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  1. Randomly chunking people for 2/3 of their health isn't fun nor engaging. Citadels make Cruisers less tanky than Destroyers, which makes zero sense.
  2. Torpedobeatz


    This game needs Submarines to break the stale monotonous campfest of Battleships and to bring Cruisers back into usefulness. And to give Destroyers something else to do. Submarine controls would be the same as regular controls, only R and F control your depth. Submarines have 3 depths: Surfaced, Periscope and Deep. A surfaced submarine can fire it's deck gun(s) and launch any patrol aircraft it might have. While a patrol aircraft is active, giving an order to dive will instantly destroy your aircraft. While on the surface, torpedoes can be fired, but there is no periscope camera. Pressing F once drops you to periscope depth. Zooming in activates the periscope, which functions like a regular zoom feature. While submerged, you can't fire your deck gun, launch aircraft or similar, and your vision range is greatly reduced, you can, however, pick up enemy ships with sonar. Pressing F again will take you to deep level, while deep, a submarine takes reduced damage from depth charges but can't fire any weapons and has it's speed greatly reduced, and it's sonar is weakened. Submarine torpedoes have a narrow firing arc (usually out of the front or rear of the submarine) but have a long range and high damage. Additionally, Japanese Submarines (and all Japanese torpedoes) are harder to detect than foreign counterparts. Submarines have low health, like Destroyers, but cannot be hit while periscoped or deep, except by depth charges, which deal incredibly high damage to submarines in a wide area. Additionally, patrol aircraft now carry depth charges, and will automatically attempt to destroy submarines they can actively detect.
  3. there is no point, it's just stats
  4. Discounting Premiums that only ran for a limited time, or are no longer purchasable or acquirable/visible without extended carousel. US Navy: Tier 4 Cruiser Phoenix Tier 4 Destroyer Nicholas Tier 10 Battleship Montana Total Ships: Tech Tree: 10 Cruisers 9 Destroyers 8 Battleships 7 Aircraft Carriers -- 34 Premium: 7 Total 41 Total Ships 3 Paper Ships --- 7.3% of US Ships in game are Paper Ships. Imperial Japanese Navy Tech Tree: Tier 9 Cruiser Ibuki Tier 10 Cruiser Zao Tier 4 Battleship Myogi Tier 8 Battleship Amagi Tier 9 Battleship Izumo Tier 10 Aircraft Carrier Hakuryu Premium: Tier 4 Battleship Ishizuchi 5 Total Total Ships: 10 Cruisers 13 Destroyers 8 Battleships 7 Aircraft Carriers 38 + 5 -- 43 Total Ships 7 Paper Ships 16.2% of all Japanese Ships in game are Paper Ships. Imperial German Navy & Kreigsmarine: Tech Tree: Tier 7 Cruiser Yorck Tier 9 Cruiser Roon Tier 10 Cruiser Hindenburg Tier 4 Destroyer V-170 Tier 6 Destroyer Gaede Tier 9 Destroyer Z-46 Tier 10 Destroyer Z-52 Tier 9 Battleship Freidrich Der Grosse Tier 10 Battleship Grosser Kurfurst Premiums: 4 Total Total Ships: 10 Cruisers 9 Destroyers 8 Battleships 31 Ships Total 8 Paper Ships 25.08% of all German ships in Game are Paper ships. Royal Navy: Tier 9 Cruiser Neptune Tier 10 Cruiser Minotaur Premiums: 3 Total Total Ships: 10 Cruisers 3 Premiums 13 Ships total 2 Paper Ships 15.38% of all British ships in game are Paper Ships. Imperial Russian Navy & Soviet Navy: Tech Tree: Tier 1 Cruiser Orlan Tier 6 Cruiser Budyonny Tier 7 Cruiser Schors Tier 9 Cruiser Dimitri Donskoi Tier 10 Cruiser Moskva Tier 2 Destroyer Storozhevoi Tier 7 Destroyer Kiev Tier 9 Destroyer Udaloi Tier 10 Destroyer Khabarovsk Total ships: 10 Cruisers 9 Destroyers Premiums: 7 Total 26 Ships Total 9 Paper Ships 34.6% of all Russian ships in game are paper ships.
  5. Torpedobeatz

    What is wrong with Fubuki?

    Because WG have their head so far up their arse and decide to nerf anything the battleship cabal doesnt like
  6. Torpedobeatz

    Missiles in game

  7. Torpedobeatz

    Flags on ships in battle

    Exactly what I have ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Torpedobeatz

    why does russia get cold war era ships

    Super Yamato was planned before the end of the war. As was Unryu, H-44, and H-41. All you've actually said it's that it's okay for Russia to get ships launched in the 50s because designers started them in the 30s. If so, that should apply to Axis powers too. If anything, the Axis powers have the best excuse for getting these designs, as they basically knew they were going to war.
  9. Torpedobeatz

    Flags on ships in battle

    holy buzzwords batman
  10. Torpedobeatz

    why does russia get cold war era ships

    The argument is that Russian tech tree has literal made-up ships where as A-150 and H-44 were completed paper designs that could have been constructed but wasn't due to costs. Honestly, if you want to add Cold War era ships, they shouldn't come up against WW2 era ships. Make more tiers, or introduce decimal tiers like in WT. Unryus were actually built, they never saw much service due to Japan's situation, but had things gone differently for Japan, they planned to build 16 Unryu-Class Carriers over the course of 10-15 or so years. Tiers 1 and 2 should be predreadnought Tiers 3 to 4 should be Dreadnoughts Tiers 5 to 10 should be WW2 era ships only if you want to slot Cold War ships in, make a seperate set of tiers, 11 to 15 or something idk.
  11. no project a-150 super yamato, unryu-class or project h-44, no hms vanguard, no south dakota class hmmm ruskie bias?
  12. Torpedobeatz

