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  1. bobtherterrible

    Art dept hate subs too?

    Here is Undine without camo You can spend 100 dubs on this and get this amazing result [no i didn't spend it obvs]
  2. bobtherterrible

    New IJN Light Cruisers

    Well all i can say is git gud average at best
  3. bobtherterrible

    New IJN Light Cruisers

    If you say so. Actually it allows good comparison since you can then compare how a crap cruiser player does in each category and see that it makes little difference.
  4. bobtherterrible

    New IJN Light Cruisers

    there you go. Happy now?
  5. bobtherterrible

    New IJN Light Cruisers

    Well spotted, have a biscuit (and then tell me how to filter the Stats so it only shows the lights)
  6. bobtherterrible

    New IJN Light Cruisers

    Just finished grinding this line, Really don't see what you are all complaining about, seems fine to me, and I'm really not that great a cruiser player.
  7. bobtherterrible

    The great ASW imbalance

  8. bobtherterrible

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Finally got my WR above 50% for all ship classes thanks principally to these crazy OP Japanese cruisers
  9. bobtherterrible

    New Code.

    I have two of him, so there's no reason you can't have n+1 Leroys FB post above was from yesterday
  10. bobtherterrible

    New Code.

  11. bobtherterrible

    What is your 'rarest' ship in WoWS?

    Got that thing out of a free container a while back Sold it as: It's a CV I suck at CVs It's probably not the best CV for someone who sucks at CVs I was never going to play it It's ugly AF The port slot was handy WG rewarded me by stuffing a free black friday container with Saipan B. so I learnt my lesson and that thing contaminates my port so that WG can't give me a saipan variant for a third time. (probably they'll find a way).
  12. bobtherterrible

    unsportsmanlike conduct is not working propperly!!

    I think he means submit a ticket as per https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/26679/ "in the port" section There are no limits on how many of these you can do (as far as I know) and it only takes a minute.
  13. Looks like a lot of fun Can't wait, though the torps look a bit short ranged.
  14. bobtherterrible

    unsportsmanlike conduct is not working propperly!!

    This He/She seems to be doing worse (or probably better in his/her eyes) than the AFK win rate
  15. bobtherterrible

    Spotting with fighters

    Then I read this bit