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  1. Nebojsha67

    Croatian looking for blakan clan

    You have couple of clans from ex-Yu republics - OSC, BFC, D-O-D, JAG, JRM, 4CAF, SRM, SRW... Just look tags in clan search like croatian, balkan, yugoslavian etc. ( A sad po našem, neki traže članove isključivo po nacionalnoj osnovi, neki sa prostora celog Balkana bez obzira po nacionalnost, neki gledaju statistiku, neki ne. Moraćeš da kontaktiraš vodje ili regrutere klanova da bi video gde ti najviše odgovara. Srećno u igri i dobar lov)
  2. Nebojsha67

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  3. Greeting. I cant find article too, but i will try to help you how i do videos. And sorry for bad english. The first thing you need to do is to record your replay from folder '' replays '' in the game directory. Some people use software called ''FRAPS'' for it ( avi format but very large, about 30 Gb) or if you have Windows 10 you can record the game using Win + G keys. Win + G way is more convenient if you do not want to add music or otherwise editing video, and just want it to upload to YT.(mp4 format and about 2 GB large) For editing ( add music, comments, pictures etc) you need some other program for that. They are many of them, Sony Vegas (my favorite), AVS video editor... just use google and find out. I hope this has helped you, and good luck with editing.
  4. Nebojsha67

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    29 in Jervis, and we fail to kill 80 bombers.
  5. Nebojsha67

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    I just get bonus mission for Lightning, and yesterday my friend get mission for Icarus. So RN DD missions are still here.
  6. Nebojsha67

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    54 in Minsk, but to be honest, it was only one Sims in team and he had 81 planes.
  7. Nebojsha67

    Dirty Old Dogs

  8. Nebojsha67

    server down?

    Same, 10 min ago and can't enter back, but some of my friends in clan enter back after re-login.
  9. Nebojsha67

    Dirty Old Dogs

    I tako...
  10. Nebojsha67

    problems with recording replays

    Thx for answer :)
  11. Nebojsha67

    Dirty Old Dogs

  12. Nebojsha67

    Dirty Old Dogs

    Tu smo.
  13. Nebojsha67

    problems with recording replays

    Does anyone else have this problem while recording the replays, and knows how to fix it? This did not appear earlier when watching or recording replays, and now every time the guns open fire, "SPACE press to enter the binocular view" appears.
  14. Nebojsha67

    Dirty Old Dogs

    Just cheking.
  15. Nebojsha67

    Dirty Old Dogs

    Just one more of our Clan Battles