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  1. huymog

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    Exactly, I agree for all the stats except win rate. This forum is biased towards good and very good players - these will increase their win rate by changing to carriers. Should a worse than average player like myself change to CVs I suspect that it is more likely that I would be on the losing side if the other team had a better CV player. This of course applies to all classes, but, because CVs are OP and have a greater effect on the outcome of the game I would be more likely to be on the losing side in the game I was playing in a CV than with another class of ship and thus my win rate would drop by playing CVs.
  2. huymog

    defence of new port operation rigged to fail?

    I played this op twice today. The first game was magic, the whole team knew what to do, I was not hit once but had 7 kills, mostly DDs in a Leander. The 2 russian BBs were deadly to the cruisers. The trick seemed to be stay near or better just outside the defence perimeter. Move to get a good shot and concentrate fire on the lead bot. The 2 russian BBs were well positioned so 1 or the other had the cruisers or BBs broadside near but outside the defence perimeter. Our 1 DD stayed alive and took out the Izumo. And at least 2 of us remembered to cover the reinforcing cruiser. Choice of ships is important, I was very impressed with the russian BB for this op. The second was a complete disaster, we only killed one or 2 of the main wave and lost very quickly. Some ships went out to meet the enemy and were focus fired by the bots, from there on it was was rapidly downhill. I like this op. It is not too easy and needs intelligent positioning by all the team - and I know that is the biggest problem in the game.
  3. huymog

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    Hmmm, I'm not a statistics man, but I don't think you can be sure to increase your win rate just by changing to CVs, teams are balanced and for every winning CV there will be a losing CV. Better players may be able to boost the win rate because the CV has a greater influence on the game, but then weaker CV players would see their win rate go down. I do agree with your statement for other stats, things like average damage and the Personal Rating could well be improved across the board by switching to CVs.
  4. huymog

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    Apology accepted. Trouble is El2AzeR is very good. I've had the misfortune to see him/her carry the whole red team in a game - he/she is very good and knows how to exploit the OPness of current CVs.
  5. huymog

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    El2AzeR said 1 CV per team, that is balanced - this is not the case in your reply.
  6. huymog

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    A short summary of the CV problem!