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  1. BCHood

    Training room question

    Don't see as many more training rooms then I did before. There's no actual data how much more server resources bots consume. Then again, there's hundreds of Co-Op battles played at the very same time with the same bots, with the same "AI", and there isn't a limit on them AFAIK. Servers are under light load most of the time - look at the population numbers, highest I saw was 60k plus on EU, most of the times it's around half that number and (usually even less when I play), even when they were 60k+ the server still had headroom since there weren't any queues, slow downs, instabilities etc specifically look at the RU server population, AFAIK the server cluster in France is used for both EU and RU. Even if it isn't, the servers never run at full load. And again, as I said, there's no information how much more, if at all, the bloody evil bots resources consume. Jolly great theory, if official, but one that doesn't really float. Edit> That video shows what it's all about. If we entertain the notion that the limit is true, although everything including logic tells us it isn't so - there are other things WG could have done. Kick out active CVs completely, limit the number of active AI ships per real player in a game, or per map et cetera.
  2. BCHood

    Training room question

    You do realize you can still queue as a one player against 12 bots in the current variation? Nothing really changed.
  3. BCHood

    Training room question

    You can't learn defense, specially overwhelming defence, like 1 vs 5 and different divisions and pairs (comps) of different vessels in a wing in a Co-Op simply because you can't reliably re-create the situation, besides, like you said, trying to save the game from potato teams doesn't leave a lot of room for experimentation in Co-Ops, as you know. Last but not least, you can't simply make a small group of real life friends and team up against specific bot ships of your choice (having three low level cruisers against a bot Yamato, as a good example - tons of fun). I hope they re-add it. What really leaves a sour taste in the mouths is the fact before their "rework" the whole thing used to be better then afterwards. Simple UI change with twice as less features and being advertised as added content. But the content was actually taken out. It boggles me how people think it's okay to take the perfectly fine content out of the game just because they don't like it, or don't use it. I'd still wish to get a "blue" response on this. Cheers
  4. BCHood

    Training room question

    Hi, When will the new Training room allow bots to fight back? Seems a little vain point to "train" against non-fighting, stationary "bots".
  5. BCHood

    Premium warship trade in

    I'd like an answer on this too.
  6. BCHood

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Congratulations to the winners. :)
  7. Bought 10 small crates on my US account to start off - got the Duca D'aosta italian cruiser and a small doubloon package, the rest were camos. Still waiting for EU to get the crates to roughly compare. Last year I had more luck on my US account in terms of ships, FWIW.
  8. BCHood

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hello, First of all thank you for the raffle, and thank you to all the donators for the lovely gifts. Second, I'd kindly like to enter the raffle. Shipwise, any of the new French BBs if they become available until the New Years, if not I'd love Roma. Not picky 'bout the rest, sure will find something I'd love to have, doubloons are always nice. Thank you.
  9. BCHood

    Anyone else getting bored lately?

    - Nerf DD concealment. Can just delete DDs from the game, as this is what they're supposed to excell at. - Get rid of 100% effective AAs Yeah, so cruisers have one more thing they suck at, gotcha. - Get rid of RL and Radars and every skill that makes the game dumber. So that gameplay become stale and that players don't need to learn new things and adapt, you just want to point and shoot game, no need to smash buttons or think, just mouse clicks. - Make smoke shorter duration. Another DD and RN CL nerf, gotcha. - Get rid of lottery detonations. Aside DDs don't know last time I was detonated, but I guess that miniscule 1% bothers you so much they should just remove it. Great thinking. I'm bothered by that 1 CV in 3 battles... let's remove CVs! - Make it harder to pen armour on EVERY ship. Yes, let's make this HE fire spam game, as if that requires any dose of skill what-so-ever. World of Fireships, here I come. - Make grinding real. Not the present joke where there's no grinding at all. Yes, let's make people play even longer through turd ships so they give up, let's punish players without tons of time, or those that actually do have a life besides the game. Let's all just cater to those with big bucks, others just grind 3 months every ship. That will surely make a prosperous game. - Remove torpedos from BBs Haha, if you've been torped by three torpedo-carrying BBs in the game, that just tells me your situational awareness. If you're that close to those BBs... you're doing it wrong. - Remove hydro from DDs Yes, let's make DDs more useless. - Remove smoke from CAs Yes, let's make CAs more useless. - Make high tier CAs more tanky. If there wouldn't be that much BBs, there wouldn't be issues with cruisers. I think they're just fine. - Fix "dead ships" - Stop releasing magic skills. Ah yes another RPF whine, the skill isn't really all that usefull except in certain DD scenarios, but hey you said you want to nerf both smoke and concealment from DDs, I guess what's the point of RPF then if you can see squishy DD from miles away, right? This sound just like another BB captain wanting to nerf everything else, and making the game easier. You open the post talking about making the game harder, then propose changes that completely dumb down the game to the super mario levels, and nerf everything but BBs. Seriously, if you cannot cope with everchanging mechanics of MMOs (WoWs isn't even that much changing), you should be playing single player games. You're just bored out and want to vent on the forums so you spill out things that make no sense whatsoever. At this point it would be better for you (and sadly for us as well), if you go and play something else.
  10. BCHood


