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  1. phambili

    Frage an die Community zu den Stahlschiffen

    Hallo, ehrliche Meinung? versuche es mit der "Texas" und fahre sie ins plus. MfG
  2. phambili

    Keep getting warnings on pc version

    Hello Look here: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Teamkilling And there are many answers here: https://wiki.wargaming.net/de/World_of_Warships Kind regards
  3. phambili

    Entfernt die Map Ozean

    Hallo, man sollte nicht von sich auf andere schliessen! Auf das MM und die vorgegebene Map hat kein Spieler irgendwelchen Einfluß. Als Spieler kann man sich nur anpassen und das beste daraus machen! Und wenn "anpassen" nicht Deine Stärke ist, dann lerne es (bitte nicht persönlich nehmen). MfG
  4. phambili

    Entfernt die Map Ozean

    Die beste Karte (m.M.n.) willst Du abschaffen? Auf Ihr kannst man zeigen, ob man bei WoWs was gelernt hat oder nur eine "große Klappe" hat. Derjenige, der sein Schiff richtig zu steuern und zu nutzen weiß, wird auch auf dieser Karte bestehen, egal was das MM an Ungerechtigkeiten dazu beisteuert. Leider ist diese Karte viel zu selten im Angebot. Zudem würde ich sie mir auch im Co-oP - Modus wünschen (da würden die Bots sicher so manchen "Gerne-Groß" das Fell über die Ohren ziehn) ! MfG
  5. phambili

    Kurze Frage, kurze Antwort - Der Erste Hilfe Thread

    Hallo, vor kurzem habe ich einen Teil der "Sammlungen" abgeschlossen. Dafür sollte ich eine "Zweite Flagge für deutsche BB's bekommen. Doch in meinem INVENTAR ist keine Flagge angekommen. KEINE zweite Flagge auf dem Schlachtschiff! Was läuft da schief? MfG
  6. phambili

    Hilfe zu Co-op Gefechte

    Hallo, oberflächlich betrachte stimmt das! ABER! Der Co-oP-Modus ist ja auch nicht dazu gedacht "Maximal-Schaden" und eine WinRate von 100% zu erreichen. Selbst Spieler mit vielen tausenden Gefechten nutzen den Co-oP-Modus immer noch regelmäßig. Ein Anfänger soll im Co-oP-Modus die "Grundlagen der Spielemechanik" erlernen und seine ersten Erfahrungen sammeln. Zumal er in den ersten 200 Gefechten in einem geschützen Bereich spielt. Fehler, die er hier macht, sind kein Problem. Er kann üben bis er sie nicht mehr macht und jede Menge dazu lernen! Jeder Anfänger, der freiwillig auf diese Schonzeit verzichtet, wird später alles nachlernen müssen unter erschwerten Bedingungen, zumal die erhofften Erfolge wegen mangelndem Wissen eher bescheiden ausfallen. MfG
  7. Hello, Your post is quite nice to read. He's definitely justified. And for a WoWs beginner who has for the most part successfully completed his basic training to learn the most important game mechanics and is now beginning to "familiarize himself" with the subtleties of the game and to gain his own experience. But before he goes on to this 2nd step, he must first step relatively (more or less) successfully master the 1st step: learning the basics of game mechanics. This also includes an initial overview of the battle cards, economy, strategy and Tactics, and much more. And many of the existing beginner guides are completely out of date and no longer suitable to facilitate the first steps in WoWs for a beginner. And thus no more help for beginners! Kind regards (translated with googel)
  8. phambili

    What prem ship to by my first one?

    Hello, obviously you haven't learned much in your beginner's time. You have not used the "puppy protection" from WoWs for learning. You would have read more often: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships And as an "unskilled" person, the hoped-for successes were not achieved. But that you have "problems with the economy" so early is rather unusual. It doesn't matter which premium ship you want to buy, it won't solve your problem! You have different ships, if you can drive them properly you will get more credit too. - T5 - "König", T5 - "Kotovski", T6 - "Budjonny, Japanese DD's. From T5 onwards you can also earn something in missions. And there should be a minimum of two containers a day for resources and signals. It may also be better to drive in Co-oP mode for the time being! There is less risk and there is a little less, but you can learn a lot. Namely, what you missed in your "200 battles closed season" because you did not use it. You can temporarily remedy your lack of credit by selling ships that you no longer operate. Kind regards (created with google translator)
  9. phambili

    Hit rewards issue

    Hello, ..........................(made with google translator)................................ I think it's good how you take your first steps with WoWs. There is a lot to learn before you have learned the basics of game mechanics. And then the experience comes too. You will still have many questions. Most of the answers can be found here: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships At WoWs, every beginner has a closed season of 200 battles (I call it "puppy protection"). This co-op mode can be very helpful. You play against machines and NOT real people. Ideal for learning. You can try everything, practice and mistakes made are no problem. Practice until there are no more mistakes. I also find learning the basics in a few nations positive. The basics of game mechanics are the same for all ships. Once you have understood it in principle, this knowledge can also be used on ships of other nations. In addition, there are a few specific peculiarities of each nation (which explains the diversity of WoWs). A few more small tips / suggestions: -- They get a lot for free from WG. Even if you partially can't use it yet, save it. Doubloons, coal, signals camouflages and much more. If you only sail 1 ship per day in all battles, you learn it more sustainably. -- Stick to the access levels (account level), which opens up more opportunities for you every time: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Account_Level -- Stay away from Random Battles for the time being. With this you leave the protection zone)! Possible mistakes will be exploited and punished by your opponents. -- While tempting, DO NOT buy premium ships. They currently do not offer you any advantages. At level 14 you get a T3 US cruiser from WG for free. -- Take the captain from the old ship along a line to the newly acquired ship. With this, the captain acquires "skill points" which are very important later. -- Get lost with your port. It provides a lot of information. Likewise with the gun combs. -- There is a WoWs practice room. Use it: Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIxNluItVWI -- Do not play up the individual ship lines at the "fast train speed". -- Do not continue playing like T5 during the closed season. A new phase begins there. An interim billing should take place at the latest. With a little patience, discipline, not entirely aimlessly and using your common sense, you will learn the basics relatively quickly and the experience will come over time, as will the successes in random. Kind regards (made with google translator)
  10. phambili

