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    Report a player?

    Thanks for the advice folks. Less than 3 minutes into the battle and this jackass had shelled, torpedoed and rammed me...I knew when I set the torps off that it was the wrong thing to do, but at the time it really made me feel better! :)
  2. SteveTheSquid

    Report a player?

    So, how do I report him please?
  3. SteveTheSquid

    Report a player?

    Just played a game in a stock Shiratsuyu (with a 1 point Captain...) and was fired on almost from the get-go by another player on my team in a Scharnhorst - because he said I was 'being a coward'(?). Eventually, this moron torpedoed and then rammed me, sinking my ship. I know there is supposed to be an auto-leveling system for this kind of behaviour but I really think this @hole needs to be banned? Is there any mechanism to have WoW check out his behaviour? And if not, why not, because this was totally outrageous. Edit - before he sank me I managed to get off a torp salvo which hit but did not sink him. Now I'm pink (with a SEVEN game penalty) and he's got off free. Where's the justice? Been playing this game for neraly two years but now thinking twice about binning it.
  4. SteveTheSquid

    Invisible BB's!

    OK WoW's enough is enough! Two weeks ago I was in a DD blown out of the water by a Colorado that appeared out of an empty ocean at a range of 8.2Km - his guns were already zeroed in so he could obviously see me before I could see him? At the weekend, same thing but this time it was a Kaiser and a Koenig at a range of 7.4Km - both already zeroed on me and appearing from an empty ocean. Tonight. I was in a Gnevny blown out of the water by a Fuso at 7.2Km - that I couldn't see... This is ruining the game - what's the point of posting visibility stats. that are randomly ignored and obviously don't apply? Posted a comment in-game and another team member said it was a known bug? NEEDS FIXING ASAP! OK guys, just to clarify - 1. No, I wasn't sitting in smoke (nor had I been for some considerable time). 2. In every instance I was doing at least 30+ Knots. 3. No squals. 4. The BB's literally just appeared out of an empty ocean. 5. No, I wasn't zoomed in. Sorry, I don't have replays - if I did I would have posted them. I'm not complaining about being sunk here - this is a legitimate concern about a possible bug in the game that I'm trying to raise/warn the devs about. You know, so the game can be improved?
  5. SteveTheSquid

    What's your favorite BB?

    Any one that's SINKING!
  6. SteveTheSquid

    Are german BBs overpowered?

    "In return, they shoot a salvo at brodaside target from 8km and everything misses becouse dispersion". Maybe I was just unlucky then? I'm in a Minekaze doing 38 Knots away from the nearest enemy ship (Bayern) after a close (5Km) torp run on a Koenig (sunk). Range to Bayern - 11.8 Km. He fires a broadside, I see the muzzle flashes and start to manoeuvre (just in case!). At least four rounds hit me and erase me from the game... Some dispersion..... Still trying to figure out how he could even see me at that range.
  7. SteveTheSquid

    Black Screen When Exit Game

    Finally! Found someone else with the same problem I've been suffering from for weeks.... Will give the WorlOfWarships.exe hack a try... Failing that - I don't have triple buffering switched on - will try the vertical sync setting. I've had this problem pre-Win 10 1607 update so don't believe it's a Window 10 update problem. Will report back after trying above - anyone else got any ideas?
  8. SteveTheSquid

    Loading into battle can take ... forever

    Same thing happened to me just last night. First game had no loading problems whatsoever, second game I was finally loaded into the game 30 seconds before it finished(!), third game never got loaded at all. To add insult to injury, when I got back into the port screen, was informed I had been 'reported for inactivity in my last two games...' !! Windows 10 Home (64), 3 Ghz quad core AMD, 12 Gb RAM and AMD 6800 GPU with 1Gb GRAM (yes, I know it's ancient but drivers are all up to date - and when I played on the 0.5.8 Test Server this never happened). Hard drive is a 1 Gb WD and three different hard drive monitor utilities all report no problems with it.
  9. SteveTheSquid

    Battles replay folder

    Ran into just this kind of DD player last night - wish I'd known about the replay functionality then....might have been able to prevent him from getting two allies sunk
  10. SteveTheSquid

    Constantly late getting into a battle

    All of the suggested upgrades will undoubtedly help with any game but having experienced exactly the same problem with the game (not) loading from the pre-battle screens I'm afraid I'm not convinced it isn't some sort of glitch in the actual game code... I frequently have the game load from the pre-battle screen (showing Mission and Team Members) in seconds, leaving me with 40+ seconds to enjoy the scenery. At other times I suffer from the same load problem SGorshkov mentions - if this was a hardware problem with my PC I'd expect it to happen consistently and not randomly as it does. There have been occasions when I've actually used Task Manager to 'kill' WoW, logged back in and been dumped right back into the same pre-battle screen and been able to watch the screen update the mini-map and Team Members lists as the battle progresses and ships are sunk (mine included ) so no problems with network connectivity either. Also, I've seen plenty of other players where this has happened - just look for ships that never move from their start position. Nice (?) cheap kills for some but I would never sink someone in this predicament - I've suffered from it too many times myself and it's not nice...
  11. SteveTheSquid

    Loading times

    Puffadder, did the reinstall work for you? That is my absolute last resort due to my average "broadband" download speed being about 1 Mb/s.......and no, I don't think this is the issue as connections to any other online sims are just fine. Only WoW gives me any problems.....
  12. SteveTheSquid

    Late connecting to a game - was already dead!

    This has happened to me three times this afternoon, several (!) times last night... It's nothing to do with RAM fitted to the PC - I get stuck in the pre-battle screen (showing Team Members and Mission details) and the actual battle just doesn't load or loads so late that the battle is virtually over and I've got 12 Gb RAM installed. Interestingly, the pre-battle screen updates as the battle progresses - mini map shows friendlies positions and Team Members are shown as active or sunk which suggests to me that code (on the server) is dropping into a for..loop and the loop terminating condition not being met.
  13. SteveTheSquid

    Loading times

    I've had the same problem, except once this happens I never get loaded into battle (if I get loaded at all) until it's almost over - literally the last minute or so (if I haven't already been sunk...It's happened three times this afternoon and don't even ask me about yesterday evening.... I love this game but no way am I paying for ships or Premium Accounts while this is going on. It's not a server connection problem because when I'm stuck in the pre-Battle screen (showing Mission and Team Members) the mini map and Team Member list is updated as the battle progresses. It has to be a glitch in the software - looks like some kind of infinite loop.
  14. SteveTheSquid

    In pre-battle screen but server never loads battle

    No mods, but thanks for the info. on correct place to post.
  15. Anyone else had a problem where you're sitting at the pre-battle screen and the server never loads the actual game battle? I can watch the progress of the battle via the mini map on the 'Mission' page and 'Members' list (so there's some sort of server connection there) but for some reason the actual battle proper doesn't load. Tried logging out and back in (several times...) and just get taken back to the mission loading screen. On the odd occasion that the battle actually does (eventually) load it's invariably just in time to show me my ship being sunk..... Seems to happen more often with the Solomon Islands map for some reason. I've reported this as an error in the past and was simply told to re-install - did that and it still happens. Running on Windows 10 Home, quad-core 3Ghz AMD processor with 12 Gb RAM. All graphics drivers are up to date. Love this game but no way am I paying good money to buy ships/Premium Time while this still happens.