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  1. floribe2000

    [0.11.7][Tool][EN] WoWs ShipBuilder - v1.5.4

    We have updated the gamedata for our new web app to 0.11.7, the desktop app update will be slightly delayed due to unforeseen technical difficulties. Edit 15.08.2022: The desktop app has been updated to version 1.5.4. After the update, it should automatically update its gamedata to game version 0.11.7.
  2. floribe2000


    Da der Eröffnungsbeitrag keine Grundlage für eine konstruktive Diskussion bietet und einige bereits versucht haben, die Situation zu erklären, schließe ich diesen Thread. Spezifische Fragen zu einem Schiff können in einem vernünftigen Ton im Thread zum entsprechenden Schiff gestellt werden.
  3. floribe2000

    [0.11.7][Tool][EN] WoWs ShipBuilder - v1.5.4

    We just published a new app update together with the 0.11.6 data update to ensure that the displayed data is correct with the new changes.
  4. floribe2000

    Superschiffe Tier11 im Random

    Unangebrachte Beiträge entfernt. Beleidigungen, Provokationen und Trolling sind nicht erlaubt, egal, wer damit anfängt. Außerdem Thread geschlossen, da das ursprüngliche Thema schon etwas älter ist und es aktuellere Diskussionen dazu gibt.
  5. floribe2000

    Section for Ukrainian-speaking players in the game and forum

    We'll see what the future brings. As I said, I have forwarded the request but I cannot guarantee anything, it's up to WG to decide. Recruiting new moderators is of course an option but that will take time and it also depends on WG and whether they have the resources to support the language (I don't know if there are any WG-EU employees speaking the language which is usually a hard requirement for a new language section).
  6. floribe2000

    Section for Ukrainian-speaking players in the game and forum

    While I do understand the request, I have to ask you to not use any language other than English in this forum section. I have forwarded the request but the biggest issue I see with it is that for an Ukrainian section, we would need moderators speaking the language.
  7. floribe2000

    [0.11.7][Tool][EN] WoWs ShipBuilder - v1.5.4

    We have released a new app update that brings some enhancements as well as a lot of bug fixes. We also updated the gamedata to 0.11.5.
  8. floribe2000

    Do they ever unban you from Wows Twitch channel?

    If your ban was unjustified and you send an unban request, it will be reviewed and the ban can be revoked. However, if moderation decides that your ban was indeed justified, your request will be rejected and your ban will stay. Twitch bans are usually permanent. Thread closed.
  9. floribe2000

    General Ranked Battles related discussions.

    I removed some more posts. Please try to stay on topic. Discussing moderation is not the topic here. If you see rule-violating posts, please report them to make it easier for us to keep track of rule violations. Pinging us may work but a ping is only visible to those of us who were pinged. A report is visible to all moderators and usually reduces the time it takes to respond to an issue.
  10. floribe2000

    General Submarines related discussions

    Off topic and inappropriate posts removed. Please stay on topic. We recognise there are frustrating elements and moderation, as well as the rules, are being questioned. I have alerted the moderation team and WG and we will review and discuss any concerns or complaints you may have to improve the forum experience. We cannot at this time speak about or make any changes however we are dedicated to ensure that the forum is an enjoyable platform for everyone to use. If you want to express or share any ideas, concerns or complaints then please pass them along in Private Message to a member of the moderation team or a WG community manager.
  11. Unangebrachte Beiträge wurden entfernt. Wenn ihr nichts konstruktives beizutragen habt, spart euch den Kommentar einfach.
  12. floribe2000

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    I have removed some political posts as well as replies to these posts. The forum rules apply to the mod section as well, political discussions are not allowed in the entire forum.
  13. floribe2000

    WoWs is broken as hell.

    Thread closed. Constructive criticism is fine, however, this is nothing but a rant and not base for a constructive discussion.
  14. floribe2000

    [0.11.7][Tool][EN] WoWs ShipBuilder - v1.5.4

    We have updated our gamedata to 0.11.4. We have also released a new update for the program that brings some technical improvements as well as some new features and quality of life improvements.
  15. floribe2000

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    I removed some political comments as well as insults. Please stay constructive. Disagreeing with this is fine but insulting others is not. And politics, as always, is forbidden in this forum.