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    This game needs Submarines to break the stale monotonous campfest of Battleships and to bring Cruisers back into usefulness. And to give Destroyers something else to do. Submarine controls would be the same as regular controls, only R and F control your depth. Submarines have 3 depths: Surfaced, Periscope and Deep. A surfaced submarine can fire it's deck gun(s) and launch any patrol aircraft it might have. While a patrol aircraft is active, giving an order to dive will instantly destroy your aircraft. While on the surface, torpedoes can be fired, but there is no periscope camera. Pressing F once drops you to periscope depth. Zooming in activates the periscope, which functions like a regular zoom feature. While submerged, you can't fire your deck gun, launch aircraft or similar, and your vision range is greatly reduced, you can, however, pick up enemy ships with sonar. Pressing F again will take you to deep level, while deep, a submarine takes reduced damage from depth charges but can't fire any weapons and has it's speed greatly reduced, and it's sonar is weakened. Submarine torpedoes have a narrow firing arc (usually out of the front or rear of the submarine) but have a long range and high damage. Additionally, Japanese Submarines (and all Japanese torpedoes) are harder to detect than foreign counterparts. Submarines have low health, like Destroyers, but cannot be hit while periscoped or deep, except by depth charges, which deal incredibly high damage to submarines in a wide area. Additionally, patrol aircraft now carry depth charges, and will automatically attempt to destroy submarines they can actively detect.