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  1. After the rather hard version of this Op on PTS it seems WG have exaggerated somewhat with the rebalance. It seems rather easier than Newport now. As usual, if you are having trouble getting your five stars with randoms then by all means drop by the "Operations - Coop - PVE" chat channel in-game and team up with a few other players to get it done. As with Newport, cruisers seem to do well and a CV is always very helpful. Cleveland is a strong choice due to high DPM and good AA.
  2. Hopefully we'll see you this evening then. You'll be more than welcome.
  3. 0.6.6

    Apparently the whiners were right though. The scenarios have recently been made quite a bit easier than they were originally . ;) Given that the credit loss for a defeat is massive, two days of playing this mode would bankrupt me. I don't mind a challenge, but don't feel it's fair that a loss costs me credits if I've done over 100k damage and sunk 3 or 4 ships. Totally agree with your comments about rewards.
  4. 0.6.6

    I am pleased to hear that the difficulty is now greatly reduced, making a win with more or less stars reasonably easy to achieve even with random teams. Either our feedback or (more likely) the server stats have prompted WG to make some changes. My one concern with this mode is not how hard / easy it is, I welcome a challenge, but whether it more rewarding than jumping into a T7 premium in regular co-op and bashing out 80k credits profit every 8 minutes. My second big concern is the rewards for the co-op achievements. If I sink 8 enemy ships I don't just want a badge to look at in my profile. Five flags would be a nice incentive thank you. Here's hoping.
  5. 0.6.6

    Sorry to hear that Smeggo. Maybe you just didn't have the right CL watching out for you. ;) Anyway, according to the grand "Chunder" operational plan, in the case of the CV being destroyed the next nearest ship (which should be that cruiser) should rush as quickly as possible into the zone.
  6. 0.6.6

    Read that objective carefully though. It says half the operational ships must reach the escape zone. A sunk ship is NOT operational. This is the clue to completing this scenario. The way to win is for the CV to go straight to the exit zone as soon as the enemy base has been destroyed. A CL should accompany it and stay nearby but just outside the zone. These two ships are the mission Jokers, or Aces if you prefer. The CL is there purely to protect the CV and keep it alive as long as possible. All remaining ships fight to the death against the enemy reinforcements. The CV can send in air support. One by one your ships will be sunk as they fight the enemy reinforcements. At this point the win condition will be met once you have the CV in the exit zone and one other ship outside it because at this point half your operational ships will be in the end zone. ;)
  7. 0.6.6

    This is where the problem lies. I can fairly consistently make 80k - 100k net profit per battle with Belfast in regular Co-op. Seven games at 80k each and let's say 10 minutes per game comes out at 560000 credits and just over an hour's play. Why would I play scenarios? Edit: To be fair that's comparing a premium against silver ships, but even so I can't imagine playing a premium in scenarios will suddenly make all the difference.
  8. 0.6.6

    Can someone else just check over I found on YouTube. Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, these guys somehow got away without encountering the Amagi, Fuso and Kongo that usually spawn in A5 & A6 on Aegis.
  9. 0.6.6

    ^^. Ran out of likes for today. I've already stopped. ;)
  10. 0.6.6

    Bisogna fare la registrazione per il PTS usando lo stesso email che e stato usato per il tuo account su il "Live Server". Attenzione pero che la pagina per la registrazione non funziona con il browser Firefox.
  11. 0.6.6

    The economy in relation to the difficulty is where the big problem is in my opinion. This evening I had a 3 star victory on Aegis. I did about 100k damage and sunk 3 ships. Not outstanding by any stretch, but a solid contribution to the team victory. The problem is that in order to give your team any chance of winning these battles, premium consumables are a must. So, for my 18 minutes of effort I received about 150 thousand credits gross. Minus service charge. Minus three premium consumables. Net profit 44k. Totally not worth the effort. In the same time frame I could easily play two normal Co-op games in the same ship without premium consumables and realistically expect to make 50k clear profit on each. Given that there is also a high probability of a defeat in this mode and a consequent loss of 100k credits it's just not worth bothering. This is a fun and interesting game mode, but I can't see many folks playing it if the economy can't be made rewarding. If the average win rate for these scenarios is less than the average win rate for PvP games, then frankly the rewards for both defeats and victories should be at least in the same ballpark as PvP. If, on the other hand, WG's intention was to sink a ton of effort and resources into developing a game mode that no-one is going to play, then I think they're on the right track.
  12. 0.6.6

    I agreed with most of your post, but not the part I have quoted. Watching my team fart around outside the base entrance on "Killer Whale" today I was reminded far more of typical PvP player behaviour, rather than the usual PvE "charge in and get it done" mentality.
  13. 0.6.6

    Well, I played again on the second public test. It seems they have added voices so that the instructions and objectives are crystal clear. Unfortunately (as I suspected) the problem is not that people don't know what the objectives are, but rather they are unable to understand what they mean and how to play them. Another defeat on "Killer Whale" while my team fart around outside the base at the beginning instead of getting on with it. Despite doing 100k damage, sinking 3 ships, destroying 3 forts and 3 shore installations, I lost 124k credits. Sorry WG, but I'm just not interested in playing this mode on PTS, which is a shame as I feel the overall concept is very good. The balance between difficulty and economy is far too punishing though to risk a defeat playing with randoms. On the positive side the paygate has been changed from 20 doubloons to 75000 credits. Not a big improvement, but a sort of improvement I suppose. If only you could hope to make 75000 credits per battle . . .
  14. 0.6.6

    This is why I mentioned in a previous post that some of these missions depend on playing the objective. This is a perfect example. It makes me think these missions are actually easier than they sometimes seem providing everyone is playing first and foremost to complete the primary objective. Sometimes that means purposely sacrificing secondary objectives. Personally I think that is great mission design.
  15. 0.6.6

    ^^ this. The other afternoon after three consecutive defeats on Aegis, each one costing me about 60-70k credits I was starting to get very frustrated with other players, knowing their actions/inaction was going to cost me again. I didn't express my frustration in chat because it doesn't really help and this is PTS after all, so they're not really my credits I'm losing. On live server I hope I'll be able to keep my cool!