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  1. Infiriel

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    You have to be aware of the enemy DD`s positions before smoking up though. As a DD main i figured out that the best way to sink Smolensks (for a DD that is) is to close the distance until they are revealed by the smoke-fire penalty, and then just drop AP on them until they die. It works best with Daring, since it has high DPM, improved AP angles, and hydro for any panic torps. You have to time it right though, so his smoke will not run out as you approach him, or you`re f-ed
  2. Infiriel

    Ships that we want.

    S-100 Class fast attack crafts, otherwise knows as Schnellboot S-100 The model is already in the game, as a part of operation dynamo. I envision it as an (premium) alternative to V-25, wchich is pretty similar in function, but with guns, and more TT. Since we already have a DD without torps we might try one without guns aswell, though a top tier concealment would be a must have. .
  3. 1. Description It seems that if you get both of your torpedo tubes destroyed they just jump off your ship and disappear completly leaving an empty space on deck. It might be true for each TT separetly but i noticed it only when both of them were gone. 2. Reproduction steps Rush an enemy Kremlin, and get your TT`s (no pun intended) rekt. 3. Result Both TT`s went to the same place all the good balance changes did. 4. Expected result My best guess is that the model should remain in its "destroyed" state, rather than vanish completly. 20190803_103851_PGSB002-Tirpiz-1942_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay And yes, it`s co-op, because derpitz isn`t exactly a ship i`d take out into randoms, but i need those sweet sweet tokens.
  4. Infiriel

    I’m thinking about buying my first premium ship

    @totolescargo I see you`re playing mostly FR cruisers, and BB`s, up to tier 8 so far. My best guess is that you realise how hard it might be for cruisers in mid tiers (5-7), so i`d like to suggest 2 possible ship suggestions: Scharnhorst This is arguably one of the best ships on T7. It takes the best parts of both battleships, and cruisers and fuses them into one - i honestly belive that it`s popularity might have contributed to the emergence of many recent premiums commonly considered as "battlecruisers". Scharnhorst is really fast for a battleship, handles like an overweight cruiser (but not like a battleship), and while its guns are smaller than what you`d have found on a typical T7 BB, they`re still enough to make cruisers really really sad. It also gets torpedoes, which allow you to disrespect enemy battleships like a boss. Last but not least, as a battleship Scharnhorst also gets a lot of armor, in fact its armor scheme is vastly superior to most techtree battleships, which is a staple of german battleships in general. So yeah, if you want a slow-ish cruiser (or a really fast battleship) that can shamelessly sail up to an enemy battleships, and blap them with torpedoes while still having enough battleship AP to make enemy cruisers cry, then this is a ship for you. Duca delgi Abruzzi I don`t own this ship myself, however i do have it`s little sister, the Duca d`Aosta which plays essentially the same with worse armor and less guns. To start off i have to say that it`s not that useful for captain training as other premiums, because it`s only useful for those 4 italian ships currently in game. As far as i can tell Duca is meant for the long-range HE spam kind of playstyle - pretty much the same as with FR cruisers. Both Ducas are equipped with long (12km) range torpedoes, and get some exceptionally good shell velocity which make a long range spam easy. You should however notice that it`s only a 152mm caliber HE spam, which becomes ineffective when uptiered unless you slot IFHE.
  5. Infiriel

    Armour Penetration

    From observing those russian bb`s i can tell you they they are truly remarkable, hence if you fail horribly with them it`s likely not the ship`s fault. Can you provide us with some replays? Your last 30 games should be stored as replays in replay folder in your game gatalogue.
  6. Infiriel

    Akatsuki love?

    @Redcap375 Akatsuki can beat Sims eaisly if it kites and/or stays at range. On the other hand in CQB Sims wins hands down. I agree on CV vulnerability, though POI is much worse off, while Akatsuki AA is decent for a T7 DD.
  7. Infiriel

    When MM shows you the Middle Finger

    Git gud, or git rekt m8, `cause it`s entirely up to you. And please dont tell me that Orion can`t hande DD`s, unless you let all your DD`s die.
  8. Infiriel

    Akatsuki love?

    I think it`s pretty strong, though you have to play to its advantages, which means avoiding fair gunfights. DPM isn`t even that terrible nowdays, but the turret traverse defines its typical "Low tier IJN DD gunpower" here. Guns pointed to the wrong side, and inability to manuver while firing back are the two reasons, why Akatsuki willl lose an otherwise evenly matched gunfight. In terms of concealment it`s pretty much the same as with other T7 DD`s with ̶S̶h̶i̶r̶a̶t̶s̶u̶y̶u̶ POI being the major exception, but POI on the other hand suffers from all of Akatsuki`s problems plus slow speed, much worse torpedo reload, with one less torp per salvo, and no AA to speak of whatsoever. Akatsuki/Shira torps are already the strongest torps on T7. I`d even consider them borderline overpowered - you not only have the IIRC best reload, but also only battleships and a few T7 cruisers can survive more than 2 hits (and CA`s survive with less than 5k left from full assuming hits on TDS, and no flood damage), so there is no reason to buff them. Like most T7 DD`s Akatsuki does suffer against T8/9 mostly because of lack of concealment mod 1, but it`s not supposed to wipe the floor with Kageros now, is it?
  9. Infiriel

    Stuttering sound?

    So i`ve been niticing a lot of stuttering in a general audio from wows, meaning all tracks (background, shots, planes, voiceover, and all else) skip simultaneously for 0.1-0.2s every now and then. It occurs on headphones - wireless or wired and integral speakers too, however it`s limited to wows only. Any ideas?
  10. Infiriel

    Quick (silly perhaps) question guys... SE

    Don`t bother with CV`s :)
  11. Infiriel

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    And i shot down 3 with a Mutsuki - just make it stop, and remove cv`s already.
  12. Infiriel

    New WarGaming CV's Tours

    goddamit havaduck