the 3D model. That is how the most 3D modeling programs work. Here, they extrude the hull from a original blueprint (The yellow fields are the template for the correct beam and angle as you can see in the picture below) Here they model the correct angle with the use of a original drawing (You can see that the 3D model matches to the lines) I hope I could show you bit how the 3D modeling is done, although I don't know much about the process that is used in the Wargaming studios. If anyone could find out the software which is used I would also be interested. See you at sea, Captain! Sincerely Eiji
  3. Ahoy Captains! July 4th was a bad day for me. On that day I came home from school, exhausted and full of anticipation to play World of Warships. But it wasn't to be. When I tried to get into battle, it would always load and load and when I restarted the game there would be a battle with the results "draw" with all my premium consumables used. Something that really ticked me off, especially because I didn't had much of them left and now I wasted some. Eventually I stopped the game and played something different... I thought it was a problem with my internet connection or something like that and because I could play normal on the next day, I didn't spend much time thinking about it. But on the weekend I suddenly had a day of premium time on my account plus five of all standard battle and economical flags. I was surprised because there was no event or something alike that could have given me such a reward. Today when I looked through my mails I found the solution: I am really thankful for this compensation. Not only because I don't know any game company that compensates it's players for server problems (Honestly, Ubisoft would be bankrupt by now...), but also because the reward made up for the issue. As thankful as I am, there is still a little issue with the compensation. I don't know if this was because of my mail server, or if Wargaming really sent me the mail not until yesterday, but if I wasn't a regular player I wouldn't had seen that I have a day worth of premium time. The premium time would start July 8th ad I received the mail on July 9th. But except for this issue I am really pleased by the fact that Wargaming seems to care about it's players and would like to congratulate them for their work. World of Warships isn't my favorite game for nothing :D See you at sea, Captains! Sincerely Eiji
  4. EijiroPaenices

    What about the Scharnost and the Tirpitz?

    Tirpitz punches you in the face until you are dead, while the Scharnhorst stabs you and watches you bleed...
  5. EijiroPaenices

    khabarovsk- Detonation

    Hi yaniv681, Detonations on the Khabarovsk occur more often than on other ships and that has some simple reasons. First the mechanics of detonations. Detonations occur when the shell explodes in one of your magazines. The magazines are not the citadel. The citadel contains vital compartments to your ship such as the engine room while the magazines store the ammunition. The magazines are located at the bottom of the turrets and are very well protected. Detonations occur if one of those magazines is penetrated, the shell goes off in it and the stored ammunition blows up, which triggers a chain of explosions that destroy the ship. Detonations aren't bound to happen 100% if a shell penetrates a magazine. Now, why does the Khabarovsk detonate much more often than other tier X DDs? Well, the Khabarovsk is better armored than other DDs. This means that shells that hit the ship will fuse and detonate within it, which results in normal hits instead of over penetrations. While shells fly right through the magazines on other DDs, they will go off in the magazines on the Khabarovsk. An other reason simply because the Khabarovsk has one magazine more than other DDs on it's tier except for the Z-52 (which hasn't the armor values of the Khabarovsk). This increases the chances of a detonation. The reason you get detonated from the front and rear more often is because the shells travel further until they reach the magazines, so they go off right in it. The best way to decrease your chance of detonation is to equip the Juliet Charlie flag that decreases it to 0% regardless of other modifiers that may increase it. Hope this helps and have fun See you at sea, Captain! Sincerely Eiji
  6. EijiroPaenices

    How can I edit my profile?

