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  1. Should we believe you or Flamuu who actually let the roar be heard on stream on max volume ? We have no actual evidence from you.
  2. Yes, the goal of WG is to wring as much money as possible from your wallet. Bonus points for convolution and false advertising.
  3. rimmer_the

    Make Money Recruiting - Event Prolonged!

    There is no build on 99% of ships against a Kaga B or NTRprise going after you all game that stops it from being annoying or unfun, and so what you are saying is a fallacy and mostly false, and ignores that there is a large amount of players, especially dd players, dislike the limited counterplay against cv's, and having the worse one on their team really influencing the game. Youre not gonna change their mind...
  4. rimmer_the

    How to get ARP Yamato ^^

    Do I misunderstand you or do the Yamato and the ARP Yamato have different unique upgrades which are not compatible with each other ?
  5. Strange, I was under the impression that Marketing was getting/misleading players to buy something. So you are trying insidious methods to get players to buy something, and then you blame the players ?
  6. Nothing easy about having to adjust your schedule to catch all these boring streams. I play this game because I put my time into it when I want, not when the game wants. Just keep the content in the game, and dont send us off to more and more external websites, like some Pavlovian nightmare.
  7. rimmer_the

    Twitch Drops Changes in 0.10.1

    Whats the point of making players jump through more and more hoops ? Afraid they wont watch to watch every half second of many boring. hours long and uninspired streams? Then make the streams more interesting!
  8. Does he have a 100% chance to kill them with one full torp salvo each ? And would that 100% have secured the win in this game ? 20210217_214956_PASD005-Farragut-1944_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  9. rimmer_the

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    Maybe do it faster so people will not be left with 'broken' ships, regret, and uncertainty. You have a legion of players saying how bad Deadeye is for the game, how poor Dazzle is etc. You are ignoring entire forums's worth of feedback and the only reason I can think of, its not the feedback you want to know about.
  10. rimmer_the

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    Loading the update, for myself and what Ive heard of others is pic related. There has to be a faster way of downloading than how your snail bloat launcher does it, and no Ive seen this with more people, its not my connection.
  11. rimmer_the

    How It Works: Hit Points

    Is this already a mandatory part of unlocking Random Battles? Just unlocking account levels isn't enough preparation, and I see clueless players throwing games every day because they skipped the basics, especially at high tier. Other major problems are: relocating if they are outmatched and responding to F3/F9 seems to be a mental impossibility to many players.
  12. Why Would You Ever Push In 10.0 - YouTube
  13. rimmer_the

    1/2 Citadel damage for Cruisers

    With the number of BB's spread out across the map nowadays that is just false. Especially when the hybrid BB's can spot you at anytime outside of smoke, and Deadeye BB''d can nail devstrikes more accurately then should be possible. Lets just stop these unoriginal, unproductive and lazy "its your fault for...replies" when someone does what is unavoidable to sometimes happen ? Or do we all sit behind rocks and watch the timer go down while we fire at max range, or not fire at all mostly ? Fun games..... And no, ad hominems are not applicable here, I cant even remember the last time, if ever, I was devstriked while playing a cruiser, Though, with the current balance of classes, I only have one CL left in port.
  14. rimmer_the

    1/2 Citadel damage for Cruisers

    Interesting. Problem is against smoke cruisers and firehoses like Smolensk you do want them to take full cit damage. I'd balance cruisers by giving them RPF cheaper, better AA and longer range radar, or even wigh them so that they are top tier more often.
  15. rimmer_the

    Best tech tree to switch to?

    Once again you were caught with your low-quality thread sniping with your pants down. Dont snipe a thread with boring, meaningless attacks on the OP or contentless trolling.