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  1. It was not mentioned in the patch notes if I remember correctly, however it is in the same spot as the reload boost. Sadly I had no time to go on the PTS myself. But according to flamu this combo is ridiculous. To get back to topic, WG balance department really has some issues setting their priorities.
  2. I'm refering to the range module that the Khaba got on the PTS. It increases its range to 15.6 km, which is ridiculous combined with its speed and survivability.
  3. Meanwhile someone at WG balance department decided to buff the Khaba, a ship that didn't need help what so ever. It just makes me sad seing how they ignore a ship that needs some love for so long now. Seriously, can someone explain to me how one can justify a decision like that?
  4. The problem that Hipper and Eugen have is that they are just undergunned at their tier. Only eight barrels with long reload is simply not enough to compete. As much as I would like to use lots of AP as my main ammunition type on Hipper/Eugen, they lack reliability. Yes their per shell damage is great but as long as you cant penetrate your opponents armor reliably, this effect becomes negligible. So people are forced to use the bad HE shells on top of being outgunned by every other T8 cruiser. That would be acceptable if the ships made up for it in another aspect, but they dont, not in survivability and not in versatility. And yes, 190k damage is way past average but I could have done this in any other T8 cruiser as well but with much less effort.
  5. I have played both Hipper and Eugen for a fair amount of time, I even got some great games in them. However overall the ship just feels incredible lackluster compared to an atago, which does not only have a heal, but it also comes with quite a lot of other nice features. Meanwhile the only thing that makes the Hipper/Eugen somewhat unique is its 27 mm bow and free IFHE. Simply not enough to make the ships worth it. Giving them a heal or slightly faster reloading guns would certainly help a lot.
  6. Hello I usually don't post on the forums, however there is something I would like to tell the dev. team about. Recently you said that there are no plans on buffing Hipper or Eugen. It has been said that in your opinion they perform just right. Now i looked at their stats and immediatly noticed that both ships are underperforming in almost any way. The recent changes didn't help solving the issues the german T8 CA's have, which is terrible DPM. So my question is, can you look at these ships a bit more and make them at least competative to all the other T8 cruisers? They really need a bit love.
  7. Hello Sub, after you recently buffed the whole KM cruiser line from T4 onwards I gave my old Hipper a try and I have to say that it plays much better now. However the ship is still far inferior to every other T8 cruiser in terms of DPM and versatility. So my question is, do you have further plans to solve Hippers DPM problem?
  8. I wonder if Tirpitz will receive hydro too?
  9. Vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort. Genau das wollte ich wissen. Ich wollte meine gesammelten XP auf meiner Haruna mal für etwas sinnvolleres nutzen, sonst vergammeln sie ja noch bei ihr.
  10. Hallo, ich brauche dringend Hilfe bezüglich der Frage, ob ARP-Schiffe den Elitestatus haben oder nicht. Ich weiß, dass man alle Teile des Schiffs und das Nachfolgeschiff im Tech-Tree erforschen muss, damit es den Elitestatus erreicht. Zwar sind schon von Anfang an alle Teile erforscht, aber sie haben keine Nachfolger. Leider kann ich auch nirgends erkennen, ob es den Elitestatus hat oder nicht. Da ich die auch schon vergebens zahllose Googlesuchen durchgeführt habe wollte ich meine Frage mal kurz hier rein stellen. Vielen Dank im Voraus für eure Antworten.