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  1. How do you expect the OP to know this? I didn't know that, HE didn't know that.. all we (still) get is a yellow ribbon and a mouse-text that tells us 'he has special abilities'.. there is _nothing_ else that indicates _what_ these abilities are.. at least the stats where he differes from a normal captain could be in a different colour (as in the numbers 3/1 in the EM skill could be yellow instead of the usual colour).. What you expect is for us to have memorized all the different skillpoints by heart.. and I honestly prefer to remember where I put my car keys than that.. No.. what OP wanted and I would like too is a better UI that actually tells us what these captains have regarding special skills,, so we don't have to trawl newsposts or find forum posts like these...
  2. renelm

    Server down

    "server temporarily unavailable" - stats says both servers are up At least the website is working now, which it wasn't at all just 10 minutes ago..
  3. renelm

    April Fools Division Bug

    Of course I didn't take any screenshots of the post battle results (silly me), but the daily win bonus was set to 214% in the post battle screen.. no 214+100 .. 214% and nothing else (and we are still talking first wins here). 214% + nothing never amounted to 314% for me.. The gimmick was that the total daily win bonus should be 314%, but all the ship icons said 214% (where they usually say 100% during the weekends and 50% for regular weekdays). You cannot add 0, zilch, nada to 214% and make it be 314% .. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/special/pi-rates-of-the-sea/ The joke one me was, that I _only_ got the 214% .. (.. which is still more than twice what we usually get, but I still felt cheated in a way..). Now, if only I had saved at least one post-battle result.. sheez. Anyway. This thread is about something else entirely.. a somewhat tame april 1st event (I was _so_ looking forward to seeing what they would come up with this year, after having seen YT-videoes with previous events, and I didn't start playing myself until some time in april 2016 ... ). Have a good weekend, and may ye hit all the citadels (.. except for mine, of course ;))
  4. renelm

    April Fools Division Bug

    No need to spend eite XP on upgrading the commander then.. A very nice model. but for naught.. So when the bonus for a ship I have in my port but _never_ played said 214% bonus on the port slot, I'm the one who can't do any math? When a ship I had a first win in for the day got 214% bonus (instead of 314%), I'm the one who can't do the math.. righto ..
  5. renelm

    April Fools Division Bug

    This might explain why there is still no april 1st event happening, even though we are well into the day here in Europe .. someone is frantically trying to fix things..(maybe the same person who set rewards to 214% instead of 314% on PI- day... )
  6. renelm

    Would we be able to play the Sub

    I stayed up after getting home from work.. 8.20 in the morning here on april 1st, and still nothing happening.. did someone forget to set the alarm for the subcommander? =)
  7. renelm

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Key binding changes

    I was wondering if my keyboard was going bad, since it seems I have to press the default key (left shift) multiple times to toggle artillery view after this latest upgrade. Glad yo see it's not only me..
  8. renelm

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    1. Description Torp sight not visible (it is as if something invisible is covering the middle of the sigths) 2. Reproduction steps The first 2 times it happened, it was after the client had been running for +3 hours. The last time, it was during the _first_ match of the day. No reproduction steps available. 3. Result Can't aim torps. 4. Expected result Was expecting to be able to use the torp prediction to aim my torps 5. Technical details 2017-02-02 17:30 UTC+1 I am running on slightly old hardware, but have seen no issues like this sine the patch ~2 weeks ago. Please let me know if you need more details.
  9. They're still active, even though ranked ended yesterday
  10. renelm


    Not sure if this is the right spot, but.. I just noticed, that there currently (14/11-2016) are 3 challenges, of which 2 requires that you 1) play a ranked match at Tier X and 2) one that requires you to win a ranked match at Tier X. These 2 challenges are only active today (14/11-2016), but ranked ended yesterday