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  1. well it seems 51 ships is max T_T
  2. InsaneLyouS0

    Update 0.7.4 General Feedback

    Nicely done WG now u brought stealth firing again!! Ships wont render for freaking 10 seconds
  3. @Tuccy @MrConway yess would be nice to see which mod is actually not permitted to be used be more clear plz WG! Thank u
  4. InsaneLyouS0

    supercontainers drop rate

    i havent gotten a supercontainer in 150 try ur luck contaiers WTF!
  5. InsaneLyouS0

    *Edited support team

    its not that, every a couple of games il get disconnects i tried to solve it by contacting WG Support team but that didnt work so i stopped caring after so manny games ull get used to it :D btw i have 20mb/s internet just for my gaming setup so that kind of problems should not be happening Thats the way to happiness in this game :D
  6. InsaneLyouS0

    the "carry harder!" thread

  7. InsaneLyouS0

    the "carry harder!" thread

    The loss was my fault didn't do enough dmg needed 100k more to win T_T
  8. InsaneLyouS0

    Dunkirk Collection

    by any chance u gonna repeat the Dunkirk Collections i missed that cuz of "vacation", would be really nice to get the cpt :D Thank u
  9. InsaneLyouS0


    for the love of god would u remove the special upgrades from the superconteiner drops plz first of all super containers are rare and when u final get one and its really nerve wrecking to get the useless special upgrades so plz do a separate choice if u want the chance to actually get one thank u for understanding
  10. InsaneLyouS0

    Suggestions thread

    sorry to say but that will never happen (absolutely never cuz reasons $$) well thanks i guess and yea they should limit the bbs to 3 per side and the dds 3 per side too the others filled in by cruisers and 1 cv each PS i hope this game survives the summer :S (i really like it but WG doesn't care T_T)
  11. InsaneLyouS0

    Suggestions thread

    would u plz remove the "SPECIAL(mostly useless) UPGRADES" from the supercontainers thank u or after u completely research a ship and it becomes elite then u gain a special slot for upgrades where u can slot the " SPECIAL UPGRADES" because as it is except for the extended hydro and speed boost all the others are worth 625k credits!
  12. InsaneLyouS0

    [TTT] Tora Tora Tora recruiting competitive players

    well hello there im interested in joinig a competitive clan and still learning how to play in competitive matches . im a below average bb player with some experience in other classes except CV . Looking forward to hear from u
  13. InsaneLyouS0

    Looking for a EU clan

    Im a below average player and looking for a good active clan PS Im a bb player
  14. InsaneLyouS0

    0.6.3 Public Test Patchnotes

    yea i hope they make the CV MM +1 -1 cuz its not fun to play t6 cv while a North Cal and Kutuzov running around and basically every body can shoot down ur planes and cv have become irrelevant PS buff the aa a bit more ;D make all the cv players quit and remove cvs all together
  15. InsaneLyouS0

    Will the EU server get anything similar to the NA carnival?

    Pls dont joke ppl they "WILL NEVER GIVE US" anything thats easy and useful. they like to torture us and bring missions that are agains teamplay . they are just a bunch of bafuns choosing anything they "think" is good (but its really not ) NA server always get the goodies and we have to work for it not like the NA server they get pretty easy missions and stuff T_T PS sorry for the typos