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  1. Knubbelfutz

    Campaign design failure still not fixed.

    I leave it up to the WG Team to decide if they want to fix this or not. Why you guys think this doesn't need fixing is beyond my comprehension, but maybe you just want to be destructive.
  2. Knubbelfutz

    Campaign design failure still not fixed.

    And it is even worse for Santa's Christmas Convoy mission. Do you care?
  3. Knubbelfutz

    Super containers

    I think I got 6 or 7 Super Containers already, just today I got 1 with Marblehead and a 10 point commander. So you are just unlucky, maybe you need to try harder.
  4. Knubbelfutz

    End of Year Achievement Marathon!

    @Rethyl: You should probably consider moving to russia to benefit from better events from WG. I won't tell you to shut up, but please just gtfo. And by the way, I am a paying customer and I don't care if players on other servers get more free stuff, since they are seperated from us. I am actually just laughing my pretty arse off, thinking how incredibly mad you would be if WG announced that they set up a server in Laos where all premium content is absolutely free. You would be so jealous, you would probably just die from anger, right? How can others dare to get more free stuff then you get? ARRRRRRRRRRRR....
  5. Knubbelfutz

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    So I am in the reserve now...oh well, must admit that I am heavily disappointed, as I had no doubt to be chosen after I applied, because I couldn't see no reason, why I wouldn't be. But apparently others managed to put their dedication and passion into more or better words. Now all I can do is to wait and hope that many fail the 2nd stage...but good luck to you all of course! I'll be here...
  6. Knubbelfutz

    Supertest is Opening the Gates

    Ha, that sounds like a quote from my application! But yeah, I am sure that it's good for everyone if WG has more supertesters, it's so important to be involved/in-touch with the community for a good gaming company.
  7. Knubbelfutz

    Permanent Camouflages

    Clouds also look different now.
  8. Knubbelfutz

    Event Calendar December - Feedback

    Fair enough. After the first cycle is through I will give more feedback. If you consider creating CV missions like this, please make the first three stages limited to Tier IV-VI (I mean hard cap, so that Tier VII-X do NOT count), so that rather bad CV players don't destroy higher skill level games by trying to complete missions. Or just don't do CV missions like these, it would probably be bad.
  9. Knubbelfutz

    Event Calendar December - Feedback

    I totally dislike, that you basically force everyone to play cruisers. Playing a ship class that you dislike (I hate playing cruisers) makes the gaming experience worse. Also everyone suffers if good BB or DD players have to play CA and only perform mediocre in it. Please consider letting players chose a path (BB, DD or CA) instead of pushing players to play CA. I am saying this, because mission 1+2 strictly require CA play and mission 5 is unlikely to achieve with a BB because of low firing rate (hard to hit 7 citadels in one game).
  10. Knubbelfutz

    Event Calendar November

    Name says nothing, please explain. Also, post this on the freaking front page! Makes me ridiculously mad that I have to search the event calendar in the forum and the main page is cluttered with premium store advertisements only!
  11. Knubbelfutz

    Update 0.5.15 Feedback - Campaigns

    Campaign Icon is hidden behind Ship Caroussel.
  12. Knubbelfutz

    Event Calendar for October

    The only reason it had a low number of page views is, that there was no link to the event calendar on the WoWs main webpage. You had to browse through old news to find a link to the calendar. Poor page design was the problem, not low interest from the community!