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    in-game update

    easy to come before you have written about the game updates 1-mine ships are not mine and submarine sheep into the game 2-nizpi bearing gun shots in the wind direction of the projection of the projectile wind into the game n n. 3-Ice Islands I've written a previous topic had a lot of development about the game I would be happy if you read them on the forum but I did not find 4- The ship is not just commander 5- I must watch my friend's matches come this mode 6- On the ships there are barbary insects or seaweed holds the ships' hulls prevent the speed of these ships I write more, but my time in the pond in the sea petty officer is my duty to give feedback for my opinions and suggestions continue to work well, I'll continue to work well ...
  2. Resmi Web Sitesi:warships.tr.gg

  3. bu adamın yaptıkları hiç hoş değil kolay gelsin herkese böyle galiba:)

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