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  1. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    TK status and it's removal

    When you finish a game, in damage report scree, it tell you how many games you have to play before the status wear off. You must not doing any team damage in the game for battle to count. Not even ramming/scratch damage
  2. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    Ghost destroyers - Cheat?

    If you talking about 4kms then it's the op post which need replay. I only talk about the screenshot which, forgive me, what is wrong with that-please point out to me. I don't really see torp aligned perfectly when they come to me.
  3. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    Ghost destroyers - Cheat?

    DD send torp from invisibility is...very Normal. Unless you talking about spread but..still
  4. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    Explain this screenshot for me...

    What are these yellow lamps on the right side ? You installed the mod...I guess it the enemies you currently spot What are the numbers on the right side with shields behind it ? Division? no damage numbers though... 2475 Yes i miss that one when I got this mod installed
  5. No, if you're serious. Yes, if you're not.
  6. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    CV torpedo bombers bug

    Seem like a bug to be exploited
  7. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    Aircraft carriers are terribly designed

    1 Strafe. And I will assume the worst If i don't know who i'm engaging. 2 You can manual drop. 3 Maybe you drop too close, plane have to go back out of circle of drop so they can run again 4 RNG is pretty light compare to other class. @krazypenguin There's training room. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/2020-0552-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview-v55201-20052016/
  8. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    auto torps or manual torps

    You can drop closer with manual. Less room to evade In USN CV if you auto you will hit with 1-2 torps even the target go straight. Their torps diverge out. In IJN You will hit 2 per sqad if not so unlucky. But IJN has converge torps that hit for 3 or 4 per squad. That converge torps only work if manual drop. This assume target go straight which they will not. Mostly You'll be lucky to hit with more than 1-2 if you auto.
  9. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    Reporting players

    I didn't noticed. I just read that the post above me is 1 day old so I didn't necro. I read from the first post and probably thought 04 April 2015 is 2016. But my reply is not direct at him only, just anyone passing by to read.
  10. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    Reporting players

    Sorry I just laugh. It funny that you (no offense) fail and come out meekly about it. Apology accepted.
  11. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    F3 Torps + Skillz

    Are you saying Vigilance and target acquisition increase your torpedo range? They're not. They make you notice other's torp quicker
  12. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    Langley 1-1-1 vs Bogue (standard) 1-1-0

    Did Bogue ever has 1/1/1? How long ago? 1/1/1 is better at attack. But you only got 4 plans reserve for each type. More punishing when slip up. OTOH, 1/1 can be shut down hard by 2-0-1 Bogue i would prefer 1-1-0 for more relax gameplay. But 1/1/1 does make my damage skyrocket.
  13. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    Friendly Damage

    The system can't tell who get in the way of who. The credit you got compensate is not his credit lose. He most likely pay and got the same about of you. Why you got less than you pay? or else people will ask allies to shoot them to get repair fee, when the battle is lost or just shoot for money
  14. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    Does strafing debuff fighters ?

    They also strafe after you strafe pass them? Seen this in YT but don't remember where.
  15. Hero_of_Zero_EU

    What's going on with PVE?

    There a couple topic over NA server that talk about co-op difficulty spike after 0.5.5. You may find like-minded people there. Just need to look for them a bit. I personally don't notice it but I play mostly carrier so i oblivious to bot shooting skill. But I did see great ball of CAs that I need to suicide in just to drop. But that happen before 0.5.5 too. Oh and I had player complain about bot shot too good just today. He got citadel-ed. in a BB.