    Flags on ships in battle

    What I find more amusing is that Russian ships are allowed the hammer and sickle, a symbol that is banned in many countries (either by social stigma or via actual law), yet the Kaiserreich Marine flag, banned absolutely nowhere, is not in the game. I can understand not wanting to display Swastikas on Kreigsmarine ships, but the simple solution of replacing the Kaiserreich Marine ships with an Imperial German flag should not be too difficult. Ffs, I'm pretty sure the flag is actually in the game's files somewhere. Personally I have a flag mod that flies historical, accurate ensigns on all ships. I'm actually curious what they'll do with the Regia Marina's flag, whether it will be replaced with a Italian national flag, or kept, making them the only uncensored Axis power. If we're going by which flag offends the most people, we should probably remove the Star-Spangled Banner and Union Jack from the game. The Rising Sun flag is controversial in China and South Korea. Japanese argument is that the Rising Sun was Japan's national symbol long before the Fascist Imperial Rule Assistance Association took power in Japan. Their symbol wasn't even that of the Rising Sun, it was a Crane depicted holding a Hinomaru, but the flag of the Army and Navy was the Rising Sun. The Navy's version is offset to the left, as is the personal version used only by the Japanese Imperial Family. The Army's depicts the Sun in the center of the flag, much like Japan's current flag (The Hinomaru). It should be noted that Steel Ocean, a Chinese game, features the naval version of the Rising Sun Flag that can be mounted on any ship.
  13. Torpedobeatz

    How to actually play Solomon Islands.

    Capturing and holding B does not win a team the game though. I mean, there is certainly an argument for an organized push through the center of the map, but it leaves both ends of the map weakened due to commitment of forces to the center.
  14. Torpedobeatz

    How to actually play Solomon Islands.

    From my experience the team that sends a force through the centre loses because of flank pushes encircling them.
  15. Torpedobeatz

    How to actually play Solomon Islands.

    http://prntscr.com/duqh54 This guide will cover both base cap domination and 3 cap domination. The tactics are the same for the most part. Let's call the top team Blue team, and the bottom team Red team. Solomon Islands is a map divided into two halves by the channel in the centre. The first obvious thing we need to grasp is that the middle of the map is a suicide trap, contributes nothing to a breakthrough on either points, and isn't worth the risk. I like to divide Solomon Islands into two sides, Strong Side and Weak Side. Blue Side's strong side is Red team's weak side, and visa-versa. This is because the distance required to push from strong side is not only significantly shorter than weak side, but the majority of the team's battleships spawn on both team's strong side. Needless to say, the team is expected to split into two halves. On strong side, your job is to breakthrough the enemy weak side, cap A, and proceed around the island to encircle the enemy strong side, and kill their Carrier. On weak side, your job is to prevent a strong side breakthrough long enough for your strong side to breakthrough. No ships on either side should move to reinforce the strong or weak sides any more than the starting locations. This is because: On strong side, the majority of the team's firepower is heavily concentrated, and this makes it easy to push. Reinforcing the strong side only adds unnecessary additional firepower to the strong side, if the enemy team is playing properly, support on weak side will be easy for strong side to push through. The Xs on the map represent the places where a weak side defender is likely to come into contact with an enemy strong side pushing force. As you can see, Red side has to push further around the island, while Blue Side has a lower island enabling shots from behind the island. Because Red Side has to push further to break through due to the geography of the map, it generally means that Blue has an inherent map advantage when compared to Red Team. Red Team Strong Side has further to push, meaning it takes longer for a Red side push. This means there is less strain on Blue Team Weak Side. Next, regarding the Middle of the map. The Carriers should set-up a recon picket in the centre of the map using Fighters, Dive Bombers, or whatever planes they want. This is to ensure that there is no risk of a push through the middle of the map without knowledge. Carriers should begin moving forward as soon as the battle starts, to get their planes to the centre point as quickly as possible. They are then to join the strong side, where they are relatively safe from enemy shellfire. A CV should always have squadrons around the middle of the map when possible, even when no ships are detected there, as it defuncts the middle as a effective push route and forces the enemy team into playing on your terms. If the Carrier detects a presence coming through the centre of the map, it is the job of the ships at the rear of both strong and weak side to divert fire to the centre of the map when possible. Preventing a breakthrough of the enemy strong side is still the priority. By committing to a push through the middle, a team spreads it's ships, notably it's destroyers, excellent anti-pushers, into a purely pushing role, and relies on breaking through the middle. However, even if this happens, the centre force is still sandwiched between the retreating weak side, and the rear ships of the advancing strong side, depending on how well the push is going. A 12 ship fleet can commit 6 of it's ships to the strong side, 5 to the weak and 1 is the Carrier. In the case of double CV, 6, 4, 2 can be adopted. In no Carrier games, 7, 5 or 6, 6 is acceptable provided the ships joining either flank are fast enough. Any ship below 26kt or so risks being stranded in the centre of the map and contributing nothing to the fight. In disorganized public games, all ships on one side may happen, or strange formations like 9, 3, 8, 4 and anything between. However, sticking to this strategy makes sure your team's ships are well spread, firepower put into pushing, and the anti-pushers, the Destroyers, are on the Weak Side firing torpedoes to prevent the enemy strong side from advancing. Carriers should focus their strike force on the side that is losing. If strong side cannot push, it's the Carrier's job to help them breakthrough. If weak side is getting mauled, it's the Carrier's job to slow the advance of the enemy strong side. all in all, very simple map.