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  1. Level 2 Captain Skill for Omaha?

    Last stand. It`s a light cruiser with an obnoxious citadel. A jammed rudder, or broken engine equals death if you can`t repair it.
  2. There are not enough BB`s in the game so WG has to put in BB`s dressed up as Cruisers.

    Also Git Gud, or Git Rekt. You are playing at mid tiers, where most He spammers have no armor and die to 2 AP shells. Just stop camping at 10th line and you`ll be fine.
  4. Burning ships and repair.

    Yeah, works for me, and I`m using this to record all the cancer i face in my games. An example: battleship using my Akizuki as a riot shield.20180518_144239_PJSD108-Akizuki_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  5. Burning ships and repair.

    @BeauNidl3 You can`t get a fire when damage con is active (or any other incapacitation, or DoT effect), so this wasn`t a case. @Migantium_Mashum Try this: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/articles/128/ This should help if you see anything unexplainable in the future.
  6. Burning ships and repair.

    First things first: do you have a replay?
  7. Burning ships and repair.

    Pics or didn`t happen...
  8. GKF with a big "maybe" attached to it. I also though about Z-52 just for the improved JOAT, so i can reduce cooldowns on hydro, and smoke, but then again i`d have to remove AR, or something else for it.
  9. Atago rudder... WTF?

    Yeah, i tends to break a lot. I storngly advice running Last Stand on Atago.
  10. Cheating (again on public record )

    +1 for replay bug. Also that Fuso`s glorious tanking on a saturated nose.
  11. Best destroyer at Tier 7?

    There isn`t one, just like at tier 10. Each and every one of them is better at one thing, and worse at other things. For example if you want to hunt enemy DD`s Leningrad, and Sims are both really good, but they are both garbage if they have to contest caps due to awful concealment. Shiratsuyu, Akatsuki, and Gadjah Mada all are great at dealing with enemy capital ships, but they have trouble defending themselves against enemy DD`s: IJNs can`t outgun anyone so it relies completly on it`s torpedoes, and Gadjah is vulnerable to being bum-rushed with torpedoes because it can`t torp the enemy DD back, though in this particular case her guns are a very strong deterrent.
  12. Anyone wants me can have me

    I hate to mention it but isn`t that what my firend`s ex said?
  13. Asashio and Teamplay

    Yes, and no. I found out that Asashio isn`t really meant to play as "Any other T8 DD". In fact you mustn`t rush for caps, and try to win a DD skirmish, as you do in your typical DD, unless you can comfortably outspot the enemy DD. It`s most effective at supporting cruisers, which in turn support Asashio against enemy DD`s. You must hug your cruisers, as you would hug your waifu, and smoke them up at every smoke cooldown (as needed). Asashio`s job is to make your CA`s life as easy as possible, so they can make the life of your BB`s, and DD`s as easy as possible. It can strike directly, but i don`t think it`s really meant to. Consider it as Kitakami v.2.0.
  14. Simple sulotion for border humping?

    Victory comes in small steps though. I belive that giving BBabies at least a notion that border isn`t your friend, will make them avoid it a bit more.
  15. Simple sulotion for border humping?

    I think i should clarify that the point of this suggestion isn`t to punish the deed, but to deter BBabies, and other border huggers from hugging the border in the first place.