    Hi DieBratwurst_1_ Here's a little visualization of the procedure to get to the profile picture / signature settings: Get to to your profile... ...and change your profile picture by clicking on your old one To get to the signature settings: Go to the account settings... ...and change or insert a signature with the indicated option. Hope you can use it and looking forward to your new profile pic / signature See you at sea, Captain! Sincerely Eiji
  7. EijiroPaenices

    The upcoming update and PT 0.6.8

    This will be one of the best updates this year besides update 0.6.5 "Hunt for the Bismarck". A lot of new content, new ships and a new campaign, I'm looking forward to it . Rewards like ships, premium time, doubloons and free exp will still be rare. They nerfed the container earlier this year and when they did this they decreased the chance for such rare wins. Now they are increasing it again, but this isn't much of an increase. The chance of winning a rare reward won't be 25%. They just increase they already existing chance by 25% (As example 4% win chance + 25% increase = 5% win chance). Overall chance for a super container s about 1-2% (Not official) so they will increase this to maybe a 1.25-2.5% chance of winning a super container. However don't get distracted by the numbers. The chances of winning a super container vary from player to player.
  8. EijiroPaenices

    New ship preview: High School Fleet

    I WANT THOSE SHIPS!!!! Seriously, thank you Wargaming for bringing us those awesome collaborations. I started playing World of Warships exactly a year ago (June 2016) because a friend recommended it to me. But my main reason to start playing was not only because I just watched Arpeggio of the blue Steel and Kantai Collection, but mainly because Haifuri just ended on June 25 and I was in a "warship fever" . So Haifuri brought me to WoWs accompanied by ARP. When I started playing I was really excited that I could play the ARP ships (even with correct voicelines ). Now with the Haifuri-Collaboration I can also play the ships that brought me to this game. Also Kagero is one of my favourite ships in game and I'm really excited for one that isn't lacking in the artillery compartement (Although the original one can be pretty nasty too with captain skills).
  9. Mmh, that would be a possibility, but there are also cruisers that rely on camping, for example the poor Des Moines, so you would have to balance it in a way, that not every ship is affected the same by the drifting. Like mikelight1805 mentioned above you would have to watch out that people don't get even more campy (This even a word?). I think it would be nice to implement a current on some maps that make camping in some particular spots for bigger ships impossible or very difficult. Here's an example with the map Two Brothers. It would be dangerous to camp behind the Islands because you could be drifted out into the open, but smaller ships (blue dots) could still go into some cover.
  10. I do understand you point steviln, but I don't think that would change the game in a good way. See, Gajin is bringing out their Naval Battle extension to WarThunder. WarThunder is more simulator-like than world of tanks and so they implemented waves and wind. And they seem to be really struggling with getting this working. I played a Naval Battle a bit and I have to say the aiming is crap with the waves. I also wish for a more "stormy" atmosphere when a cyclone is going on in the game, but I don't want this to affect the gameplay. See you at sea, Captain! Sincerely Eiji
  11. EijiroPaenices

    Give Myogi Type 91 AP/APC on C hull

    I really like the Myogi, I even bought her again after I finished the IJN BB line to play with some friends who are new to the game. The Myogi excels at speed, something I really like from the early IJN BBs (except Kawachi but we don't talk about that one). Her armor isn't bad, you just shouldn't show your broadside to much. But it's true, her armament is underperforming to a whole new level for 356mm-Caliber guns. But I think this isn't the ammunition that keeps her from getting high damage scores. I think the problem really is the dispersion. Myogi hasn't much guns, and her reload isn't that great. So she has a low RoF to begin with. But then the dispersion keeps her from even scoring more than three hits per salvo as I experienced. And the hits are mostly over penetrations. So I think it is the dispersion that should be buffed because less guns -> better dispersion and not less guns -> worse dispersion
  12. EijiroPaenices

    Commander Advance

    Hi Laucco, I don't know if you still need it, because this post is from February, but here's a good Captain Skill layout for German BBs on Tier VIII-X. For those ships there are three main aspects that make this Skill Layout. First the secondaries. Those ships have the best secondary batteries in the game, so you should definitely improve them by range and accuracy. Second the concealment. The German BBs have pretty bad Concealment ratings so you can improve that too. Third is the AA. This is also pretty good and definitely worth an improvement. Here is a skill layout you can use for those ships. Red are priority skills ( First 10p), while the orange ones are not that important but also neat if you have enough points. Hope this helps you and have fun with the BBs See you at sea, Captain! Sincerely Eiji
  13. EijiroPaenices

