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  1. No reason why a random map generator couldn't create a random map that is twice as long as it is wide. The game engine then copies and mirror flips it over to make a square map that is exactly the same for both teams. Of course, you would have to make sure that the spawns are also mirrored along the same line.
  2. It's true that in the last patch WG introduced some tips on playstyle for the various classes. This is a much requested feature and a great idea. Unfortunately, in true WG fashion, they failed totally by making it an alternative tab to the team line ups. If this information is going to be available it shouldn't be as an alternative to other important game information but rather, an addition to it. Adding useful information and making it compete for time and screen space with other equally important stuff is just stupid.
  3. It means if you really want to (are you sure?) you can pay 1 doubloon to convert 35 of your Elite Commander XP into 35 Free XP. As far as I can tell Free XP doesn't enter into it. Doesn't seem like a good idea to me. Personally I'm not sure I'd do this even if it didn't cost doubloons.
  4. 1. Description Framerate glitches in game. Port interface missing 2. Reproduction steps Playing the game normally. Everything fine for the first hour then suddenly start seeing frame stuttering in battle. Quit to port and interface is missing. 3. Result Gameplay is difficult without smooth framerates and game unusable in port without interface. 4. Expected result Shouldn't happen :) 5. Technical details None I'm afraid. I use the same machine and game settings for live server play and have not experienced this issue before.
  5. Same problem as everyone else. Claimed rewards, but they don't show up on live server.
  6. It's absolute bollocks frankly. I want a refund for the premium camos on my RN cruisers please. One DD rushes my smoke, I fire at him and four enemy ships I have never seen and that were not spotted on the minimap at all open fire on my Mino and delete me before I can get off a second salvo.
  7. 0.6.12

    Copy/pasted from Elastion's post. Smoke detection bug with Kiev on PTS. 1. Description The firing-in-smoke concealment much worse than expected based on announcements as well as available in-game values. 2. Reproduction steps 1. Select Kiev (possibly other smoke-capable ships as well) 2. Set a smoke screen and keep firing your main guns from within 3. Result Detectability of the ship much higher than it should be (looks to be exactly the same as non smoke detection range) 4. Expected result Detectability while in smoke and firing main guns should be equal to the "detectability by sea when firing main guns in smoke" value appropriate for the ship. 5. Technical details Nothing to add.
  8. My question in all this is "who are WG expecting to participate?" I had a quick look at clan stats on Wows-Numbers. At the moment on EU there are close to 600 clans with enough members to participate in some way if they wanted to. Is this supposed to be simply a "WG badged" version of KoTS? My guess is that these controversial decisions have been made because WG want as many clans as possible to be able to participate. My own clan is made up of predominantly co-op players so it is laughable to think we would stand any chance at all against the "competitive" clans, yet we'd be willing to roll our sleeves up and have at it with some other clans of a similar skill level. Sounds like it could be fun. Personally I get the impression that WG don't intend this to be about the high end competitive scene, but more as a way that clans can play together. Almost like pub teams. Of course, the battle for the top 10 slots will more than likely be between the usual suspects, but this could be a chance for a few dark horses to cause some upsets in the top 100, and for everyone in the lower ranks to just have some fun. Just my opinion of course.
  9. Thank you very much.
  10. Maturity factor is high around here today. Some of our members have collected a lot too. I suppose if you're all going to treat it like a playground secret I'll just ask them when they are online later.
  11. Thanks for nothing. Maybe someone else a bit more helpful will be along soon.
  12. Yes. It's in the membership list along with all the other stats like number of battles, last battle played, average XP per battle etc.
  13. There's obviously something about this I don't understand properly yet. The daily XP containers can grant 30. The "Collect Oil" mission is worth 15 for stage 1, 15 for stage 2, 15 for stage 3 and another 15 for completion for a total of 60. There's another 10 available for the "Daily Oil" mission. Grand total 100 oil, yet you donated 130 and some guys in our clan managed 150 on the first day. How else can oil be earned then?
  14. Mmmmmmmmm. Looks great!
  15. Thanks. Pathetic they can't manage to put the same information in two places then isn't it?