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  1. wot_2016_gunner

    I love the new port :D

    Personally, i like the port, but not really that much, due to the fact that it's a bit too dark in my opinion, but that's just me. I agree that it's very well made, there is a very high ammount of detail, but it's just not my favourite. I waiting for a port like the one displayed below to be added: same concept, but more... real?
  2. wot_2016_gunner

    WOWS 4th birthday bonus code

    Thx for the codes guys!!!
  3. Unfortunately i don't have a lot of doublons, 1900=1850 + 50 from the the daily shipments (which puts me in the position to thake Mikasa with some margin, but for as much i like her, i don't want her right now), cause F2P, but i'm saving the ones that i get for the furture. I suggest to you guys that want the Roma to buy her if you really want her, because with the Italian event announced, she might turn out useful. I'm aiming for her too, cause i'm Italian, I know it's going to take a hell of a while, but it's my decision. I'd like to suggest to you some ships for those captains (i'll suggest one or two of each class, due to the fact that i don't know what kind of player you are. Japan - BBs either the Kii or the Ashitaka; Cruises the Atago; DD Yudachi is the only one that i think it's good. (Asashio's torpedos are not really that useful) USN - BBs either Alabama or Massachusetts (Georgia is out for coal so i don't count her); Cruisers the Atalanta; DDs your choise Germany - BBs either the Tirpitz or the Sharnhorst or the PEF, Cruisers the Prinz Eugen, DDs the T-61
  4. wot_2016_gunner

    4th WoWs anniversary discussion!

  5. wot_2016_gunner

    4th WoWs anniversary discussion!

    My only small complain has to do with the Gift containers, cause I think that they are disappointing (not that those flags are bad, but... really WG), I mean, I'm perfectly fine with the fact that only tier 10 get a super container, but I think that those players who still don't have any tier 10 ship yet but they have tier 8 and 9 ships are going to feel a bit disappointed. I'm happy with the rest of the update, especially the visual and audio "improvements". @Bellegar and @MrFingers I agree, the directives are basically always the same, just the numbers change. At least, the rewards for this directives are better than the last ones.
  6. wot_2016_gunner

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Happy birthday!!! Can I just say that those gift containers are awful in my opinion.
  7. wot_2016_gunner

    Maybe i'm missing something here...

    My deduction is that it's just a placeholder for hit ribbons because i can't think of anything else that those could be
  8. wot_2016_gunner

    A lot of Super Containers lately

    Thanks for the clarification. I haven't get any Super Container since March, just some rental ships lately. I hope i'll get one soon
  9. wot_2016_gunner

    A lot of Super Containers lately

    The Yamamoto campaign gives supercontainers too.
  10. wot_2016_gunner

    Most fun Tier range?

    V to VII + 10 which i still don't play as i still don't have a tier 10 yet. That's a good point
  11. wot_2016_gunner

    Update 0.8.8: 16/08??

    Guys, it seems that the actual releace is close because the French DD event directives don't show up any more
  12. wot_2016_gunner

    Update 0.8.8: 16/08??

    My WGC downloaded around 2.4 GB of data about three days ago if I remember correctly.
  13. As said by many other players and even CCs: STOP IT WITH THE TOKENS !!! Every once in a while might be okay, but every single time that a new line gets released, here we go again with the tokens, please WG, please STOP. I have the feeling that the Italian event will be even more grindy than the French one. People don't have massive amounts of time to play, and I get that you don't really force us, but with this system people who don't have the time feel left out. And why? Maybe to indirectly lead people into buying premium containers? I'm really happy for the Italian event and the other things announced, but not about the TOKENS and RNG loot boxes.
  14. wot_2016_gunner

    Maybe an idea....

    I agree especially on the DD part. I don't play them a lot, but nobody contests cap anymore, only expert players do it. I just lost a ranked match were all of our three DDs got sunked, while for the enemy, only one was sunked. Also, yes, there is not a lot of teamplay, unless, again, you are not playing with expert players. I think they should introduce "Assist" ribbons This old video from Flamu explains the situation perfectly.
  15. wot_2016_gunner

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My latest game in the Nagato, with an epic team comeback (replay included). 20190912_164644_PJSB010-Nagato-1944_46_Estuary.wowsreplay