    Tips for improving

    Hi Admiral_Cain I also play with the dynamic crosshair and I stacked up pretty heavy experience with it. My absolute favorite ship in WoWs is the Fuso, which requires pretty good aiming with its range of 21.8 km (without plane) and I found out some tricks to improve my shots. Some of them vary because of they different velocity on other ships, but mostly they work on all. So here's a little list with my tips and tricks that might help you. - With the Dynamic Crosshair you can pretty much aim at ships by number (Stats for 15km, 10-20km with a little bit of adjustment required): - DDs (35-40kn): aim with 15 at the front of the ship - CAs (30-35kn): aim with 10 at center of the ship - BBs (20-30kn): center them between 5 and 10 Now some tips I recently noticed and improved my aiming a lot. First for the battleships: - IJN Battleships tend to shoot high. Aim a little bit in front of the ship that you're shooting at. Shells that hit the water will fuse and detonate in the citadel. This works especially good when shooting at light cruisers. Don't get discouraged by shooting around ships. IJN BBs tend to have one third horribly inaccurate salvos. The other salvos are really precise. - USN Battleships shoot accurate, but their dispersion, especially on the lower and mid tiers is pretty bad. Don't shoot DDs it will be only a waste of ammunition if you haven't loaded any HE. Aim always a little bit up. USN BBs tend to group most of the shells a bit lower than you aimed. - German BBs are pretty accurate. Their main feat is their AP penetration value so don't refrain from shooting BBs from the front ^ ^. - Low and mid tiers (III-VIII) tend to have higher damage output if you are shooting full broadsides. I noticed this especially at tier VI with the Fuso and the New Mexico and the whole German BB line, which seem to have a tighter grouping of the shells if they are firing full broadsides Next cruisers: - Some cruisers (British and Russian) require an adjustment to your aiming, because of their lacking velocity on longer distances. Shoot CAs as if you are shooting DDs and shoot at BBs as if you're shooting CAs - Always shoot for the superstructure of BBs. Lately I saw a lot of replays where the player shoots at the hull of BBs which does almost no damage. - Remember that some CAs can citadel others with ease. Try to switch to AP if the enemy CA shows you the broadside. And last but not least DDs: - Low velocity guns on the most DD require heavy adjustment with aiming. The high rate of fire makes it easy to reaim while shooting. I hope this helps you to make use of the Dynamic Crosshair. I looked at your stats and they seem to be pretty good to me. You are better than the average wows-player. I can't really judge your gameplay, I would need a replay and more time to analyze, but you seem to have a pretty similar play style like me, so here are some tips that helped me a lot. You seem to like the German BBs but you also seem to die a lot in them. Those BBs are really great for pushing and CQC (Close Quarter Combat) but they tend to take a lot of DMG from CAs and enemy BBs. Try to play more from the second line. Wait at the beginning of the game and stay behind your CAs and clear out enemy CAs. When your team has spotted all enemy DDs try to start pushing at the spot where almost no enemy ships are. Never try this alone, a flanking DD can ruin your day pretty fast. Personal tip for the Grosser Kurfürst: Attack in rotating runs. Stay behind a cap, push in from the side, dish out some 10-20k salvos, rapidly pull strait back and don't stay at the front. Pull back until they stop shooting at you, then heal and repeat the maneuver. IJN Battleships can be true DMG monsters if you play them correctly. Like the German BBs wait at the beginning of the game. Start shooting at long ranges and gradually get closer during the match. Try to spot the side the enemy hasn't positioned himself and start pushing. Look out that you don't have enemies shooting from two sides at you. The rotation speed of the turrets on IJN BBs can't keep up with such a situation. Personal tip for Amagi / Fuso: Those two ships have improved a lot in the last half a year and their gameplay changed heavily. The Fuso changed to one of the most accurate ships at Tier VI so sniping is a good possibility at the beginning of the game. However don't lose your access to the team. The Amagi has now turtleback armor (the same as the germans) and proves to be very resistant to BBs. I experienced that you can snipe full life DDs from 15 km with Amagi / Nagato. Don't refrain from shooting DDs. The Fuso has more than enough guns and the Amagi seems to hit them every time I shoot (I shoot AP). I have written a lot, I hope you can pull out some profit from it. Last a little tip for a fun game. If you find yourself uptiered to Tier VII-VIII with the Fuso, try shooting HE during the whole match. I did this sometime and the effects were amazing (12000 Alpha DMG + 2 Fires). See you at sea, Captain! Sincerely Eiji
  14. EijiroPaenices

