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  1. So as some may have already know there was a silent change for IJN 100mm gun turrets - those found currently at HSF Harekaze (Hull B), and Akizuki (and probably Hakuryu secondaries). Their penetration has essentially become equal to German/British improved HE pen, which is now 25mm (32mm with IFHE). Now for the sake of clarity - i really like this buff, since IJN DD`s would have otherwise hit the rock bottom of "Viable DD" list as soon as British DD`s are released. The question is: what about all the other IJN DD`s except those 2. (then 4, since we get Kitakaze, and Harugumo in next patch) All of them are going to suffer even harder, due to totally needed addition of Shima-concealment Gearing with 3 minute hydro. (because why not) What are your opinions on how (or if) should IJN torpedoboat line be changed to become useful in a hands of anyone but unicums. My best idea was to replace IJN torpedoboat smokes with more, shorter-lasting, and faster-reloading smokes, just so you have smoke ready in 9/10 cases. The second best was to allow IJN to single fire torps. WIth the amount of torps they usually carry it`d greatly increase the effectiveness of torpedo assault (at least in my case).
  2. Looks like it has some decent plot
  3. Guys, really. It`s Caturday and you`re posting ponies... ...and i`m back to being a brony again!
  4. Tier V now what

    CA line - the one that ends with De Moines. CL line is situational, specialized, and has the same guns from T6 all the way to T10.
  5. the "carry harder!" thread

    Not again...
  6. <3 waifubots <3

  7. Seems balanced. They got a kill after all.
  8. Any ship may be OP if you`re good with it. There are only few of those that are "more demanding" (garbage). If you`re good with guns then i can recommend you the US BB (Battleship), CA (Heavy Cruiser - ending with De Moines), or DD (Destroyer) lines. US DD`s do not really rely on torpedoes for damage but torpedoes differentiate good and master players. US guns in general rely heavily on skill, due to slow shells, but they got superior DPM in return, and later (T8+) also improved (reduced) auto-ricochet angles. I also advise checking out this guide on aiming:
  9. Radar Discussion Megathread

    It`s both Tirpitz and Hindenburg (aswell as Shimakaze)
  10. Radar Discussion Megathread

    Truly a fine example. It`s not like GKF has hydro or something for this exact reason. He must have got torped from very close range too, judging by that smoke cloud on the screen, and narrow spreads of torps. Now considering radar. I belive that radar itself isn`t at fault as of now. Rather it`s the "Detected" marker that makes DD`s concealment advantage utterly useless, because enemies know they are being spotted anyway, and therefore know when to use radar. However since it`s not likely that we will see the end of that stupid marker, some changes should be made to radar consumable, because currently it promotes too much of a passive and/or stationary gameplay. Making radar not go through islands is the best idea people`ve gotten lately, even through WG claims that it`s "Hard to do" (no it`s not). Giving radar ships concealment range smaller than their radar range is also a very bad idea since there is NO WAY TO AVOID THEM, while BB`s just need to press A or D for 10 seconds to make torpedoes completly worthless. Sadly WG seems to acknowledge that each and every ship nowadays needs either hydro or radar (or both, because why not). WG have already proven that much of their design team never actually played the game with Graf Zeppelin, and RN BB line (or was it meant to be "balanced" like this?). I strongly suggest employing somebody with an actual game design experience to fix many issues this game gets before it goes down due to lack of users.
  11. the "carry harder!" thread

    Excrements happen i guess...
  12. When i saw RN DD`s layout the only thing i could think about is how much more fun it`d be if WG`s devs shared whatever they are smoking rather than continue to ruin this game.
  13. Z52 questions

    My Z52 is setup as a gunboat, since it`s torps don`t have enough range to be used safely nowadays, and guns are much more reliable in any sort of DD vs DD fight. Commander: PM -> LS -> SI -> CE -> SE -> BFT -> DE/TAE Modules: MAM-1 -> SGM-1/Hydro Mod - > ASM-1 -> SGM-2 -> CSM-1 -> MBM-3 Like really... How did you do that? Are you hitting his funnel?
  14. And therefore it`s AA is utter garbage...