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  1. 300ConfirmedKills


    Glad to see that the credit earning directives have been spread out across the different stages and the amounts rationalised for the marginal nations. A very welcome change.
  2. 300ConfirmedKills

    Ranked: Seasons and Sprints

    It's not really Ranked (proper) without an R1 flag.
  3. 300ConfirmedKills

    Claim Your Compensation Now! [Symbols of France]

    A lot fewer rewards than I would have achieved if I had been able to claim Symbols on those days. Better than nothing I guess.
  4. 300ConfirmedKills


    Fire whoever had the bright idea to put on a Ranked season at the same time as Clan Battles and a giant timesuck event. Bring back R1 flags too. Then I might be interested in playing beyond R15 again.
  5. 300ConfirmedKills

    French Destroyers

    I never got a chance to look at the tooltip, which is rare for me, but the symbols themselves disappeared at some time around 0000 UTC this morning. This is very frustrating, as both the patch notes and a giant notice in the client 'Events' tab suggested a later date. It all leaves a very sour taste. Who could look at the image below and not conclude that it refers to the Symbols of France being available until 2019-08-21?
  6. 300ConfirmedKills

    French Destroyers Event: the Full Guide

    Yes, this is an unforgivable recurring problem. There is no reason why the deadline for the directives shouldn't be prominently visible on the directives screen. You can check the deadline on the 'Hall of Fame', but this is an unnecessarily convoluted and obscure method of displaying this fundamental information. Even worse, three different (!) deadlines were published for the 'Symbols of France' mechanic: one hidden under a tooltip on each symbol in the carousel (2019-08-20T00:00Z or thereabouts, apparently. I never noticed it while the Symbols were present), one in the 0.8.6 patch notes (the end of the patch, i.e.: 2019-08-22T05:00Z, according to the 0.8.7 patch notes) and finally one in the 'Events' tab in the client (an image with a GIANT Symbol of France is shown, with the numbers '24.07-21.08', presumably referring to the interval from 2019-07-24 to 2019-08-21). This sort of nonsense is inexcusable for a multi-million euro publisher such as Wargaming.
  7. 300ConfirmedKills

    French Destroyers

    Where are the Symbols of France? They're supposed to be available for the duration of the current patch, but this morning they disappeared from all of the ships I had yet to obtain them from. Crappy, grindy mission design is one thing, but preempting your own published deadline is a brand new low for WG. I expect the Symbols will be restored with all due haste and an adequate period of availability will be provided by way of compensation for their - hopefully brief - absence. Stage 3 of the directives was just awful, as the similar set of directives at New Year's was. Combining a whole set of mutually incompatible tasks (an arbitrarily select few premium ships withstanding) makes for a much less enjoyable slog, compared to the other stages. Requiring the player to have (at least mid-tier, and ideally high tier, for reasonable progress) from at least six nations is unnecessarily exclusionary to players who are starting out, or simply choose to play only a few nations in particular. These players could be accommodated while still rewarding players with a finger in every pie simply by spreading the directives of stage 3 across all stages evenly.
  8. 300ConfirmedKills

    Update 0.8.6: French Destroyers

    0.8.6 is still live, but none of the ships I have yet to play this patch have any Symbols of France on them. Neither is the symbol an available filter on the ship carousel any more. What is going on? I have a a lot of tokens and coal that I plan to obtain over the last few days of this patch. @Crysantos @SeaSickOllie
  9. 300ConfirmedKills

    Gamescom 2019 flag mission

    Yes, that's just what I said in my original post. Do you have anything to add or would you prefer to duplicate the content of this post too?
  10. 300ConfirmedKills

    Gamescom 2019 flag mission

    Has anyone successfully completed this mission and received the flag? I just finished stage 2, but stage 3 is not visible to me anywhere in the client, and I don't have the flag yet either.
  11. 300ConfirmedKills

    August Combat Missions - gamescom 2019

    I'm once again disappointed that Clan Battles do not count towards Daily Missions. It's very frustrating to put in a large effort towards Clan Battles and yet not have that recognised as part of the grind towards the Daily Mission chains. It seems like a really petty decision, I don't understand it at all.
  12. 300ConfirmedKills

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    I'm glad we have a major non-TX event. I'm surprised it's Clan Battles, but at least it's a start.
  13. 300ConfirmedKills

    Clan Brawl

    The idea of a solely win-based progression system is good for a less intense type of competition than CB, but requiring a team of seven kind of defeats the purpose. Getting together a full team can be a lot of work for smaller clans. Clan Brawl would be a great addition to the game in the form of a more frequent, less demanding type of clan competition than Clan Battles. With smaller teams (three to five players) and at lower tiers (T5-9) it would be a great driver of clan activity. At the moment, the requirement for a full team of seven is simply an additional drain of energy for many clans.
  14. 300ConfirmedKills

    Twelfth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    First Ranked Season since Season 4 that I didn't rank out. Already had my fill of TX play and they don't even give you a Jolly Roger flag any more. Not worth it.
  15. 300ConfirmedKills

    Clan Brawl

    CVs are in and a second later they're out. What a joke. If WG can't handle a simple news article what hope do they have of turning CVs into a class that improves the game instead of dragging it down?