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  1. Kamatahvel

    Public Test of Update 0.8.1: Round 2

    Umm yeah, testing ranked gameplay once a week or so for 3 games. Thats all this game gets from me.
  2. Kamatahvel

    New CVs

    Why doubloons?
  3. Kamatahvel

    New CVs

    Can we get a general refund on all premium ships ever bought, they are pretty unplayable as normal ships are. Rework done wrong SMH. Viable?
  4. Kamatahvel

    GG WG

    Tanky for a light cruiser? Hard to citadel? Are you for real, i get citadelled by most cruisers when im angled. Radar was the only thing Worcester had going for it, now it is going to be permaspotted, outradared, overall bad experience to play this ship when there are ships that have more radar range, better armor, better penetration angles from now on. Don't speak about AA, its so random and situational. When a bb even looks at you you get annihialated like a mino. More camping behind islands with less effective radar, you can't go open water. Before you had the fear factor to drive dd's off when spotted, now it's going to be just lame. You can't counter any ships. Des Moines/Moskva/Minotaur will autradar you, DD's will have you spotted and nothing you can do about it. Fair game. Not the ships fault that DD captains rush a position where a Worc was spotted a minute ago, then die fast and cry op op, cause they dont have map awareness.
  5. Kamatahvel

    GG WG

    True i dont play DD's. That's my personal preference. So whats my winrate and average damage, average kills etc? Yeah it's a difficult ship, it's very situational tbh. My initial thought was, this ship will loose the only thing it had going for it, ill play my Des Moines from now on, till DD tears get that nerfed somehow.
  6. Kamatahvel

    GG WG

    How about radar Minotaur? 8.9 concealment 9.9 radar. Why wont we nerf that ship then? Concealment nerf, as if increase the range of concealment? Thing is, why nerf a ship, it good at countering dds. How many times dds in ur team get torped 3 minutes into game and a Worcester is the only one who has the means to counter it? I am happy i got the means to help my team, not so much in future. I see it would be more plausible to sail a Hindenburg every other game, spam he and do nothing, just stack up damage and loose every other game. All u guys cry is radar here and radar there. You think radar ships dont get focused, to destroy a dd u must be full broadside in Worcester to have any effect while whole enemy team shoots at you. The ship was fine, now it is going to be another Des Moines, Des Moines with no armor and terrible firing angles. Cant have variety.
  7. Kamatahvel

    GG WG

    So now you can be permaspotted by a dd in a Worcester and you get shot by whole enemy team and ur game ends in 5 minutes right. Why dont they nerf those stupid Japanese dds with 0,1 sec reloads. Why is Worcester radar gonna be worse than Des Moines, they probably had the same radar equipment. It is so easy to dodge Worcester shells and leave radar range if use WASD hacks. Somewhat dumb nerf.