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  1. Infiriel

    WG`s joke camo.

    So WG`s been giving out those new (rather nice) camo paints. HOWEVER if you read their description you`ll find this gem. What kind of sick joke is this? The fact that they`re giving those out on weekend just adds to it
  2. Infiriel

    Has anybody else had shells falling short?

    I call it "Broadside Protection Service ™ " Sorry, @wilkatis_LV but this is what`s happening - aiming at the waterline of a stationary ship often results in a complete miss because all shells falling short of the target.
  3. Infiriel

    Has anybody else had shells falling short?

    Tends to happen, especially on stationary targets.
  4. Infiriel

    Premium Ships. Tier 6/7

    I`d say that there are three major contenders: Scharnhorst aka the biggest destroyer in the game aka battlecruiser with the speed of a destroyer and armor of the battleship. The video below presents it fairly well :) (except for old content: AA, and Capt. Skills) It lacks long range accuracy, and penetration, but it`s not designed to snipe. You get torpedoes for a reason! Next comes the mighty Sims, aka the ship that sails almost as fast as it`s torps go. It`s god tier in terms of agility, but it pays for it with fairly bad concealment, and rainbow gun arcs. It has some fairly good AA, you should have no issues defending yourself. In the end i think that Sims is great as a support DD. It excels at capping, smoking people up, and providing AA cover. It`s not as good in terms of DPS. Last but not least there is the Leningrad. (i`m not sure you can still buy it) It`s hands down the fastest DD you`ll see in T7 (except Le terrible which sucks major balls, and you`ll never see it). It has some good torpedoes (better than SIms), reliable guns, but pays for above with bad AA, worse smoke, and worse manuverability. If you can buy it i`d recommend it over Sims for solo play. The ship i don`t recommend buyng at all are Atlanta (used to be an AA god, now is nothing but XP pinata), Indianapolis (it`s kinda good, but takes citadel damage from almost every AP shell), Molotov (same as above, but with even better guns, and even worse armor), Graf Spee (good-ish armor, but horrible DPS, and accuracy), DUNKerque (either gunners are drunk, or FCS is broken - or both), Huanghe (oh boy where do i even start... - a DD with citadel).
  5. Infiriel

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    2: V-25 3: still V-25 4: V-25 fears nothing! 5: V-25 again 6: why would i change? Still V-25 7: you guessed it. 8: okay, maybe HSF Harekaze 9: behold the power of V-25 10: the almighty V-25 I believe V-25 to be ridiculously overpowered for tier 2. It`d be good for tier 4 in hands of an avarage player, but personally i picked it in training fights (with clanmates) against GKF`s. It`s fast, extremly well-concealed, and it barely sticks out of the water. In terms of durability it`s better than most cruisers (evasive tanking), and it can still dish out insane amounts of damage - including but not limited to citadelling many cruisers. (i feel sorry for Tenryu players, i send back to the port in three salvos) HSF is what Kagero wants to be. It has the best choice of guns among all ships, but 99% of them will carry 100mm mounts which are simply put - overpowered, both because of a penetration buff, and after AA rework. You have literally better AA than some cruisers, while you have no issues with HE pen. It`s not as cumbersome as Akizuki either.
  6. Infiriel

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    No ponies this time, but it`s still kinda kewl.
  7. Infiriel

    A slight change to AA-Sector defense

    The slightest bump :)
  8. Well hello there. Can we please allow changing the priority AA sector with AA off? It`d be nice to also allow changing the AA sector by clicking on left or right side of the compass. Thanks in advance for all the hateful comments. Love you
  9. Infiriel

    What ship have you served on?

    Sadly much of the europe has no navy to speak of, if any at all.
  10. Infiriel

    Is this game: Pay to Win ?

    This thread again? In short: yes.
  11. Infiriel

    What to do with free xp?

    If you`re actively grinding the IJN BB line, then i advise saving free exp for modules on Izumo ;)
  12. Infiriel

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Today I`ve managed to beat my top damage record on V-25. This lolibote would be good even in T10 :D
  13. Infiriel

    Yuro says watch. So you watch.

    I`m betting Ireland, right next to facebooks office
  14. Infiriel

    Yuro says watch. So you watch.

    In case you were wondering. You might have though that WG`s a Russian or Belarussian company, but they are actually "based" on Cyprus, which was (until recently) considered as tax haven. Insert whatever jokes about corporate greed, and cashgrabs you want They`re also likely to move their corporate office soon, since Cyprus is getting back in line with it`s tax code.
  15. Infiriel

    Scharnhorst - be aware

    I mean it does lack long range accuracy, and penetration power, but you should not mistake a T7 oversized destroyer with ships like yamato, or stalingrad. It`s designed to make others reconsider their life choices up close and personal, not to camp next to your CV.