    Help choosing a line? And hi :)

    Hello, If you think that you have already mastered the basics of game mechanics, even though your profile says something completely different, I wish you every success in the future. You can learn and try a lot in the Co-oP! Maximum damage and a win rate of 100% are absolutely secondary in Co-oP. Those who voluntarily forego this learning opportunity will later have to "re-learn" considerably under difficult conditions. It will take many years to achieve acceptable results. Of course you can also have fun this way. Kind regards
  11. Hello seXikanac For me WoWs means in the first line, fun, fun and relaxation! Also a way to reduce frustration without hurting myself or others! I always want to win, but not at any cost! And you're never too old to learn! But if you need this game to maintain and increase your self-esteem, something is going wrong elsewhere. It's a game! No more and no less! There will always be someone who plays better or worse than her. But if you urgently need success at WoWs, then play on T9 / 10. But there you get nothing for free !! And the way there is long, rocky and hard. Especially since he also demands discipline against himself! By fun I mean something else! The RL is serious enough. You will not achieve great success with these "bargain ships", but they are fun to play and you can learn a lot if you want to! What claims do you have on the game WoWs? Kind regards
  12. phambili

    Help choosing a line? And hi :)

    The google translator is not perfect. I only speak German and have no other option. If you have any misunderstandings, ask Hello, They storm forward without looking back "from time to time". It is high time to do an interim billing / inventory. Apparently you've achieved something with superficial scrutiny, but for a high price and tons of mistakes a beginner can make! In the "200 skirmishes closed season" that WG grants every beginner, you should have better dealt with the game mechanics and all the other things that are relevant in WoWs, and yes, in the Co-oP battles you would have a lot try out and learn. Newly learned things can be tried out in the Co-oP until you don't make any more mistakes. Because the bots are also getting better from step to step. What you have failed to learn in Co-oP, you will have to learn in random to difficult conditions and painful experiences. With your few skirmishes you are still "complete beginners" (please do not take it personally), comparable to a golem. (https://universal_lexikon.deacademic.com/261221/Koloss_auf_t%C3%B6nernen_F%C3%BC%C3%9Fen) Analyze what you have achieved so far and you will see something similar. This was not your question, but I find such a summary to be entirely appropriate and helpful for the future. If you take what you have achieved so far as the basis for your further development, it is certainly a start, but no longer! So far you have mainly played Germany and Russia. For the time being, stay with it until your basic knowledge has increased and solidified! But play up all the branches of the two research trees. And please not at the speed of an express train! Even if I cannot assess your comprehension; with less than 50 battles you don't control a ship (usually). Let the "Bismark" rest as long as you learn the "Bayern and the Gneisenau". You should also learn and drive the German (also applies to Russian ships) cruisers and destroyers. For T2-4 German destroyers, Co-oP is appropriate to start with, if you want to play aggressively.. As a beginner, it is not advisable to try many nations. The basics are the same for all ships! The "specialties" of the various nations can be fathomed if one has mastered the "basics of WoWs". Use your common sense! There is also no shame in using the Co-oP mode while learning, as it has no negative consequences! Forget about the "WinRate" as a measure of your performance and to accept it. The WinRate for a single ship can be accepted with reservations. Read more! For example: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships In the higher animal levels there is much new addition, and it will embarrass the economy. Study Replay's. Strategy and tactics. Also possible upgrades and equipping of ships. Positioning and angling can thus be seen and learned! And much more! Achieving maximum damage (also in the learning process) is absolutely secondary! If you want to learn a ship, drive it for a full day! How to learn it sustainably. Many ships sail in one day, is nothing half and nothing whole! You're just getting bogged down. I hope you don't just dismiss my assessment. She's just supposed to help. It was a long process to learn these experiences Because everyone deserves to have fun at WoWs. Everyone has to make their own experiences. And although I've already had a few thousand battles, I still often feel like a beginner. Kind regards The google translator is not perfect. I only speak German and have no other option. If you have any misunderstandings, ask
  13. Hello, use the voucher for doubloons! And keep the doubloons for now First of all, stabilize your performance on the ships you already have! And when you have achieved that, you can consider a new premium ship. Kind regards (made with google translator)
  14. Hello, The Yubari, the Texas, the HuangHe C. 20 €) are good ships if you want to learn something! I also bought them as a bargain And a Tachibana-Lima for 80 cents is a funny little boat where you can "refresh" "lost" things. You have no less fun and success on the Texas than on the VIRIBUS UNITIS, She is very strong with the 1500 Dub captain "George Doe". Kind regards (made with google translator)
  15. Hello, what do you want with the "Viribus Unitis" that you are not yet ready for? First drive the existing T3 / 4 battleships into a plus zone! Buying a new ship does not automatically guarantee "better results". If you just buy this steamer and you experience a bankruptcy, why are the others to blame? (A voucher can also be used for better things, e.g. doubloons, m.M.n.) Take care of yourself. Kind regards (made with google translator)