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  1. Currently stuck in that cesspool, and the fact that it is filled with players that are already at rank 4 or 5 of Silver and yet the quality of game play is worse than in Bronze brings plenty of evidence that the quality in Silver is just as poor as in Bronze just with fewer sub-500 game players. How those people made it past qualifying is truly a mystery.
  2. cmdr__nik

    Battle Win/Loss Streak Pattern

    @Saltface what do you use to look at longer-term stats, like the ones above (for 2022, 2021, 2019)?
  3. cmdr__nik

    Petition: Petropavlovsk needs LONGFIRE_BIGFLOOD

    Henry IV has already been butchered by making it's acceleration lower than that of BBs. It doesn't need any more nerfs.
  4. * Friesland - not because she is a bad ship (although a bit one-dimensional as the AA isn't that special compared to something like Haland), but because I blew 1M FXP about 6 weeks before Smaland got released, and then didn't manage to get Smaland in time. :( * Stalingrad - just don't gel with it. I prefer kiting cruisers, and should have known that Stalin won't suit me. Besides, when Petro came out, Stalin became even less special.
  5. cmdr__nik

    Update 0.10.5 - Feedback Survey

    Grand Battles looked like an interesting idea but then comes the WG logic. 'Let's promote it like an alternate reality where choice was made to make even bigger BBs and CV didn't change the naval warfare', but then leave the CV (at T10!!) in... Second 'great' idea - anyone can play at least 1 GB in the super BB, even the player with less than 5 (yes, that is right) random battles (and less than 100 co-op) battles. What exactly were they thinking? Allowing this just makes the game rubbish for the rest of the people on the team with players like that.
  6. cmdr__nik

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Matchmaking isn't skills based. Way too many people with either too few games at T10, or low WR are playing ranked. When 5 / 7 people on your team are at 45%WR or below, these kinds of ROFLstomps are no surprise. Arms race mode has made it worse as often the players don't seem to realise that collecting buffs not only like, 'buffs' your ships, but also has a direct impact on points early in the game. Can't blame the MM for everything, but maybe for ranked it should be skills based.
  7. cmdr__nik

    the "carry harder!" thread

    When you have the highest base XP (in a Yorck) across both teams, but the rest of your team is at least 1000 base XP below... :( Funnily enough the winning team's highest base XP also in a Yorck...
  8. cmdr__nik

    Ships with no anti-aircraft guns.

    Ah, yes I still remember being blapped by a Sinop from 12km away while he was behind an island as I was approaching it in the Montecuccoli, trying to angle and use that island to make it harder for him. Even with the Russian dispersion he had no trouble finding the citadel, while my guns were tickling him (mosquito trying to sting a rhino).
  9. cmdr__nik

    Montecuccoli: the floating disaster

    Use them to hunt other cruisers and DDs. SAP hits cruisers at that tier hard. Run away from BBs...
  10. cmdr__nik

    Boots in COOP

    That is how Skynet comes to existence...
  11. Played both operations exactly once. Got 4 stars in each. I guess I got lucky with the random team I was in as it seemed that everyone knew what they were doing. Not really interested in trying either hard or super hard modes, even if I was in a division. The possible rewards are almost nothing. I think this year these operations are not really worth bothering with.
  12. cmdr__nik

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    Genova has currently lower WR than Emerald - that takes some doing. :-) Shame that you need to get to T8 before things get better. So much for getting more people to play mid-tier ships...
  13. cmdr__nik

    ranked sprints

    Secondary specced, it is brutal. When I came across one that wasn't in my Charles Martel, it was time for BBQ though... It felt good in a bad kind of way...
  14. cmdr__nik

    Kleber opinios

    It is commendable that people may not be looking at OP's stats, but in this case it is well worth it before making some of the throw-away comments I have seen here. Quetak clearly knows what he is doing in DDs and has been playing DDs of differing play styles quite effectively (wish I was even remotely close to those stats, and I do like playing DDs). Yes, it is true that French DDs are different, and by game numbers, he has played these the least, so it is possible that they just need longer to adjust to. Mogador is regarded by many people to be actually better than Kleber, and I notice you don't have that one, perhaps it would be worth getting it? Kleber was definitely nerfed fairly hard before release, while Mogador only slightly (they were over performing by a wide margin during test phases). To me advice by @Bowmangr makes the most sense.
  15. cmdr__nik

    Clan brawl

    Totally agree, had a great time! Waiting time for the first battle was couple of minutes (around 5pm UK time), but later on, there was almost no wait time at all