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  1. cmdr__nik

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Genova has currently lower WR than Emerald - that takes some doing. :-) Shame that you need to get to T8 before things get better. So much for getting more people to play mid-tier ships...
  2. cmdr__nik

    ranked sprints

    Secondary specced, it is brutal. When I came across one that wasn't in my Charles Martel, it was time for BBQ though... It felt good in a bad kind of way...
  3. cmdr__nik

    Kleber opinios

    It is commendable that people may not be looking at OP's stats, but in this case it is well worth it before making some of the throw-away comments I have seen here. Quetak clearly knows what he is doing in DDs and has been playing DDs of differing play styles quite effectively (wish I was even remotely close to those stats, and I do like playing DDs). Yes, it is true that French DDs are different, and by game numbers, he has played these the least, so it is possible that they just need longer to adjust to. Mogador is regarded by many people to be actually better than Kleber, and I notice you don't have that one, perhaps it would be worth getting it? Kleber was definitely nerfed fairly hard before release, while Mogador only slightly (they were over performing by a wide margin during test phases). To me advice by @Bowmangr makes the most sense.
  4. cmdr__nik

    Clan brawl

    Totally agree, had a great time! Waiting time for the first battle was couple of minutes (around 5pm UK time), but later on, there was almost no wait time at all
  5. cmdr__nik

    does the game secretly aim for the player?

    Target Lock is the circle that appears around 1 boat (typically the one your aiming reticle is closest to). The game automatically locks on, provided the ship is in range. You can override and lock onto another by pressing 'X'. I have had a quick look at a couple of your videos. In those, you do not shoot without target lock, apart from the video where you try to shoot at a DD in smoke and miss, until you come close enough that he appears (at which point target lock is acquired). I never disagreed that the game helps us all, that is what makes it less frustrating, as others have said, since it isn't meant to be a simulator.
  6. cmdr__nik

    does the game secretly aim for the player?

    wows-numbers says the hit ratio for your shells is 24.93%. Those playing this game quite well sit at above 30% (I am not one of them). The game does lock target for you, as @ColonelPete explained, otherwise that ratio would be lower.
  7. cmdr__nik

    CV Rework Discussion

    Shokaku getting nerfed? What are they doing to the ship now?
  8. cmdr__nik


    Thanks, will try that @RedRye95
  9. cmdr__nik


    Why of why do you think it is OK to have 4 BBs per side in a 6v6 format? Might as well just limit it to BBs only at least that way we might actually have a competitive mode, rather than the team that has better DD players, wins... Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  10. cmdr__nik

    fps drops since 8.6

    I have had to decrease texture and shadow quality to get rid of the worst drops, but still get some drops (not as drastic) when zoomed in and there's a few ships in the viewport. I wonder if it is due to new lighting effects. It certainly doesn't feel 'optimised' like the patch notes say
  11. cmdr__nik


    I have had to lower the texture quality and AA after the release as the FPS was all over the place. Nvidia GTX 1050, running at 1920x1080, multisampling AA now at 4x (was 8x), antialiasing FXAA at Medium (was high), texture filtering anisotropic 8x (was 16x), shadow quality high (was maximum). Not a massive change, but I definitely do not see an improvement in performance.
  12. cmdr__nik


    Oh, Haku was already behaving like driven by a stoned admiral after an all-night bender. Is it now worse???
  13. cmdr__nik

    Current Sprint Season

    Started really well, I think 1 loss on the way to R5, a few more losses between R5 and R3 (but WR was still above 60%), and then a massive dip in performance yo-yoing between R2 & R3 I think about 3 times (winning and then losing all the stars, with some saves on the way). That was the low point, but overall, I did enjoy the sprint at this tier even though my WR was very poor. I have quite a few ships at this tier so tried just about all of them (12) apart from Yorck and Sims. Even had a rental Haida with 6pt captain - 3 games, WR 66.6% - avg. frags 1 per game Conclusions from my ship 'trials' I play Jervis too aggressively - played the most games in it, but very mixed results - when I was careful, it is deadly, but when caught with pants down, it is back to the port very quickly Nueve de Julio - high DPM, lots of fun. Did alright burning the BBs and badly wounding DDs and CAs. Range is short, and with my play style, I did over extend a few times, but the heal helps A LOT Fiji - I thought I'd do better. It is a strong ship, but encountered a lot of Sinops in R5-R1, which are not easy to deal with and if they get close, will spray your smoke... Better at finishing ships off than Nueve de Julio though. BBs - I do not have Sinop or Nelson, which when played correctly are strong. Gneisenau wasn't as good as I thought it would be due to low DPM. Lyon and its shotgun - the one game I had in it, it was effective. Terrible time in Hood and KGV (even though high damage output). TLDR - unless you have a Sinop, don't bother. Atlanta and Helena - dakka, dakka , burn 'em all - position well and you WILL be rewarded Shira - radar is a problem, as are torps that get detected too quickly - played it with TRB, seat of pants stuff. Z-39 or Jervis will hunt you down though... Maas - if you can make it work, does alright. New Orleans - will reward you if you are careful. I like playing it, but the DPM isn't great, so if you don't have support, you will be focused down quickly. Really good in Random, not so much in Ranked. Shchors - took it out as an experiment. Experiment was over in 4 min after a triple citadel. KGV looked at me once, fired off a volley, and I was back in port. I'm not surprised I didn't see anyone else playing this ship in ranked...
  14. cmdr__nik

    Current Sprint Season

    Was going well (even in a rented Haida amongst other ships) until I hit a wall at R2 and 1 game to go... :-( A bunch of games with 'special' Nelsons which were broadsiding the likes of Sinops and a couple of questionable game performances from my side and back at R3 needing 4 or 5 games in a row to rank out... Nevertheless, as I like T7 ships I've found this ranked sprint more fun than T5 for example where going out in any cruiser was almost a guaranteed death sentence, so games ended up being BB/DD only.
  15. cmdr__nik

    Opinion: Ranked battles sux

    Tier 5 & Tier 6 ranked sprints also ended up as mostly BB & DD games. Taking a cruiser into the match meant usually a very quick return to port. I guess no lessons were learnt by WG from that so again no limits to numbers of BBs. I was hoping to use NO as I really like playing it in ransoms, but I guess the only somewhat viable cruisers will be Fiji and Belfast as they have smoke...