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  1. cruiser23

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    i will play it like i play atago
  2. cruiser23

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    more signals and camo..... now i jump over furutaka
  3. cruiser23

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    i dont have the others screens but thats it
  4. cruiser23

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    so far i got: 250 dcp II with the first 5 after the patch (guess all got it) 250 detonation flags 250 dcp ( so total of 500 dcp II) 30 days o premium (today) the last 3 where all normal containers ( more consumable, flags etc) no one try your luck
  5. cruiser23

    HMS Belfast is in the shop!

    if you look at cc reviews on youtube she hadn't repair at all, don't know if she had it during supertesting time
  6. cruiser23

    Wargaming...skill based..matchmaking...now!

    why most of player are worried about losing a match? or if their wr is dropping? i have fun even if i lose; you can play well still loosing and have fun.... and how could you improve your gamplay if u dont meet enemy that rolf stomps you?
  7. cruiser23

    firing accuracy

    the easy way to hit a target (for me) is to play that target, if i play a dd i know how to hit it and hunt it even in a bb by the way if the enemy dd is russian or ijn, they have good shell arc an muzzle velocity tha make easier to hit targets
  8. cruiser23

    Wargaming...skill based..matchmaking...now!

    from my experience is not the skill level that makes u win the game (i dont care about stats win rate etc... i care only if i have fun or not) but is team work i've seen a lot of match where avarage and below avarage player (like me) with a little team work rolf stomped skilled player cause the lack of it in enemy team i agree that skill based mm is not a good idea, how can u improve your gameplay if u cant meet stronger enemy?
  9. cruiser23

    Ban for nothing? Wtf?

    well mate lot of post from others forum members reported your chat beahviour so.... let the ban pass, be nice in chat even if they are not with u and keep low profile and try to enjoy the game even if u loose, sometimes you work hard and lose anyway (becouse of your team o enemy being better), but is only a game, if u are not having fun there is no point in playing it
  10. cruiser23

    Ban for nothing? Wtf?

    right he wasnt the cv player but the op is well known for misbehaviour in chat so no surprise for the ban
  11. cruiser23

    Ban for nothing? Wtf?

    i dont remeber if it was him, but someone after a game start insulting me (after insulting in chat) with pm becouse i rolf stomped his cv with mine (and the op opened a thread about this, and was a trolling) maybe some open a ticket to support for this reason
  12. cruiser23

    Nagato Armour Pen Terrible

    if they bounce switch to he i had citadel hit with byern on a pensacola with he
  13. cruiser23

    im becoming a bit nervous... chances of fire need to be nerfed?

    haha and i dont get fire more than 3-4 times playing bbs so i easy to manage, just dont use repair for only 1 fire and ur ok since u can heal.... cr and dd dont have this ability and they are doing fine
  14. cruiser23

    im becoming a bit nervous... chances of fire need to be nerfed?

    lol again a bb rant.... have any bb player had fire on a cr or dd? or get a torp hit? i play all classes and bb r the most forgiving, u can eat torps and have fire on and still survive.... and repair cr and dd not so.... guess another useless fire rant
  15. cruiser23

    How to report hackers outside of game or post-limit reach?

    i know the guy of the op guess he fought with ( somewhat i remeber the name) me, hosho vs hosho i have fighters upgraded hes not i used starfing hes not thats why i shoot all his plane down. sorry no hack only better gameplay guess from an avarage player