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  1. What else would you call it? Flying flufferponies?
  2. It's not 1 squad, but usually 2. ALso as soon as CV knows your location the islands become your enemy, since a) he can use it to avoid AA, b) A stationary DD hiding behind an island is a useless DD, c) the whole point here is, a 40% potato can negate all your skill advantage, by just flying around you until you sink. Indeed, the crossdrops sucked, but it`s not like they are gone. Also if a pre-rework CV gave you trouble, one nearby allied AA cruiser was enough to wipe all enemy planes off the server. Infinite planes make it impossible to get rid of the flying cancer.
  3. DD`s aren`t the issue. It`s like saying it`s the jew's fault that certain austrian guy hated them.
  4. WG just wants to make it "easy" and "welcome" for the new paying players. Fixed that for you.
  5. The inflation is generally caused by an increase in accessability of resources caused in turn by an addition of "Special" economic signals. The bonuses they provide are just insane. I`ve witnessed a few 30k+ free exp games myself, and IIRC cpt. Flolo has had a 50k+ game at least once. You probably won`t guess what`s the "special sauce" that makes it all possible: It`s the doubloons, and the magic of you credits cards. "Special" economic flags are generally obtained at random from containers lootboxes surprise mechanics, and you buy those for either doubloons, or cash. With that in mind, my best guess is it`s just a trend designed as an incentive to spend more, and a middle finger pointed towards F2P population too!
  6. Infiriel

    cruiser/destroyer salvos

    Well thank you. I`ve almost forgotten of that time a random Tirpitz ambushed my Kagero, by appearing out of nowhere at 4km`s, and he was missing for over 10 minutes at this point.
  7. Infiriel

    cruiser/destroyer salvos

    I mean, they are supposed to be yolo torps. Kii might have standard-ish range, more akin to Kagero, or Yugumo, but it doesn`t change the fact, they are only useful in close encounters. Could you please not give away the "Sekrit paper techniques"?
  8. As @Ze_Reckless correctly pointed out the Akizuki can`t afford to play as other DD`s would, especially in a CV match. If you just got this ship make sure to get the hull upgrade first, as it gives you a nice chunk of health. Assuming it`s a T10 match you should have some strong AA deterrents around you, and this is probably your best bet to either survive, or at least outlast the enemy destroyers. Play supportive - smoke up your firendly CA`s (preferably radar CA), and spot if necesarry. If it`s T10 match, then even though it`s painful to say it: you have to rely on your team for support, and therefore your objective is to keep it alive as long as possible.
  9. Infiriel

    cruiser/destroyer salvos

    Well, his bb`s have an effective hitrate of 21%, with torp accuracy of 3% - with all his torps being yolo torps off Kii, and Scharn/Gneise. EDIT: Big oof, I thought this post will be glued together with the one above automaticly.
  10. Infiriel

    cruiser/destroyer salvos

    I`m sorry to break it for you, but the rate of fire for most of the DD`s, and CA`s is either completly legit, or just slightly tuned either way for balance. But yeah, 43% winrate, along with 95% of games played in a BB is pretty much self-explainatory.
  11. Infiriel

    Playing game on external SSD

    First of all - get a real computer. M-Air 2019 in all sizes, and specifications is equipped with several technical faults, chief among them being the screen connector that may randomly burn your CPU, and failing power management IC (isl9240 chip) that has to be extracted from the original, spare iphone battery cases since apple deliberately made it impossible to buy a replacement chip. The ISL`s are also extremely fragile, so slight shocks, (as when you get hit by a cv too many times, and hit the laptop) or even normal use may destroy them. Second of all - Even through there shouldn`t be any data bottleneck issues caused by the ports, you may still experience lagspikes if WoWs attempts to fetch data from the ext. drive. However the bigger concern is the fact it`s an integrated GPU, and therefore you should not expect stellar graphics, and performance. This GPU has almost barely any cooling too, since yes - the macbook air is equipped with a fan. The problem is, this fan isn`t actually connected to anything relevant, as shown in the video below: So yeah. Technically it`s possible to play WoWs on a Macbook Air. Have a nice time frying your CPU/integrated GPU though.
  12. Infiriel

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    You should propably refrain from bragging about "records" such as 150k in a T10 CV. It just makes you look pathetic. I mean there are people that can beat this "record" in the T2 ship. While i can boast only 131k in a T2 DD V-25, you should consider the fact that i`m not even a unicum, and there are tons of players that can wipe a floor with me. On the other hand, my T5 Gulio Cesare beats both your best damage, and your avarage damage in any ship. I will not even mention the winrate, because i`ve beaten that dead horse enough already.
  13. Infiriel

    1 year CV rework anniversary

    It`s been a year since wg shot itself in the head, and it was banging its head on a brick wall ever since - just to be sure. It seems to be ready to shoot itself again - this time with an addition of subs.
  14. I`ll place my bet on triple Harugumo division for a few reasons: - Reliable damage output due to high HE pen. - Type 93 mod. 3, aka the 23k damage torps, with great flooding chance. - Not as vulnerable to blindfire as Smolensk - Pretty good AA IMHO triple BB divisions, especially with something like Nelson, or Lenin are doomed to fail, as soon as there is a competent torpedoboat, or CV on the enemy team. Of course a radar ship would counter the triple Harugumo, or Smolensk div, but i doubt it`d survive long enough to have an impact under concentrated HE spam from 3 Harugumos.