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  1. huymog

    Grosser Kurfürst less accurate with snowflakes?

    To the quoted poster: Why be so aggressive? I indicated in the OP that it could be my imagination, an impression, and is not a data backed observation. I also gave an example in a later response of something unwanted slipping into the game code having an effect on a function unrelated to the intended change. This makes the application of Occam's Razor (of which Hitchen's razor is an extreme extension) very questionable. Data: I unfortunately do not have a pre-snowflake copy of the game to do any tests. Also please state that you have or have not noticed a change in the last few days to give me my second data point, unless you as a modder have data or evidence to back up your "No, was not" assertion. To all: I had got to like the guns for their improved accuracy and then in the last few days dislike them again. My point is that the change in gun accuracy is subtle, some did not notice that the accuracy of GK's guns had been buffed, and would not notice if they had reverted back to the old values. I am very comfortable with responses along the lines of - "I have played GK and do not believe there was a change with the start of the snowflake event - it's you, forget it!" Given a good majority of "You are imaging it" answers from forum contributors I would say OK, and simply stop playing the GK. I knew I was asking for trouble posting this, but speaking for myself, although I believe it would apply to many similar posts, the simple - no, I've looked, your mistaken - answer would close down the thread quicker than clever comments. So guys, give me your opinion on the snowflake GK based on your experience. Then, whichever way it goes, I can stop being a victim of my own conspiracy theory and return to sanity in my Covid bunker and play more WOWS.
  2. huymog

    Grosser Kurfürst less accurate with snowflakes?

    Thank you for your feedback. I respect your opinion.
  3. huymog

    Grosser Kurfürst less accurate with snowflakes?

    Is that an opinion. Have you just played the Kurfürst and don't think that anything has changed, or consulted with WG and can thus state that there was not a coding regression?
  4. huymog

    Grosser Kurfürst less accurate with snowflakes?

    That has nothing to do with my question, although all may be true some of the time for some people. Please stay on topic. Your points are, as you stated, well covered elsewhere. More useful would have been for you to have played the Kurfürst and given me your conclusion, that is if you ever played the ship with the improved gun characteristics. I am referring a problem such as that that was seen in the KOTS tournament where the Yamato's guns were turning like destroyer guns. May be a little overstated, but the rate of rotation was way higher than it should have been, and was significant enough for many commentators to comment upon. Coding problems after revisions and additions can and do occur.
  5. huymog

    Grosser Kurfürst less accurate with snowflakes?

    Was there a regression when the snowflake code was added?
  6. I'm rushing to finish the upgrade for this ship and have played it a lot recently. Am I imagining it, or has the main gun accuracy reverted to its old level? I have had this impression since the snowflakes were added. Could someone check please?
  7. huymog

    World of Warships & Linux (guide)

    I have a WoWs steam account and I can play on Steam running on linux (Arch) with proton 5.0-9. I have Aslain's mods installed and everything works fine. To do this simply run Aslain's .exe file in Windows and load into an empty folder, (ignore the warning) then in linux copy the Aslain files into the same Steam directory as the WoWs .exe file.
  8. huymog

    No DD battles and 4 DD per side ones

    Not pityfull but logical.
  9. huymog

    Please remove the Ocean map

    Exactly, they don't see it often enough to work out what works and what doesn't. Let's have it more so that players can get to know the strengths and weaknesses of their ships, things like ricochet angles, firing and detection ranges and armour schemes, plus positional awareness ship to ship. This is something unique in this game compared to most shoot 'em arcade games with their hide, ambush, shoot playstyle. For me looks like a World of Tanks game design mentality with all the islands as hiding/ambush sites.
  10. huymog

    Please remove the Ocean map

    It is there, but you didn't find it because I haven't played it in random since it was moved to tier 8. My experience with island hugging cruisers is mainly with the US heavies which I find more versatile than the lights. I totally agree that US lights may be awkward to play on ocean, but do you really have enough experience on ocean (the map is so rare these days, and the US lights did not exist when it was more common, except of course the old tier 6 Cleveland) to work out a mode of play on that map with US lights. It would require skill I admit. Anyway, how about a domination map with islands only on one half of the map, one cap surrounded by islands, one cap with islands close on one side, and the the third cap out in open water. Should be good for all!
  11. huymog

    Please remove the Ocean map

    I have a Worcester on my US account and a Cleveland on this one. I agree islands benefit some ships, they benefit US light cruisers and to some extent the heavies as well. I like the Zao, an open water ship, you get 99 maps which favour your ship, I get 1 which favours mine!
  12. huymog

    Please remove the Ocean map

    Yes and yes! Dictionary.com Exploit verb (used with object) 1. to utilize, especially for profit; turn to practical account:to exploit a business opportunity. 2. to use selfishly for one's own ends:employers who exploit their workers. 3. to advance or further through exploitation; promote:He exploited his new movie through a series of guest appearances. I used exploit it as in meaning 1.
  13. huymog

    Please remove the Ocean map

    I think that the problem people have with this map is that it does not come up often enough. The immediate response is, hell, no islands now what do I do. Ocean does put some ships at a disadvantage, mostly those that are the best at exploiting laying up close to islands. The opposite is also true if you choose to take an open water ship. The real issue with the map is that it is so rare that players can not develop their skills and tactics appropriate to the map.
  14. Exactly, I agree for all the stats except win rate. This forum is biased towards good and very good players - these will increase their win rate by changing to carriers. Should a worse than average player like myself change to CVs I suspect that it is more likely that I would be on the losing side if the other team had a better CV player. This of course applies to all classes, but, because CVs are OP and have a greater effect on the outcome of the game I would be more likely to be on the losing side in the game I was playing in a CV than with another class of ship and thus my win rate would drop by playing CVs.
  15. huymog

    defence of new port operation rigged to fail?

    I played this op twice today. The first game was magic, the whole team knew what to do, I was not hit once but had 7 kills, mostly DDs in a Leander. The 2 russian BBs were deadly to the cruisers. The trick seemed to be stay near or better just outside the defence perimeter. Move to get a good shot and concentrate fire on the lead bot. The 2 russian BBs were well positioned so 1 or the other had the cruisers or BBs broadside near but outside the defence perimeter. Our 1 DD stayed alive and took out the Izumo. And at least 2 of us remembered to cover the reinforcing cruiser. Choice of ships is important, I was very impressed with the russian BB for this op. The second was a complete disaster, we only killed one or 2 of the main wave and lost very quickly. Some ships went out to meet the enemy and were focus fired by the bots, from there on it was was rapidly downhill. I like this op. It is not too easy and needs intelligent positioning by all the team - and I know that is the biggest problem in the game.