    Nagato in real life was actually one of the best armored ships in the world when she was laid down, utilising then-modern AoN scheme. Her sorta-sandwich armor isn't well represented in the game, imo. She gets tons of penetrations, and her bow and aft are easily pen'ed by other 16 inchers to oblivion. To this end, I wouldn't ever call that ship "tanky", in fact, Amagi, which has much thinner main belt, deflects hits much better. Both get citadeled easily when full broadside is shown, but Amagi is much better ship angled. Nagato does have accurate and hard hitting guns, with good shell arc and long firing distance, for her size she's pretty maneuverable as well. She's decently fast as well (though the new German sisters overclass her there). Overall she's okay, but the Gneisenau and especially Scharnhorst are, imho anyway, much better T7 BBs. She does lead to Amagi, which is imo the best T8 ship (though the stats and other people will tell you Bismarck reigns supreme, and they're right as well), and the line eventually leads to Yamato.
  11. BCHood

    Any nations you just can't play or win in?

    USN BBs. I tried, just couldn't gel with them. The Standards are both too slow and too short firing for me, to the point I feel I don't do any impact in a fight. And once I'm finally in the distance of my guns, most of my allies have been obliterated and I'm focus fired. Just frustrating. One more reason I was hoping for Alabama premium sooner rather then later, as I just can't force myself to grind until NC. I tried first three German DDs, and put them aside. No thank you. As far as torpedo boats, the IJN have them beaten, as far as gunboats, both the soviets and the USN, which I really like, have them beaten. I'm sure it gets better somewhere up the line, I just can't push through it and grind them.
  12. Having tested it on most of my ships... I have come to conclusion it's not worth the 4 commander points 9 out of 10 times, I have it on my high tier USN DDs now (I admit it's really good for them), and I have decided I can live without it on my russki and chinese DDs. Can be useful on RN CLs but I find other 4 point skills more useful on my Leander, meh skill for all my CAs and BBs. It's definitely not the game destroyer the whines will have you believe. In fact the game didn't really change all that much as I thought it will since the new commander skills. Only thing that caught me by surprise is Kutuzov nowadays, seems to be able to tackle any ship I throw at it, be it a DD, a CL, a CA or even one of my BBs. But that's topic for another discussion altogether.
  13. Bad people are in every class and every tier, it's the BBs that survive the longest so those bad players in BBs are more obvious, getting all the salt. While I fully agree the BBs numbers should be cappes at 3 or 4, I don't subscribe to the whole idea every BB is an idiot by ship choice, I've seen as much bad BB players as in an other class, except maybe CV, because if they're reall good they carry, if they're average or bad, you don't see them and their impact much.
  14. Thanks, still on work so haven't been able to get into game yet. Cheers.
  15. Thank you, could work for Izumo. Have they nerfed Adrenaline Rush? Talent calc say 0.2% which is good but the WG posts have it as 0.1 instead.