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  1. Infiriel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    The biggest rollercoaster in a while. We won this in literally last 5 seconds, losing through almost entire game beforehand. (replay attached) 20181017_192925_PJSD518-Asashio_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  2. Infiriel

    Interaction of large-caliber AP shells with DDs

    The problem with AP damage against DD`s was never about AP shells themself, but rather about how easy it is nowadays to permaf̶u̶c̶k̶ spot DD`s with radar/hydro that goes through mountains, or planes that are essentialy invincibe against all but few DD`s.
  3. Infiriel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Typical 210k loss Also i got flamed, and reported by Musashi that camped all game at I line because i didn`t push into triple Yamato division supported by 3 dd`s :) Enjoy your weekend everyone :)
  4. Infiriel

    HMS Hood play advice

    Get a lot of detonation flags. ATM Hood has one of, if not the most accurate BB guns at T7, however you should NOT stay at max range and snipe, because it`s not a Yamato, and bad shell characteristics will heavily hinder Hood`s performance. If i were to buy Hood (i have enough premiums already) i`d play it as mid-range ship. You have the health advantage, good guns, and quite good armor scheme (not a german one though). I don`t think it must be mentioned, but still - don`t brawl with a ship sporting a 930m turning circle, and don`t bow-tank other BB`s (since 25mm is being overmatched by T7 BB guns)
  5. Now I`m wondering where they got that retarded heal from.
  6. Infiriel

    Hood vs Scharnhorst

    I`d say Scharnhorst every day. It has really good armor: essentially citadel-proof, unlike other T7 BB`s except Gneise it can go nose-in against any BB - including Musashi, it has torpedoes that make BB vs BB fight trivial, and it`s also quite agile (for a BB at least). If played properly it`s eaisly the strongest T7 BB. You have to go in, screaming LEROY JENKINS quite often though. Still you choose Hood if: You hate CV`s, since it has a completly retarded short range (1.5-2.3km with upgrade) AA when defensive AA is active. You want to blap DD`s and CA/CL`s eaisier. Detonations doesn`t bother you
  7. Infiriel

    Finally - the 1 xp high tier win.

    He only got that 1 xp because it`s a freemium :>
  8. Infiriel

    Japanese Destroyers

    As mentioned above there are major differences between the lines. "Torpedoboat line" that ends with Shimakaze focuses on high-damage torpedoes, speed, and low detection values. They are really good scout boats, and they excel at defending the location, and contesting capture points - that is if you know what you`re doing, because they can`t really win an even gunfight against any other ship until tiers 9&10. "Gunboat line" that ends with Harugumo focus on guns, however they play like a torpedoboat until tier 8 (Akizuki) - captain retraining is adviced at this point due to a massive shift in gameplay. IJN gunboat are in a really good spot now, and IMHO they are much more competitive than IJN torpedoboat line. They have great gunpower, but they suffer in terms of concealment, and torpedo reload. (they still get IJN torpedoes though)
  9. Infiriel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    When you do 240k dmg and still have to resort to winning by points... Gotta love weekends.
  10. Infiriel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    200k loss, because why not. . But it can`t happen twice in a row RIIIIIIIIGHT? Well *repeatedly move back and forth in a linear fashion* you...
  11. Infiriel

    Robbed of dreadnought by WG spaghetti code?

    Sadly i shut the wows down after this one so i can`t :/ I did double check that after getting screens.
  12. Infiriel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    "Lidl Khaba" confirmed.
  13. - Got hit by 4 different ships - Tanked almost twice my health (Scharnhorst is 56k hp) - No dreadnought Ty WG Anyone else encountered this problem?
  14. Infiriel

    Cheating [edited]1000+ players on T1

    Oh i wish that "less skilled players" were confined to tier 4, but you aren`t crying about that are you? Let me remind you then: playing on lower tier isn`t against rules. You also have an equal chance of both facing, and getting one of those player on your team. On the other hand T1 is still far from optimal for sealclubbing, so you won`t find many skilled players there. Personally i farm my krakens, and high calibers in V-25, which seems to be the best ship tier 1-4 for me. Cheers