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  1. Wainfowest

    WGP2Weeb & WGP2Lolis

    Best clan, can highly recommend
  2. Yes i would also someday want to become a CC, now that many CCs which have been criticizing Wargaming unrightfully and for no reason have left, its about time to get CCs into the program which really care about the developers and the marketing team. They really struggle in times like these, i mean they cant even sell Missouri without complaining.
  3. What do you mean? I completely agree with his original post, this apology from WG was very well written and had lots of clear arguments for it, for example they will now listen to the community. They shouldn't bring another option to buy Missouri, random bundles are a perfect way of experiencing the randomness you had to face when being assigned to a ship in real life in the 1940s, for example you could have been assigned to the USS Alabama and not the Missouri. Or you could have been born as a japanese men instead of american. Also all the CCs leaving has real-life world war 2 representations aswell. If you didn't listen to what ever crap the commander said to you, you were kicked out or sent out as the front line. Didn't y'all wanna make the game more realistic?
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    Suche einen FunClan

    Moin moin, Ich (Alex, 17) hab vor einer Woche wieder angefangen mit WoWs und suche einen FunClan beidem man einfach, schnell und mit netten Personen ein paar Runden spielen kann. Zu mir IG: Ich fahre hauptsächlich BB`s und ein paar DD`s. Schiffchen: ein T9, zwei T8, zwei T7 und weitere folgen (LowTier is natürlich auch vorhanden) Ich würde aber auch gerne in Clanspielen und Events mitmachen [Natürlich ohne Zwang :) ] Zum Clan den ich suche: -Sollte Discord benutzen, da ich die Chat funktion da einfach 100x besser finde als bei TS -Freundlich -Aktiv -Events Freue mich schon auf die Anfragen :D