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  1. CraftyVeteran

    Missouri dispersion

    nothing's wrong with the Missouiri, said everyone who doesn't work at WG.
  2. CraftyVeteran

    CLAN'S in MM

    the boss has spoken
  3. CraftyVeteran

    Belfast [Post Giulio Cesare saga]

    anyone who still thinks the Belfast is OP, obviously hasn't played it in a while. Good? yea. OP? pfft. k. And before you bring stupid stats up, that meta is over.
  4. CraftyVeteran

    Feel the wrath of the nerf wounded CV !

    bUt i kAn'T dO dAmAgE wIf MuH cV nUrF
  5. CraftyVeteran

    Fara vs WG Lead Designer on CV rework

    yet these are the same people that deploy mods to keep their employees safe from criticism on a forum. It should have been clear ages ago what they think about players and now their own cc's. I've said it a billion times: the CC's in majority advised against this patch for at the very least another month and they basically told them to go [edited]themselves. If I were the CC's I'd hold a meeting and quit en masse. This company is trying to compete with EA, Bethesda and DICE to see who can [edited]their customers harder.
  6. CraftyVeteran

    Manipulation on world of warships gameplay

    lolwut? I've literally been as well as many here, on both ends of this. sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. depends on how well you play also. I've been in many situations where both teams think they have it wrapped up just to lose it within the last hundred points. I've also won a few in the closing seconds by running away and lost a few that way. come on man...
  7. CraftyVeteran

    Please nerf CV's WG. So OP now. OMG. REEE

    os everyone has to adapt around one class of ship that was so massively unbalanced? k....
  8. CraftyVeteran


    you're welcome to try if you think have the grapes for it.
  9. CraftyVeteran

    Over-nerfed CVs

    the more cvs whine the better the game will be. thanks wg!
  10. CraftyVeteran


    the more cvags whine, the more I know the devs made the right choice.
  11. CraftyVeteran

    It's not 8.0...

    the age of entitlement my friend. Experts and facts don't matter as much as fee fees.
  12. CraftyVeteran

    AA stats and the patchlogs tomorrow

    go away troll
  13. CraftyVeteran

    It is important to continue voicing discontent with CV rework

    no it isn't. yes it is. See I can negate a statement on false generalizations as well. what a fun game! You also can't seem to detect sarcasm on the second line. But...you know best! So let me leave you with this just to make you feel better: you're right. always. No matter what.
  14. CraftyVeteran

    AA stats and the patchlogs tomorrow

    not directly but more in the fact that the F key bailing them out is getting fixed and the ability to speed boost and run a second attack without taking damage for example will make AA more effective to protect from torp spamming. we will see.
  15. CraftyVeteran


    ouch, my eyes.