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  1. BeefCrtinBandit

    Reporting & etiquette

    the karma system has proven fruitless unfortunately. EU data protection law has us in the dark with what happens if enough people report someone. However, I do think people need to be rewarded with premium time or doubloons if they get enough compliments in a given time. It happens so infrequently that people who do perform well or do some incredible acts of selfless teamwork really need some kind of recognition, i.e, well-timed smoke screen, covering fire, or damage blocking. It's time actual team work gets recognized in a game that's supposed to be about teamwork yet rewards only self-serving behavior.
  2. BeefCrtinBandit

    Map Choice or lack there of

    there isn't enough maps to do that like in WoT. This side of WG seems to be underdeveloped in a lot of ways. After all, it is the less popular game.
  3. BeefCrtinBandit

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    I've played enough. Second account there sunshine. yes, I have played them enough and enough to know not to roll them out in RBs until the shortcomings are addressed. Why take them out when I have better options? I also don't roll solo very often preferring division play if you refer to my RB battles. The point is, just because YOU, an above average player, on par with me BTW, doesn't mean the average player is going to make these ships work competitively. The short answer here is, they cannot. In your very capable hands, you should be able to make really bad ships work okay. This game is not and should not cater to the top tier. There have been enough people, even the top unicums that report this latest tree is either average or bad save for one or two and even they struggle to perform better or on par with other ships. Your personal experience in each ship with fewer than 20 battles makes not an accurate description.
  4. BeefCrtinBandit

    German higher tiers

    alright, alright fair enough and well done.
  5. BeefCrtinBandit

    Twilight battles

    most of the better players in this game mode just want to get in and get out. I checked the WRs for those who decided to ambush me....and you guessed it.....usually 40-47% players.
  6. BeefCrtinBandit

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    i've played the game long enough but nice redirection lol.
  7. BeefCrtinBandit

    Twilight battles

    it's awful. kids with zero brains don't realize everyone can benefit and they ambush you for no reason. It's okay though, usually they are tomato wr scrubs and this is the only win they can get
  8. BeefCrtinBandit

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    sample size something something. I can get unicum stats as well in less than 20 games if the dice are rolled correctly.
  9. BeefCrtinBandit

    German higher tiers

    oh look, a help me thread and when advice is offered OP says, "thanks but I already knew that" yet still has tomato stats.
  10. BeefCrtinBandit

    What is worse? BB captains?

    because your original question is not a sound argument. you cannot reasonably assume that there is no counter to this and then when people offer those solutions, place your question back into a box you created of "if a, then only b". Logic doesn't work that way.
  11. BeefCrtinBandit

    Max Filth gathering Basic needs

    never fall for a truce. players are scummy as hell in this game mode. just get what you get and get out of the portal. they'll do anything from stabbing in the back to guarding the portal. kill anything red. period.
  12. BeefCrtinBandit

    Bismarck and Tirpitz, citadeled from the front.

    forever the front underside of the A turret has been a cit point. the armored shed covers the broadsides not the ends.
  13. imagine having the cognitive dissonance to profess through a video game that your navy was in fact not a joke throughout history and then hiding behind a spreadsheet we never see to justify it.
  14. BeefCrtinBandit

    Is the Genova bad ?

  15. BeefCrtinBandit

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?