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  1. AlexFari

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    i got the in-game messages 3 hours ago but not a single reward yet. still waiting.
  2. AlexFari

    Clan battles season 9

    May I ask what happened to this Supertest ? you guys already admitted a year ago that CVs will play major role in clan battles and has too much influence on outcome of the battle... So, what was the reason to not implementing this change ? what made you think CVs has not that much influence so you canceled this change? But its not late now. if there has to be a CV in the game in upcoming seasons, then it will be better with these changes for sure.
  3. AlexFari

    Clan battles season 9

    1- If removing CVs from clan battles is not an option, then remove the spotting capability of CVs, at least for Clan Battles. 2- Introduce some new maps, exclusive to clan battles. Change the current cap positions (like the ones in random battles). if adding diversity to clan battle matters, then there are many things to do beside adding CVs. 3- If CVs will stay, then force clans to play with Battleship and Destroyer and limit the number of the Cruisers allowed (just like clan brawls) since you want "all classes to be represented there." Whats the point of letting 1 class to be represented in clan battles while this action will make the other 2 classes almost useless ? Why BB mains in my clan should sit and watch instead of playing while we have really better chance to win the games with CVs ? Why only 3 ships among all tier 10s are considered competitive for this season ?
  4. AlexFari

    PT 0.9.3 - Bug Reports

    Bug: cant see my teammates HP bar after I die (it looks like the ship has 0 hp) (free camera) its already in the live server as well, looks like no one ever wants to report it...
  5. AlexFari

    0.9.2 PTS - Bug reports

    can't play at all because of that critical error...
  6. AlexFari

    PTS - General feedback

    still no Armory for me, as well as Clan page and Inventory. just a blank page... everything is fine on main server. I don't know what to do anymore, no one from WG even answers about it. I guess reinstall will be my last choice
  7. AlexFari

    PTS - General feedback

    Super buggy patch.... problems: 1. Alt + Tab ing to other windows/desktop makes a huge lag. going back to the game via Alt+Tab results in a black screen for 5-10 seconds. 2. when I exit the game, game is gone from my taskbar, but my WGC says game is still open.... Task Manager shows that the game is still open. it uses 0% of CPU but somehow the game is still in the Memory (1.8GB) so I have to End Task the game every single time I exit, otherwise WGC wont let me launch it again. 3. in the new Directives, some missions can be completed in Savage battles, I think you should rename it to Twilight battles. 4. Still no access to armory. blank page after clicking on it.
  8. AlexFari

    PTS - General feedback

    still no access to Armory.... anyone has access to Armory ?
  9. AlexFari

    PTS - Clan Brawl

    buff CVs WG. they can't win 1vs1 :P
  10. AlexFari

    Premium Shop in Update 0.8.7: Yūdachi

    3k coal for 100k silver ?? What ??? I would buy them if it was 300 coal, but 3k is so dumb No special random prize either.... just tell me why would anyone purchase these bundles ???
  11. AlexFari

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    What ? ofc no ! Those players who complete all the missions of the Directives will receive 1,610 Tokens finishing all 6 missions in 4 directives (24 missions) will give you 1610 tokens. The strongest players who manage to complete all four Directives and enter the Hall of Fame will be able to obtain the main reward of this Update—a new unique Commander, Philippe Auboyneau—for 2,100 French Tokens. so after finishing all 4 directives, hall of fame will be available for grind. probably by being top 5% you will get some more tokens to obtain the captain.... in 1 sentence, Benham grind was way more easier than this tbh.
  12. AlexFari

    0.8.5 PTS - General Feedback

    Credits and XP rewards for Savage mode is very low tbh. I managed to kill 3 enemies and win the battle (65k damage) and got what ? 700xp and 45k credits !! (1.1k xp and 75k credits with Premium) this should be higher than this in main server if you want players to play this more often during the patch.
  13. AlexFari

    0.8.4 - PTS - Bugs

    1. Select any ship 2. Mount a camouflage on that ship 3. Try to demount that camouflage or select another camouflage. second camouflage should replace the first one but it doesn't replace in port. Only if you enter battle, new camouflage will be shown on your ship.
  14. AlexFari

    0.8.4 - PTS - Bugs

    Bugged post-battle results
  15. AlexFari

    0.8.4 - PTS - Bugs

    Planes are not visible on minimap. any kind of planes including spotter planes, fighters, etc. As you see, Hakuryu Rocket planes are 1.8Km away from me but there are nothing in the minimap.