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  1. Admiral_Chunder

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Good luck everyone and a big thanks to all those offering prizes!
  2. Admiral_Chunder

    Prinz Eugen in my Port. Why?

    Well, I stopped playing back in December 2017 when you pulled this exact same stunt by giving Giulio Cesare and a load of other goodies with a total cash value close to €100 out for free to people who hadn't been playing. In 2017 I spent over €400 playing your game and consider this to be a large sum to spend on a single game in a year, so having now stopped you can consider that approximately €165 euros of my money you haven't had as a direct result of your marketing campaign. If I ever do come back to playing WoWs I can assure you It will be on a 100% free to play basis.
  3. Thanks for your response MrConway. I find it totally unacceptable though. Whilst I understand your points about "free" stuff being awarded to people playing the game, those items tend to be for the top few percent who can dedicate hours and hours of play at moments determined by WG. For the people who can play perhaps 2 or 3 random battles per evening, or have a family and can hardly play at all over Christmas these rewards are largely out of reach. So the free goodies are available to hard core grinders with nothing better to do in life or alternatively to people who haven't played in months simply for doing nothing. Also, the guys who play PvE because they don't like PvP are not going to suddenly start playing PvP because you gave them the freebies. They play PvE because they hate PvP. That's not going to change, and especially not now you've given them nice rewards for doing so. I quoted you on one issue on which you are very much mistaken. I do not depend on Wargaming in any way shape or form. I am a customer. One who has now stopped playing the game. Maybe in a few months you might be able to entice me back. There are plenty of game developers out there who will be glad of a chunk of my disposable income.
  4. Much as I would like to believe the opposite Blixies I fear that you have misread the situation. This looks to me to be a classic case of support not reading your email properly, and or, not understanding your complaint and then just sending you a standard cookie cutter reply. I'm pretty sure your support person diligently scanned over the first three words of your email, thought "ah yes, I know what this is about" and sent the canned response that goes out to people who received an email about getting the gifts but didn't receive them yet. I wouldn't take that reply as a guarantee that you will get the gifts unless you have already received an email promising them. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. Indeed. I myself have managed to justify the purchase of just three premium ships this year. Those, along with premium account, a few doubloons for respecs, some FreeXP and a few Santa gifts for clan mates have cost me about £250. Despite this seeming like a bare minimum expenditure to play the game comfortably, at the same time it seems like a massive sum to spend on one computer game in a year. Having waited for the Cesare to go on sale I picked her up on Thursday morning for about £9. That very evening WG started handing it out for free, including a 10pt captain, to people who haven't been playing at all or have played only Co-op. The handouts are massive. I have had to think very carefully about justifying how I spent that sum on WoWs this year and to have WG simply hand out about 25% of that value in goodies is a slap in the face quite frankly.
  6. Frankly, no. Firstly it's a piece of junk and I'm not interested in it, secondly I would have to earn that whereas others have been given stuff for doing nothing and thirdly it's not worth nearly as much as the freebies that are being handed out. Not a post that shows me at my best I admit, but that is the "short and to the point" answer to your question.
  7. Not quite correct actually. For this to be an accurate comparison, the monkey on the right shouldn't have to pass rocks out of the cage. It should be awarded the grape for doing absolutely nothing.
  8. Well done Vaderan. Finally an analogy that seems to fit the situation.
  9. No problem. I bought tickets knowing it was a lottery. He bought tickets knowing it was a lottery. In this case though, it wasn't a lottery. It was a conscious decision by WG (or a stupid mistake) to treat customers differently by rewarding one big for doing nothing and rewarding the other far less for playing the game.
  10. So that makes it perfectly OK then. As long as it was just stupidity and incompetence everything's fine. Oh wait, there is the small issue of the size of the gift too, which in my opinion is completely out of proportion with anything they offer to anyone regularly playing the game. Like Ian, I will be very interested to see how WG handle this. At least one regular player's continued participation depends on their response.
  11. I agree with all that you wrote, but again there is one small detail missing. They haven't just given it to old returning customers who may not stay. They've given it to half the people in my clan who play PvE only, even though they play multiple games every day. Which of course does make me feel like that monkey.
  12. This is absolutely true but there is some detail missing from this analogy: What they generally don't do is just offer customers who have already cancelled their old contract a new free contract where they give them the phone line for free, plus a free phone, plus free internet for a year. In the case of returning customers who get a discounted rate plan they will then be tied into it for a minimum term. WG is gifting a load of stuff to returning players, but there is no guarantee that those players will stay and put anything back in.
  13. Yesterday morning after the patch I logged in to find Giulio Cesare on sale in the tech tree at a very good price. Off I went to the shop, bought the necessary doubloons and then back into game to purchase her. I was very pleased with myself for not impulse buying when she was released. I had been patient and got a good deal - or so I thought. Twelve hours later my clan mates start logging in and some of them have been gifted this very same ship, plus a port slot and 10 pt captain, not to mention a pile of other stuff too. The difference is that they only play PvE, while I play both PvE and some PvP. I have played nearly every day this year. Somewhere in the region of 3000 battles. I have bought premium time and doubloons every month. Merry Christmas WG. I'd love to know what sort of reaction you were expecting to get from a player in my situation.
  14. I have to laugh at the irony. We have quite a few Co-op only players in our clan. I was one myself until recently when I decided to start playing some PvP every so often. Logging in this evening all the guys who have been playing nothing but Co-op are sitting on all these goodies. My reward for deciding to play a little PvP these last few months is that I get nothing. Only WG could manage this.
  15. Admiral_Chunder

    New Year's Ship Horn

    I like it just for lols and trolling value, but what's with the retarded Santa laugh that accompanies it?