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  1. cmdr__nik

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    The 2 free crates netted me some camos and Anshan. Bought the 5 Big Gift bundle and got: Krasnyi Krym Nueve de Julio 1000-odd dubloons some camos and flags Not a bad haul for under £10 although had I received just Krasny when it comes to ships, I probably woudn't have been happy
  2. cmdr__nik

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Oops, my bad! I was certain... :-(
  3. cmdr__nik

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Earlier this evening was in a battle with @GarrusBrutus on the same team, he in Chung Mu, me in a Mogami in a T8-T10 match. We lost. Most (as in 7) of our team went to try and cap A and failed. Most of the enemy went to C and steam-rolled the 3 of us there. @GarrusBrutus was I think second to be taken out but still managed to come 2nd on the team. Yes, most of us played it badly. I kited away as I lost 1/2 the health in one exchange with the enemy's Missouri. Ended up getting run down by 5 of the enemy as no one came over from A to help, having managed to hit the Missouri with 1 torp and almost (but not quite) killing an enemy Maas. Mostly a game to forget, but nice to meet someone from the forum.
  4. cmdr__nik

    The Black Friday deals are here.

    Couldn't help it and got the 6 container pack. Got lucky in that I got Atago which was the ship I wanted. Apart from that, 14d Premium and 80 camos. Had I got another ship instead of Atago I wouldn't have thought that it was such a good deal, but I knew I was gambling. The only thing I wish is that Atago had a big red spot in the front like Tirpitz has the cross. The black camo is definitely a little kinky. BTW, love the Atago.
  5. cmdr__nik

    Game & Balance Improvements

    With the larger population on the weekend, I am seeing a positive difference in the MM. A bunch of games where in a T8 I was top-tier, a few (but less than 50%) games where I was in a mostly T10 match, and also a match or two where T8 was the mid-tier. There also seems to be an effect on mid-tiers, but again overall +ve. I was even in a match where all 24 ships were T6! Had to double-check that it wasn't co-op, particularly given how some people were playing - fast and furious, with little regard for their ship safety.
  6. cmdr__nik

    T8 Matchmaking the umpteenth - except this time it's good!

    Hopefully this will also take away the situations like I was in last night where there was 1 T8 per side (me in a Mogami and I think a Charles Martel on the other side), 2 or 3 T9s per side (1DD, 1CA, 1BB I think), and all others at T10 on the Islands of Ice map. Normally I don't mind going out in my Mogami with T10s around (and I'm happy with how I've been doing in it), but matches where majority are T10 are hard work on maps like that particularly when you spawn on the west side, i.e. where there is plenty of open space.
  7. cmdr__nik

    Ranked Sprint

    I have now got to R5 on both sprints and that is where I will leave it having tried (and failing) to move past R5 the first time around and then realising that it makes no sense reward wise as the flags I got for getting to that rank got used up in trying to get further. I initially thought Tier V ranked would be fun but forgot about the broken ships like Kamikaze or GC. Playing cruiser is absolute suicide when GC is on the opposing team as its accuracy is just insane and will blap you out of existence if not on the first try, most likely 2nd or 3rd and all from 12km+.... These premiums just ruin it for others if they don't appear in both teams and by the 2nd sprint it turned mostly into DD + BB show... Sadly I have got rid of most of my T5 DDs and the Acasta I have has a 3pt captain which means it is spotted by everyone. Even CV play is unbalanced - Zuiho on both sides can make for an entertaining match. Bogues on both sides less so. Enemy Bogue on your Zuiho - kiss your planes goodbye. Even with an extra plane per squadron capt skill and fully upgraded Zuiho, Bogue's fighters just decimate your fighters and you'll then get abuse from your team for not spotting. Well, hard to do that with all your planes taken out. In terms of 6v6 or 8v8, I found 6v6 a bit better. Personally, I would prefer no premiums in ranked as currently you don't seem to be able to balance them right if the MM is not +/- 2
  8. cmdr__nik

    Twilight Battle

    The new mode is fun as it quickly becomes fast and furious brawl. Playing cruisers is tricky as they just don't have that much of an impact against the BBs though, with all the heal options and high manoeuvrability of ships like the Varg. Playing BBs is fun though.
  9. cmdr__nik

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Findings so far: Predictably enough there were plenty of: GC, Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya, Kamikaze / Fujin, but also quite a few Texas. When CVs were playing, people were often using Bogue...(why bother?) Lots of ARP ships, neon everywhere... Got to Rank 6 quickly (4 wins in a row), but then took a bunch of games to get to R5. A couple of times had the highest score on the losing team (Emile and Konig). Okhotnik and Gremyashchy I found harder to deal with - just not used to seeing them at all and when played well, they are lethal. Other DDs were mostly easy to deal with in Emile. If you see Furutaka, Emerald or even Acasta on your team (and you will), pray that they know how to use them. You may get lucky. In my case, it usually meant that they were deleted in the first 3-4 min.
  10. First game, Igor, defeat. Second game played Blade and we got 5 stars. Then, 5 defeats in a row, followed by a 4 star when I played in a DD again. We lost a star that time as Transylvania stopped for a short time. :-( If people know what they are doing, it is not too bad. Unfortunately, catapults seem to be regularly ignored and they deal a lot of damage.
  11. cmdr__nik

    New Arms Race Mode

    I like it even if so far I’ve been on the losing side more often than on the winning side. It appears to me that some people who are playing haven’t really understood that capping active areas also gives the team points and takes points away from the opposition. I have seen ships going between two active points sitting almost one next to another to engage enemy whereby going through them (and capturing them) would’ve made little difference to ability to engage.
  12. cmdr__nik

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    So far played it twice, 41 and 48 in Sims. 4pt captain, so no capt skills for AA, but had premium DfAA and AA flag the second time. Fun times... 5 stars for the team both times too.
  13. cmdr__nik

    What is the "flavor" of the new RN DDs?

    Unfortunately I seem to be ending up in teams with people who just got them who then proceed and suicide within minutes (particularly Tier 5 and 6) throwing the game. :-( Got 2 personal missions for Tier 5 & 6 so I guess I'll join the ranks soon...
  14. cmdr__nik

    How is your ranked progression going?

    Whether I have a T9 ship or not (I do have one) is irrelevant when the ranked is T8 or T10. I play across different ship types so have been taking my sweet time in going up the ranks and frankly not taking the game that seriously. I related what I saw in the games I played. I did see a few Massachusetts but the rest of the games had either 4 or 5 BBs per side and they were either Bismarck or Tirpitz. Don't really know how you can comment given you started at rank 13 as you are obviously a lot more dedicated to the game. My finding was that with that game make up (i.e. allowing up to 5BBs per side), generally low skill, my impact was much greater in Kagero than either Cleveland or Baltimore. When the 1 DD on your side is neutralized in the first few minutes and the opposite side DD torps 1 or 2 of your side's BBs, the 1 or 2 cruisers on your side are focused by the opposition's BBs and eliminated. Yes, you can hug the islands and then you lose anyway as the other side has 2 caps and numbers. Anyway, this thread was about ranked progression and since I'm now at rank 15, got my flag, I'm done for this season.
  15. cmdr__nik

    How is your ranked progression going?

    Only got back from holidays this week. Started at rank 18, attempted to use Baltimore and Cleveland but at Tier VIII in ranked seems to be mostly World of German Battleships. I wasn’t having a good time particularly as the usually lone DD on my team died quickly. Decided to switch to my trusty Kagero and got to rank 15 fairly quickly. No tier X ships so that’s it for me. I also have the feeling things are getting worse with people mostly resorting to BBs and then slugging it out from distance.