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  1. Superfour

    Feeling like a noob

    I did the very same thing the other day. Typed that I was going to stay in range of B and C and decamp any enemy attackers. I accidentally typed it to the enemy team too
  2. Superfour

    Upgrade to new CPU

    I'm using an Asus m5a97 r2.0 board, with an fx 6300 at 4.4ghz, a GTX 960, 16gb of ram and two SSD's (a 120gb for Win 8.1 and office etc... and a 480gb for games). I run it at max on a 1080p Benq with no issues whatsoever.
  3. Superfour

    Battles starting with fewer ships?

    Yeah, I had a game today with only 6 on each side. I thought I'd selected the co op mode but it was a random battle.
  4. Thanks Hans. Which one would be best to buy for competitive modes?
  5. I've been looking for these 'payed ships'. What are they and what advantage do they give? Do I have to pay for them?