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  1. Shouldn't be too long before some spots open up, with the addition of naval bases and clan expansion and all that stuff coming SoonTM! - kungbore
  2. Hey! Sorry, but unfortunately both clans are full right now. We'll be in touch in case a spot opens up! You could join our discord server (link in the first post) as a Non Member and hangout with us too! Best, kungbore
  3. An invite should've been sent by now!
  4. Hey! Unfortunately both clans are full atm, but it looks like a spot will open up in a near future (even later today perhaps)! We'll get back to you when that happens and you can always join the discord and have a chat with us if you feel like it ^^
  5. Heyo Bibi, You're welcome to join us as long as you're willing to leave your old clan. I'll see if any of the other dep coms or recs can get you an invite later today! Best regards, bore
  6. All guns on target. Bumping shells loaded. Fire in 3...2...1...now!
  7. Yes of course, sent you an invite!
  8. The Discord invite link is in our in-game clan description :p Sent you an invite
  9. As Khaba said, we have a lot of spots in our second clan. Just get in touch with me or any other staff member and we'll get you an invite ^^
  10. Sent you an invite, welcome to HAIFU ^^
  11. We still have 2 spots left! Feel free to shoot any of the staff a message if you want to join!
  12. Still looking for members to fill up the last few spots
  13. kungbore__

    Swedish clans?

    Hey man, tyvärr så är jag inte medveten om några svenska klaner. Men vad vet jag, har inte varit superaktiv på forumet... You could come check us out however, [bLUMR] is a casual, laid back clan inspired by the naval organisation from the 2016 anime Haifuri/High School Fleet. Even though we are inspired by an anime, we welcome members of the community who don't mind or care about anime as long as you don't be a poopyhead about it, everyone is welcome. Want to join? Shoot me a PM!