    What about the Scharnost and the Tirpitz?

    I started playing World of Warships last June (2016) because a friend recommended it to me and I just watched Haifuri! (High School Fleet), ARP (Arpeggio of the Blue Steel) and Kantai Collection and I was somewhat in a warship hype. I started playing the IJN BB tree first, followed by the German cruiser line. When I reached Tier V in both trees, I purchased the Tirpitz and the Atago , not only because I liked both ships (Tirpitz was my absolute favorite ship at the time), but also because I wanted to prepare myself for high tier matchmaking and gameplay. I think both of those ships are great for this purpose. Especially the Tirpitz is a ship with training wheels and the Atago is a good learning ship for high tier cruiser play. Although I don't know the Scharnhorst because I don't have it, I think it's a great ship. But I think it's a bit underperforming. The Scharnhorst can be very easy to play, mostly because of her armor, her speed and her rate of fire, but she doesn't handle the matchmaking of Tier VII as good as her sister ship the Gneisenau as example. This is because of her low caliber guns, that really don't seem to perform that well in Tier VIII-IX. Because of this I heavily recommend you the Tirpitz, because she is a more solid performer for than the Scharnhorst and can perform even in Tier IX-X with her high-penetrating AP. And she has now the same secondaries as the Bismarck . So my conclusion is, that the Scharnhorst is a really good ship, but not suited for new players, because of her performance in Tier VIII-IX. The Tirpitz is probably the best ship to learn the gameplay of the higher tiers and she is a really good credit earning machine (my experience). Hope this helps you with your decision See you at sea, Captain!
  15. EijiroPaenices

    Super Containers

    Until now I got quite lucky with my super containers. Prior to the nerf I got a lot of them and although I can't remember them all a lot of them were containing flags. But I also got very outstanding rewards and a lot of them. Here's a list with my most lucky wins: - 10 million credits - 5 million credits - USS Texas / 10p Captain - 1000 Doubloons - ORP Błyskawica / 10p Captain - Prinz Eugen / 10p Captain - Okhotnik / 10p Captain Then came the super container nerf and my wins decreased significantly. I didn't got as much super containers as before and when I got one they contained an upgrade. But even after the nerf I still got one with a premium ship. - HMS Warspite / 10p Captain The best part about my wins is, that I mostly selected the container for credits and I got a super container instead. The useless upgrades were from super containers I got through the "Try your luck" selection. I am really thankful for those super containers so I can't really complain about the nerf, but I think others also deserve such wins. The super containers are generated randomly, but after the nerf the chance of really valuable rewards like I got decreased a lot. Definitely a point that should be corrected. Even if Wargaming doesn't want to give away to much premium ships they should at least buff the upgrades. I got four of them until now and I haven't installed one of them, because if I have to choose between the regular ones and a premium upgrade the regular ones seem more valuable to me and I keep them installed. An other opportunity would be to create a new slot for the premium consumables. This would at least make them usable, because until now the value of the regular upgrades kept me from installing the premium ones.