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  1. 300ConfirmedKills

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    After most recent Windows update, all game sounds sound worse. It's as if they're being muffled.
  2. 300ConfirmedKills

    Naval Battle in a Nutshell

    It has to be base XP to avoid being P2W. That is not a problem. Over all, I think this event is a nice low-intensity competition for all clans to earn oil in. The only problem is that there is no incentive for the individual members of each clan to take part, so it's up to the clan leaders to whip the members into shape. Naval Battles could be improved by adding a moderate reward for individual players as they earn stars, so that they don't need to be harangued by others in order for a clan to produce its best performance each week. The Paddy's Day camos and additional event container awarded this weekend is a perfect example. Something like this should be repeated for all Naval Battles in the future.
  3. 300ConfirmedKills

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    The 'Open all containers' button is nice, but I notice that now container items do not disappear a short while after opening the container, as they used to. This means that the player can't see which container is the next to be opened. This is not so important when opening your normal daily containers, but when you have special containers in your stockpile that may contain premium time and you therefore want to open at the correct time, it is inconvenient not to be able to see the next container to be opened in advance. In order to make sure you don't inadvertently open a special container, you have to leave the container interface and return, in order to reveal the next container. The next container should be revealed a brief period after opening the preceding one, as it used to be, or there should be a button to reveal the next container without opening it.
  4. 300ConfirmedKills

    [UPD 22/3] Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round

    Disappointed to find once again that various ongoing events can not be completed in Clan Battles. Why should we have to pick between Naval Battles or the Fly Strike Win event and Clan Battles? Any event that can be completed in Random Battles should accept Clan Battles too.
  5. 300ConfirmedKills

    [UPD 22/3] Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round

    The scheduling interface should be improved. Right now if you pick a particular prime time for a particular day, all other days are also set to that time. It's very unintuitive to use the calendar try to schedule a particular time on a particular day, only to find that that prime time is applied to all days. I see that the text on the schedule screen says that the prime time is set for the whole week. In that case, there is no need to present a misleading selection of individual prime times on the calendar: a simple ASIA, RU, EU, NA list to pick from would make things clearer.
  6. 300ConfirmedKills

    [UPD 19/3] Weekend Event: Get Extra Naval Battle Rewards!

    Join a clan if you want the rewards from clan events. There are plenty that demand nothing of their members other than a pulse. It's quicker and easier than whining to WG about your laziness.
  7. 300ConfirmedKills

    Flooding Rework

    This is an insane buff to BBs. Flooding is so weak now that there's no point in using DCP unless the speed penalty is slowing you down in the middle of a risky turn. Maybe DDs are doing more flooding damage than they used to, as WG's rationalisation suggested, but it's much more likely any of this extra damage is simply being healed back. Under the old system lengthy floods were rare and average flood damage was low, but the floods were effective and brought BBs to their verge of sinking, if not destroying them outright. Whatever about CVs, ship torps need compensatory buffs if you're not going to revert these flooding changes.
  8. 300ConfirmedKills

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Sound levels are still a mess after the most recent patch. There was a small improvement, but the 'whoosh' in 'shell-cam' is still far too loud.
  9. 300ConfirmedKills

    [UPD 22/3] Cross-Server Clan Battles: Second Test Round

    Yes, I really hope there will be rentals. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce new players to the Clan Battles format and some of those new players naturally need rentals.
  10. 300ConfirmedKills

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    Another thing that is missing from the interface is a way to check clan member performance from previous engagements. If a clan wants to go all out on this event, they need to be able to figure out which clan member is best for getting each star.
  11. 300ConfirmedKills

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    I like this feature. It's a nice low-energy clan activity to fill the gaps between Clan Battle seasons. There is room for improvement though. The main problem is that there is essentially no incentive for individual players to use their attempts efficiently, or at all. A modest individual reward for each star earned, would solve this easily: perhaps 400 coal per star?
  12. 300ConfirmedKills

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    This change to the audio is terrible. It's impossible to get everything to the right level when you don't know what each slider does. The categorisation of various sound effects under each slider is inscrutable. The main obstacle to proper settings in my experience is that the 'whoosh' in shell cam is far, far too loud and the only way to quiet it is to turn down the 'SFX' slider, which naturally has knock-on effects on everything else under that slider, making them too quiet.
  13. 300ConfirmedKills

    Fix the forum date-time representations

    And another thing, there's a preposition missing between the verb and the time in the timestamps above each post: Posted Tuesday at 11:25 PM @MrConway when can we expect these issues to be resolved?
  14. 300ConfirmedKills

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    Didn't really notice much positive change. Overall it seems to be about equal in responsiveness to previous builds. One negative change I did notice was that it now takes about 2 s for the 'Modules' display to show up when switching from one ship to another. That seems a lot slower than before.
  15. 300ConfirmedKills

    Fix the forum date-time representations

    Some feedback about the forum: please change the date-time format to an ISO 8601-compliant representation. The current representation used for quoted posts and elsewhere is far inferior in terms of clearness, readability and portability. E.g.: On 2/14/2019 at 7:22 PM, 300ConfirmedKills said: Spare us from this arcane '14th month' and 'PM' nonsense. I searched my forum settings for an option to change to a more rational date-time representation, but could find none. If there can only be one date-time representation on this forum, it ought to be in the form of a superlatively convenient and useful ISO 8601-compliant representation.