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  1. Thank you very much.
  2. Maturity factor is high around here today. Some of our members have collected a lot too. I suppose if you're all going to treat it like a playground secret I'll just ask them when they are online later.
  3. Thanks for nothing. Maybe someone else a bit more helpful will be along soon.
  4. Yes. It's in the membership list along with all the other stats like number of battles, last battle played, average XP per battle etc.
  5. There's obviously something about this I don't understand properly yet. The daily XP containers can grant 30. The "Collect Oil" mission is worth 15 for stage 1, 15 for stage 2, 15 for stage 3 and another 15 for completion for a total of 60. There's another 10 available for the "Daily Oil" mission. Grand total 100 oil, yet you donated 130 and some guys in our clan managed 150 on the first day. How else can oil be earned then?
  6. Mmmmmmmmm. Looks great!
  7. Thanks. Pathetic they can't manage to put the same information in two places then isn't it?
  8. Where does it say 3 hours? I have only seen the announcement that the game server would be down from 7am until 9am. Why do we have to give them leeway? They program these shutdowns. If they need 3 hours, why don't they put that in the patch announcement? They arsed up the last one as well. Anyone can make a mistake or suffer unforeseen drawbacks but when it happens literally every single time you do anything, that suggests a more serious issue.
  9. As the title says, I am unable to connect to the server after this morning's update. It was supposed to be back up and running at 9am CEST. Patch download and install seemed to work fine but I can't connect to the game server. Anyone else having this issue, or is it just me?
  10. Talking of fair matchmaking, just look at the relative ranks of the players on the two teams. Yes, I know it is possible to fail your way to rank 1, but all things considered it's very unbalanced. Once the matchmaker had selected these 24 players, would it have been so difficult to compare rankings, win rate or some other significant stat and swap that Missouri/Udaloi division for the Missouri and Fletcher on the opposing team? I'm not saying that would make it totally balanced, but it might have made the game a bit more enjoyable for everyone.
  11. Graphic looks interesting although I can't understand a word of it. It would be nice if we could have that on the EU site too (in English preferably).
  12. @22cm @Admiral_H_Nelson For those asking, yes you can get the supercontainer playing your T10s in co-op battle too. Got mine after a game in the Mino this morning (plus 4 of the 20 kills I need for the 1million credits mission).
  13. I see part 2 of the Public Test is about to start. What has changed since part 1?
  14. Thanks WG. Co-op is now full of people playing T3, T5 & T6 ships like complete dipshits. Spamming torps indiscriminately and suiciding in the third minute of the match to try and get their second kill. I think I'll be playing just enough games to get my anniversary presents and Supercontainers and then taking a nice break for a couple of weeks.
  15. Totally not worth it for me. Thanks for posting guys, you have saved me a few euros