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  1. server down?

    Same, 10 min ago and can't enter back, but some of my friends in clan enter back after re-login.
  2. Dirty Old Dogs

    I tako...
  3. problems with recording replays

    Thx for answer :)
  4. Dirty Old Dogs

  5. Dirty Old Dogs

    Tu smo.
  6. problems with recording replays

    Does anyone else have this problem while recording the replays, and knows how to fix it? This did not appear earlier when watching or recording replays, and now every time the guns open fire, "SPACE press to enter the binocular view" appears.
  7. Dirty Old Dogs

    Just cheking.
  8. Dirty Old Dogs

    Just one more of our Clan Battles
  9. Dirty Old Dogs

    One of ours Clan battles
  10. Dirty Old Dogs

    Bump! Bump!
  11. Dirty Old Dogs

  12. Straight from Texas - US Cruiser Line Split

    What will be with my 17 points commander on Cleveland? He will stay on Cleve on t8 or send to reserve without ship?
  13. criticism

    Welcome to the world of men, where all the smartest and most informed, just because they play this game a little longer than you.This game has its problems and shortcomings, but I hope that you will eventually get used to them and some overcome. Do not give up so easily and prove to the world that the men and women can be great in this game. Dobrodošla u muški svet, gde su svi najpametniji i najupućeniji, samo zbog toga jer igraju ovu igru nešto duže od tebe.Ova igra ima svojih problema i nedostataka, ali se nadam da ćeš vremenom navići na njih i neke prevazići. Ne odustaj tako lako i dokaži muškom svetu da i žene mogu biti odlične u ovoj igri.
  14. Strange and peaceful torps

    Yes, the three of us were in the division. The two of us watched the third in spectator mode, and all three of us saw the same thing. That's why I want to ask a friend who was driving the destroyer to check his shot. It is unlikely that all three who live in three different cities have the same problem.On the other hand, anything is possible if you live in Serbia. Like us.
  15. Strange and peaceful torps

    Thanks for the explanation.