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  1. Infiriel

    IFHE on daring

    If you want to play randoms, then it`s ok to go AP-only, and get i.e. BFT instead. Especially on weekend, when general stupidity is at it`s weekly highest. HE does give you more flexibility, but if you don`t have to use it, then why use it? It`s a different story if you want to take it to the CB environment - not that it`s the most viable DD for CB.
  2. Infiriel

    Atago + Atago B

    I wonder why it might be so... ...meanwhile at WG HQ:
  3. Infiriel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Getting a win on weekend is somewhat tricky for me :/
  4. Infiriel

    Bring bach old Zipangu port please.

    I find the lack of anime catgirls in Zipangu disturbing.
  5. Infiriel

    Bad Destroyer (DD) PLayers

    Game is very unforgiving, and often unfair for DD players. There are many bad players as with every other class, but in other ships you: Don`t get overpenned with a single shell for third to half of your HP. Don`t have enemies that can instagib you as soon as you spot them (wooster please). Don`t rely completly on other players for survival (GL playing against any good CV) Can take fire from any ship for reasonable amount of time.
  6. Infiriel

    Old IJN dds are fine?

    I vote for buff (or preferably a rework of this line), because abundance of "balanced" consumables aswell as popularity of certain cancers known as Daring, and Wooster make DDs such as old IJN branch completly unplayable. You have to get close to get any chance of landing torpedoes on a target that isn`t AFK, and if you do actually torp somebody you have about 20 seconds left to live, because now you are spotted by 5 radars and a hydro (or CV if you have that one friend which didn`t hear about ships with 2000+ AA dps yet). I think it`s more about issues with game mechanics than actual strenght of a ship. While CV rework is on the way, we might aswell try and convince WG to make radar and hydro obey the laws of physics, and stop going through islands. The other thing i blame for a sorry state of torpedoboats is the dreaded "Spotted" marker which i.e. makes hunting down CV impossible, because as soon as you can see him he will be notified. It helps people determine an exact position, and/or prescence of enemy DD, which again - makes landing torpedoes even harder, because they know when to stay on alert, and/or activate their "skill equalizers" (radar). You can represent it as an assasin trying to sneak up on someone, but first calling his target that he`s about to sneak up on him. Who doesn`t like the challange?
  7. Infiriel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    No screen this time, but anyway... I`ve been clubbing in my V-25 as usual (free flags! ), ended up with 6 kills and died, but before that i told one of teammates to go cap "Just in case we screw up up north". We did screw up. Obviously. He did actually listen, skipped farming damage, and got himself a brand new Solo warrior badge. Miracles do happen
  8. Infiriel


    I guess noobqueror is not foolproof enough for weekend warriors yet. Buff please.
  9. Infiriel

    Submarines! Submarines everywhere!

    I consider Barracuda to be hands-down the strongest sub atm. It has a completly sick fire chance on it`s secondaries, with good rof, reload, and accuracy. Just land a freeze-torp, surface near the stunned target, and circle him until flood+quad fire does it`s job, otherwise dive-out.
  10. Infiriel

    EU server down?

    Now we`re on to crashing the forums too :D Server said it was going down for maintenance so yeah, WG is replacing hamsters, and RNG dice. Stay frosty.
  11. Infiriel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The biggest rollercoaster in a while. We won this in literally last 5 seconds, losing through almost entire game beforehand. (replay attached) 20181017_192925_PJSD518-Asashio_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  12. Infiriel

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    The problem with AP damage against DD`s was never about AP shells themself, but rather about how easy it is nowadays to permaf̶u̶c̶k̶ spot DD`s with radar/hydro that goes through mountains, or planes that are essentialy invincibe against all but few DD`s.
  13. Infiriel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Typical 210k loss Also i got flamed, and reported by Musashi that camped all game at I line because i didn`t push into triple Yamato division supported by 3 dd`s :) Enjoy your weekend everyone :)
  14. Infiriel

    HMS Hood play advice

    Get a lot of detonation flags. ATM Hood has one of, if not the most accurate BB guns at T7, however you should NOT stay at max range and snipe, because it`s not a Yamato, and bad shell characteristics will heavily hinder Hood`s performance. If i were to buy Hood (i have enough premiums already) i`d play it as mid-range ship. You have the health advantage, good guns, and quite good armor scheme (not a german one though). I don`t think it must be mentioned, but still - don`t brawl with a ship sporting a 930m turning circle, and don`t bow-tank other BB`s (since 25mm is being overmatched by T7 BB guns)
  15. Now I`m wondering where they got that retarded heal from.