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    FIX YOUR GODDAMN *Edited!!!

    I'm seeing the same thing. Since recent update I get 'mini freezes' in game ~1-2 seconds and then back to normal.
  2. Arto_McBoaty

    Bug Reports

    Had the game UI disappear after ending a Transylvania mission
  3. Arto_McBoaty

    Wargaming.net Game Center - Open Beta - Feedback

    I think it's a benefit if you play on more than one server, also tidies up WOT and WOS. Imported EU no problem after using it for NA already. I like the background updates, saves time for me personally to get in game after an update.
  4. Arto_McBoaty

    Multisample Anti-Aliasing

    My first run out on the test server last night really impressed me with the graphics. I play on an Alienware M11x RII: Core i7-640UM with 1.20 GHz and a 4 MB L3 cache & NVidia GeForce GT 335M running Windows 10 64Bit Pro latest build. Nvidia latest drivers installed with GEForce experience. Until last night I got 15-23FPS on Low at 1080HD resolution. This 8 year old laptop now showed 25-35FPS and the images and gameplay was seriously smooth still on low settings. All I can say is this is a fantastic enhancement and nice work.
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    +1 on this