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  1. bobtherterrible

    Why Open Maps Are Stupid And Why Wargaming Loves Them

    Ofc with the new undersea world, you can presumably look forward to some uncharted reefs in Ocean just for giggles.
  2. bobtherterrible

    Why Open Maps Are Stupid And Why Wargaming Loves Them

    I think i had ocean in maybe two games ever. Kinda a head scratcher as you've no idea what anyone's going to do as there is no form to go on. What would be nice is to know which map is coming up and be able to pick a ship for it. you know, like in Tetris that people are so keen for us all to try
  3. bobtherterrible

    CV mains, help needed

    yeah but it's the same thing isn't it? WG: nerf CV slightly CV players: Wah wah wah Everyone else:
  4. bobtherterrible

    CV mains, help needed

    Gosh, just like every other class of ordinance and ship then. Oh no.
  5. bobtherterrible

    CV mains, help needed

  6. bobtherterrible

    change 'report' function

  7. bobtherterrible

    Italian destroyers

    C'mon surely the Italian gimmick would be some sort of midget sub/manned torpedo Could be embodied as either: 1) Torpedoes that are manually steerable after launch 2) The ability to select one of the enemy team and prevent them entering the battle (ie sunk in port) Both ideas are clearly stupid and unbalanced and therefore more than worthy candidates for addition to the game.
  8. bobtherterrible

    Dead End at Silver Quali

    Stay in Bronze
  9. Yeah, HMS Rodney will be 2m FXP but will have 24.5" torpedos, 20k range, 30k damage.
  10. bobtherterrible


    It's a lot of effort to go to to show you don't know the difference between "worse" and "worst".
  11. bobtherterrible

    30 German Containers

    I think these german containers are clearly rigged. I mean, you don't even get a Markarov Scandal!
  12. bobtherterrible


    Z-31 let's you know if you can aim or not s If you can't aim for crap, it sucks all the time If you can aim, you can damage stuff quite nicely It is also situationally dependent as it's not always the strongest against, for example, other dds, and requires you to have good positional control so that you have your guns pointing at the enemy dd before you spot it. I found it a bit of an enigma but somewhat of an enjoyable challenge, just don't play it like other DDs
  13. bobtherterrible

    Unicom. Really??

    Your analogy is shyte. Riding a motorcycle with or without a helmet has nothing to do with fogging up a a dd. If you want to use that analogy, it's like saying that you're safer riding your motorbike at night or in fog where you can't see what's coming at you, or see and avoid threats etc. It really isn't that hard to stay unspotted, although for cap contesting it's not the best choice and almost any other dd would be better.
  14. bobtherterrible

    Unicom. Really??

    I would agree that I would prefer to take Jultand rather than Yogibear, but if for some reason I took the Japanese boat, TRB would go with it.