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  1. Hi there, We are a Portuguese speaking clan looking for new players. We don't care about your win rate, PR etc. Ideally you'll have at least one T8 Ship, mic and be active. Contact in game: Sublimeark / Marcio_Domingues / Sousaj Thanks.
  2. sublimeark

    Game crashs after 2-3 m in battle

    It didnt work also. even tried older drivers.
  3. sublimeark

    Game crashs after 2-3 m in battle

    yes tried both, WGcheck and reinstall the game :S
  4. sublimeark

    Game crashs after 2-3 m in battle

    Hi Brusi, thx for your quick reply. All temperature is ok, and the only game that this happens is wows. I checked Event viewer and there was something that caught my eye, one of "warning" was "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered." I did clean my Laptop, and i play other games just fine.
  5. Hi all, I don't know if I am posting in the right forum but here it goes: I stopped playing for 1 year or so, and just installed the game no mods etc, same computer as always (MSI 7RF Leopard Pro. Geforce GTX 1060), and everytime I join a battle i can play 2-3m and after I get a critical error and I need to reboot the pc in order to launch the game again. What I Tested so far: - Updated all drivers with driver booster - Installed geforce experience - Tried roll back graphic drivers - Tried using all settings low - Tried using direct x 9 - Tried to delete preferences file Attached you shall find the last crash report and python log too. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thx. reports.zip
  6. sublimeark

    Salem camo info arsenal

    Hello, Salem perma camo corresponds to the information in the detail of the arsenal? more credits and + 100%xp? this info is not clear because many reviews say different
  7. sublimeark

    Almanacco MMI

    dopo 2 settimane con voi posso confermare il tutto...
  8. sublimeark

    What has happend to the Missouri?

    i feel bad in that ship too atm, sometimes i shot a full broadside and max damage is 2700... and i have over 200 battles in him, i know how work before, now is just bad
  9. sublimeark

    Missouri, why am I so bad?

    i see u show broadside and the enemy hit u so hard, but in last days i feel missouri no real good like the first times i play this ship, accuracy is still good but sometimes i hit real low damage a full broadside enemy ships, maybe is penetration idk, alsace look better atm.
  10. salve, reclutate? cerco clan ita competitivo
  11. sublimeark

    [-MMI-] - Marina Militare Italiana - Recluta!

    ciao a tutti, 53% wr, 7 t10, 52,5k danni per battaglia, rientro?
  12. sublimeark

    Win Big With Signal Flags - Results

    tnks for the camos, i got it for 2 times round 1 and round 2, but i real want win Roma, it seems something unfinished...