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  1. Salem camo info arsenal

    Hello, Salem perma camo corresponds to the information in the detail of the arsenal? more credits and + 100%xp? this info is not clear because many reviews say different
  2. Almanacco MMI

    dopo 2 settimane con voi posso confermare il tutto...
  3. What has happend to the Missouri?

    i feel bad in that ship too atm, sometimes i shot a full broadside and max damage is 2700... and i have over 200 battles in him, i know how work before, now is just bad
  4. Missouri, why am I so bad?

    i see u show broadside and the enemy hit u so hard, but in last days i feel missouri no real good like the first times i play this ship, accuracy is still good but sometimes i hit real low damage a full broadside enemy ships, maybe is penetration idk, alsace look better atm.
  5. salve, reclutate? cerco clan ita competitivo
  6. ciao a tutti, 53% wr, 7 t10, 52,5k danni per battaglia, rientro?
  7. Win Big With Signal Flags - Results

    tnks for the camos, i got it for 2 times round 1 and round 2, but i real want win Roma, it seems something unfinished...
  8. Public Test 0.5.16 - Patch Notes

    we have time to finish this campaigns now in game? or when the patch coming the new campaigns replace the old?
  9. I have Benson t8 and amagi, and I'm close to Colorado in usa BBS,i no have problem to join ts because I use it for others games, I have steam too, s3nd me info ts and I will join xD