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  1. How to remove side ship panels

    Thanks ill check it out
  2. How to remove side ship panels

    Hey guys as the name suggest hiw do you remove or reduce the size of the side name panles that are in the game, above the minimap?
  3. Aslain today when i played the game for the first time since i updated to 0.7.4, when i loaded into battle i had no HUD whatsoever, i tried opening the setiings but there was no UI to click. In the game port everything is perfect i checked my settings and resolution there and it is the same as before but when the battle starts there is no UI and hud even no UI when i zoom to shoot ships. Could any of my mods be causing this i run these mods: 1. Compressed textures 25% 2. Minimap with ship direction line and names #. improved chat v4 Edit: I checked an repaired game files and reinstalled my mods its working fine for now.
  4. Are there plans for consoles(PS4)

    Thing is many of us guys hae pc that barely run the game, soit woild be nice to run the game with decent graphics and fps on console
  5. I have reinstalled the mod many times now. I want to know a few things 1. What difference does waiting for the X to disappear make, it already says the process is finished. 2. Have you tried this yourself? 3. What difference does it make and have you seen that the smoke problem is fixed this way?
  6. Aslain I installed the new modpack. I installed the 25% one it works the best on my PC 1. It installed 2 folders and version both which contain the same files 2. Particles.dds is still there even with updated compressed textures 3. The smoke problem exists. I have attached 2 files which show my res mods folder What should i do Folder: Inside folder( Both contain same files):
  7. Sure ill update u when I try
  8. EDIT: i am reinstalling the mod, but i noticed particles dds contains some important textures and deleting them will force the game to use its own which will result in performance loss, any solution to that? also i will notify when the mod is installed and id the issue is solved
  9. Do I need to reinstall the textures with the newest mod update? What was the problem causing the invisible smoke?
  10. Yes I used 50% but it was too slow to play with so now I use 25% which has this smoke glitch
  11. Thanks I downloaded the 50% but it is very laggy and I come in battle late. Is there any way the smoke bug could be fixed in 25% compression it would mean alot to me I was 5 min late in battle :(
  12. Thanks do you know how much slower will 50% be?
  13. Sorry man will the 50% be faster or the 25 and which will be more bad visually?
  14. One more thing will the 50% texture have lower performance boost than 25%?
  15. Hey what was fixed in the compressed textures