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  1. Binary Star - just awful as people who end up on my team obviously haven't bothered reading how the mode works. Too difficult for large section of the player base... As others have mentioned, the number of people playing these like T1/T2 games is huge leading to loss after loss.
  2. cmdr__nik

    Why is the Gneisenau now terrible at AA?

    I haven't been particularly scared in the Gneis against T6 carriers. Yes, they can get through and will get one run in, but unlikely to be able to do two. T8 is a different story, but today I came up against a Shokaku and killed 10 of his planes. He did citadel me once and ultimately got me with torps (I got stuck against an island dodging shots from a Jean Bart), but it wasn't insta-kill, that's for sure.
  3. cmdr__nik

    The “Exeter's Last Stand” Marathon

    Yep, once I saw that particular requirement I just figured I won't bother...
  4. cmdr__nik

    Japanese Carriers are fairly bad or just me?

    Haven't got to T8 yet, and in general I'm really not that good at CVs, but tried both Shokaku and Lexington on PTS. Lexington seems to be a bit easier to do damage with, but Shokaku had good TBs and as was mentioned above, once you get the hang of bombers, they can inflict some damage. I also found that choosing torp speed boost helps, including for hitting DDs. Haven't had the chance to try the British T8. At T6, I much prefer Ryujo to Furious.
  5. cmdr__nik

    Giulio Cesare stays as it is + balance of other premiums

    The ship was definitely a problem in T5 ranked so much so that the season rapidly became a BB + DD fest with next to no cruisers involved, thanks to mostly GC being able to stealth 1-shot most cruisers back to port and DDs (lots of Kamis) being the only counter for them The ship is also OP at T5 - it can easily deal with any BB at T5, T6 and T7 - stealthier, lower profile (so harder to hit) and fast. It needs a nerf, but I see WG gave up due to the outcry of the wallet warriors.
  6. cmdr__nik

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not a great Sunday - so far 3/10 wins and I'm pretty certain I played fairly well in 7 of the 10, but the weekend teams, oh my... Anyway, one of the wins was with a Chapa - at last I got it to perform like a beast - BBQ-ing Tier 8-10 BBs all over the place. Pretty much a perfect setting for a kiting Chapa - lots of islands to run behind and then keep moving. Got a 'witherer' too.
  7. cmdr__nik

    Tier 6 - CV still trash, still hard

    Decreasing the visibility of ships from air, I understand. It was silly before. Arming delay of rockets though is just too long when combined with the decrease in visibility. They are pretty much useless now unless targeting BBs which is just silly. Torps - ok keep them low damage, but really, how about them being a little quicker. As was said above, even slow BBs can dodge them now
  8. Perma-spotting is very much a problem when there are 2 CVs per side. Lowering the limit to 1 per side (hard cap) would allow at least some DDs or Cruisers to actually not be spotted all the time (CV has to choose) and operate more freely. Having it set that way should allow better tweaking of AA vs CV damage too. I just cannot see how WG can tweak anything with the current limits + allowing for two different tier CVs in the same game as well.
  9. cmdr__nik

    New CVs

    As others have mentioned, half of my ships are unplayable with the current CV rework and even US cruisers specced for AA are subject to RNG. :-( The most depressing thing is that 2 CVs can be around per side. I could even live with the current meta (after some of the changes slated for but what makes it super frustrating is allowing more than 1 CV per side. WG take at least this piece of feedback - please, please limit the CVs to 1 per side!
  10. cmdr__nik

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Setting auto-pilot on the ship no longer displays the path your ship will take in the main view. The only place it is visible is on the minimap 2. Reproduction steps Take any ship into battle, co-op /random / ranked. Select map mode (M) and set way points. Go back to the main view 3. Result Path set and way-points are visible on the minimap only 4. Expected result Path your ship will follow is visible in main view as well as the minimap
  11. cmdr__nik

    Ranked Battles & Arms Race

    Positive impressions so far, no doubt because of a decent start in the 4 games I have played so far. 50% WR, but the 2 games we lost I got the highest XP on the team so didn't lose the star (one of those 2 games in a Buffalo). I actually quite like Arms Race mode as it does force more team play imho. The 2 games we won, it was on team play, and the ones we lost, it was for the lack of team play. The risk is of course that I'll now end up on crap teams for 10 games in a row. It is also a bit of a World of Musashi, and I guess I'm not helping by playing her (not exclusively), but if I don't play her in Ranked, all that would be left is Randoms, and 'no thank you' in the current CV meta.
  12. cmdr__nik

    I think I figured out what new CVs really are

    Wait until you play against Midway
  13. cmdr__nik

    Demand Atlanta and Kidd refund

    Took out Atlanta yesterday evening - only 1 battle, so may well be unrepresentative, but it took out around 20 planes. It may well be OK against T6 CVs. If it gets up tiered, may well be a different story. Certainly the AA didn't seem as powerful as before, and this is with BFT & AFT - 14pt captain, so now no longer have CE applied... Will have to test some more before I decide whether AFT is worth it instead of CE. My experience from before was that it isn't for extending main gun distance given how slow the shells are...
  14. cmdr__nik

    Ranked Sprints

    Overall it was more pleasant than T5 ranked sprints, managed to rank out both times without too much aggro although 7v7 ended up tougher than expected. PROS: Fun gameplay, able to have a high impact on the game T6 is nice, premiums are not OP with perhaps the only exception being T-61 is capable hands Had lots of fun in Bayern, it can really tank damage well once angled. 5v5 - easier to carry CONS: Rewards aren't great, and if you hit a bad run, all of them can get eaten up while trying to rank out - happened to me in 7v7. 5v5 may be a little too easy to carry at times. Certainly was with broken OP ships like Kamikaze and GC on T5 Level of play worse than standard ranked battles.
  15. cmdr__nik

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    The 2 free crates netted me some camos and Anshan. Bought the 5 Big Gift bundle and got: Krasnyi Krym Nueve de Julio 1000-odd dubloons some camos and flags Not a bad haul for under £10 although had I received just Krasny when it comes to ships, I probably woudn't have been happy