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  1. Parkerzilla

    Announcing SKIPPER

  2. Parkerzilla

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    You're welcome, I hope there's a decent prize inside.
  3. Parkerzilla

    THE BOBS 1st Annual Festive Events upto Christmas!!!

    Capt_Bluebottle your prize of one Santa Mega Crate is waiting for you in port, congrats.
  4. Parkerzilla

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to offer two prizes. Each one being a santa Megacrate.
  5. Parkerzilla

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery
  6. Parkerzilla

    Massachusetts B , 2,500 doubloons mission not working?

    Thanks Salentine. I think I need to read the small print with a microscope instead of just a magnifying glass !
  7. Hi, bought Mass B, should get 250 doubloons for each of my first 10 games but haven't received anything, any idea what I'm doing wrong ? Thanks.
  8. Parkerzilla

    Bug Reports

    Just to add to my comment of just now re radar, I played a match with Grozovoi but at the end didn't receive the round 2 main account reward (or wasn't notified of it) although I was for the round 2 "play one battle", "play 3 battles" rewards I had played just previously.
  9. Parkerzilla

    Bug Reports

    Hi, I have just taken the same screenshot but you have beaten me to it. In the second round of PTS I have just bought Grozovoi through the arsenal and it still has radar, which I used in a battle.
  10. Parkerzilla

    Bug Reports

    lol, thanks Johmie, mystery solved !
  11. Parkerzilla

    Bug Reports

    In one mission we were followed around by this grey circle (see pic attached)
  12. Parkerzilla

    Bug Reports

    Yes, I agree, I played the new mission in the Algerie twice and the Pensacola once, and a random battle in the Algerie. Every time if I Ctrl/left clicked to select an enemy plane squadron or (for the Algerie) a ship for the secondaries it did not work. Unlike Bokusatsu above I could not get it to select at all no matter how many tries.
  13. Please take 50 minutes of your life to watch this great documentary. No flash bang reenactments here, just the story told by eye witness accounts of those who were there, and the steady hand of legendary BBC broadcaster Ludovic Kennedy on the tiller.
  14. Parkerzilla

    Where is the holiday excitement?

    It may well be that Xmas day is on 6th January, In the Orthodox church I believe that is the case. I work with a lady from The Ukraine (which is Orthodox) and she has two Christmas days each year, on 25th December with her British husband then they have Xmas day again on 6th Jan in her own tradition.
  15. Parkerzilla

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    To stop you repeating this over and over perhaps the easiest thing would be for lups3s to edit the original post so it is completely unambiguous ;)