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  1. BeefCrtinBandit

    How to fix smolensk - an idea

    spreadsheet says Smolensk is fine, comrade.
  2. BeefCrtinBandit

    Izumo/Yamato rework

    next cry will be for shima and belfast buffs.
  3. BeefCrtinBandit

    Genova and boxes

    wow. wallet closed this time, weegee.
  4. BeefCrtinBandit

    Thank you WoWs (WG) staff...

    wow the spreadsheet has its own account.
  5. BeefCrtinBandit

    Cant select twitch prime port

    you may have to unlink your accounts all around. It does that to me in tanks constantly.
  6. BeefCrtinBandit

    Pensacola - Bad by Design

    nailed it. the only thing this crap has is alpha and by the time you get to use it you're almost dead already. I'd rather cook someone and use auto bounce angles.
  7. BeefCrtinBandit

    WG - Something has to give....

    encouraging people to l2p doesn't make WG money. Encouraging people to shell out money so they think they can get better stats, makes WG money. This will never change.
  8. BeefCrtinBandit

    Fun & Engaging Game

    spreadsheet says all is well. Go back to your game.
  9. BeefCrtinBandit

    Stat padding

    inb4 flamed for this but I'm better in the Ed than the Belfast....wut
  10. BeefCrtinBandit

    Is GK getting a buff?

    according to the latest Q and A, no. it may get some QoL improvements, but they specifically said that they don't need to buff German BB's "because they like them". There's what WeeGee thinks of your opinion.
  11. BeefCrtinBandit

    Had a thought and it made me a little sad.

    there's quite a few limey ships not represented in the tech tree sadly.....and they were the lords of the sea at the time. Says all there needs to be said about weegee.
  12. BeefCrtinBandit

    Cyclone yes or no

    as a cruiser jockey, yea, i totally love not being able to see the enemy ever until he's on me and it's a BB licking his chops. Pass.
  13. BeefCrtinBandit

    Double CV games

    can't believe I'm going to do this.....but I agree wholeheartedly with this comment.
  14. BeefCrtinBandit

    Ranked sprint rank 3+

    this. so this. so excruciating this time around. I ended up getting a good string of teams around 0600-0800.
  15. BeefCrtinBandit

    What did you get from 'Premium T6 Ship' container?

    Mountain mama....take me home....