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  1. Pink name bug

    Guess why i`m pink now... Answear: An intelligent DD doing a 90 degree turn just to hit my torps (and ground himself right beforehand). You can expect more intelligence from Co-op AI than from random players, hence DON`T fire torps if there is any ally infront of you/on the way.
  2. Shima Yugumo Atago NC And a few 17-18 pointers as of now. Also a seal clubbing captain at Longjiang (16)
  3. I never said it`s a good design (actually i said it`s going to be boring A-F), but it certainly isn`t overpowered if enemy team has any idea about the game.
  4. So i met Asashio today for the first time, and guess what. He got rekt. I belive the only reason why Potatogod aka Flamu is capable of scoring 100k torp volleys is because people don`t know what Asashio is capable of. https://replayswows.com/replay/16994#stats I belive it`s meant to be this weak in terms of self-defence, so the torps can actually be this strong w/o making this ship invulnerable.
  5. Stop smoking up BBs!

    If your DD is relevant (and/or all enemy DD`s are either spotted beyond spot range or dead) it`s perfectly fine to get your BB`s smoked up - if they ever happen to be near a DD that is. Still though, smokes are torpedo magnets regardless of what is being smoked up.
  6. This is what tends to happen if you blap too many dd`s. (Zulu+Wyvern+French camo+prem)
  7. Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    Don`t forget the 4-5k overpens :) Please tell me what did that fletcher do wrong.
  8. Suggestions thread

    Add a warning (and/or block getting into a battle for e.g. 10s) if you`ve ran out of camo (and/or flag) you cannot auto-resupply.
  9. You are talking about the 1 in 20 game. MM gods won`t allow it... Anyway assuming you happened to be a T6 BBblessed with enemy Asashio, the rules remain mostly unchanged. Hug islands, and use cruiser/dd screen. I`ve seen enough of Yueyang on Yueyang action :) However Akizuki-kun (or good-ol Loyang) will soon come to pacify them.
  10. Once Asashio DWT torps are spotted, just move your hunk of steel so there would be literally any allied ship between you and the direction, from which said torps arrived. Or island, since they have over 9000mm of armor. And again: if he torps from behind his cruiser line he doesn`t provide any spotting, or cap control.
  11. Yes i did: the initial volley hit yamatos sailing in a straight line, and then there were BB`s rushing DD which is about as smart as getting Survivability Expert on a tier 3 BB If you can`t determine even approximate position of enemy DD`s, then you`re doomed to get torped regardless of what DD`s enemy have. Yes it it completly possible to STAY WITH A GODDAMN FLEET even in a BB, but if you scout the 10 line it`s only your fault. If he doesn`t play outside of his fleet going nose-in against said enemy fleet will fix the problem for you (saturation after first torp). If he plays outside of his fleet (or in other words try to flank, or get any better angle) your DD`s should murder him in no time. Again the only reason why Asashio might be able to brutalize you is because of your own failure - to either not show broadside, or to turn every now and then. And by the way - there is a ship called Yueyang, that can do pretty much the same thing. But also has decent guns, and can hit cruisers with torps.
  12. OH NO A BATTLESHIP COUNTER EVERY ONE BAIL OUT!!!!11!1ONE But for real I agree with Flamu that this ship won`t be fun to play, however this shows how bad the current situaton really is. On the other hand i disagree about so-called "no counterplay". If you see an Asashio on the enemy team just sail 5-6km behind cruisers, while keeping said cruisers between you, and expected Asashio location. AND DON`T SAIL IN A GODDAMN STRAIGHT LINE: AT 16-20KM RANGE HOLDING D KEY FOR 3 GODDAMN SECONDS WILL MAKE TARGET PREDICTION COMPLETLY USELESS. The other part of apparent "no counterplay" is the fact that if spotted Asashio is nothing but an XP pinata - and every DD except Kagero, and lower tier IJN DD`s will take a dump on him in 10 seconds flat. Therefore you can`t contest objectives, and you are even more hopeless against cruisers that already crap on IJN DD line. I belive that Asashio is kinda balanced despite this epic damage potential, because it punishes bad gameplay - something somewhat inherent for BB`s nowadays, and it is basicly useless in any other way. P.S. Triple Asashio division is an automatic loss since you won`t be able to contest any caps. Ever. And in a standard battle just rush them with any gunboat (Akizuki would be nice here), or spot them in any other way, and let CA`s decide their fate.
  13. Enough is enough.

    This Have fun playing your T8 cruisers vs Yamatos, i dare you. It`s funny that WG actually had THE SAME PROBLEM in world of tanks, and they solved it by making limits on top tier tanks in a game (T10 in this case). This solution works pretty damn good there so why not apply it to WoWs aswell?
  14. Battleship Plague 1 - the Inevitability

    Hello i`m the DD captain (IJN to be exact). Why are there so many BB`s? One would belive it`s about reliability, because as you have adequately put it`s the safest, and least demanding class in terms of skill. Especially now with addition of Edited -proof RN line. However from the point of view of a IJN DD captain the problem isn`t actually about battleships being easy to play. It`s about the fact that if you don`t go full retard and sail off alone in your battleship there is very little chance of getting rekt by DD`s, and therefore getting rekt at all. DD`s - especially torpboats are simply too easy to counter: Almost every higher tier cruiser has either radar or hydro (or both), and any random plane passing above you will stick to you until you die (shut it Kidd). If all else fails you can also just press D or A every 5 seconds instead of sailing in a straight line and boom - no torp can hit you. For torps to be effective against any decent player you have to launch them from well within radar range, so there are no battleship-sized gaps between them, and guess what will happen the second they are spotted. RADAR -> 15k BB AP instagib volley. Yes DD`s have their strenghts, and can faceroll over most battleships eventually, but they are lacking something to truly fulfill their role as a battleship counter. P.S. I`d like to say sorry to that poor Loyang, which sailed around map all game to catch my Lexington only to get bombed to death the second i noticed "Detected" marker. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.